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  1. The battery portion of the car only had negative from the battery to the frame. I upgraded that one already. The alternator doesn't have a ground wire to upgrade. I'll have to add my own wire to one of the Bolts on the bracket. I was confused as I thought all alternators had visible ground wires but I guess it's internal and some how grounded to the bracket and mounted on the engine block.
  2. Thank you I'll go ahead do that! That's what I was wondering.
  3. Hey everyone, I was attempting the BIG 3 or 4 upgrade recently and realized my alternator does not have a stock ground wire for me to upgrade to 0/1. I've been looking for days on what to do if this happened with no answers anywhere. 2011 Scion Tc. After googling the alternator for my car I think the ground for it is integrated with the metal around alternator frame itself. And since it's mounted on the engine block no stock ground wire was added. Should I remove a bolt from the side of the alternator and add a 0/1 ground anyways to the engine block, or is it redundant at that point? Or maybe run it to the negative post on the battery for the hell of it?
  4. Sounds good, so how are we going to do it to let everyone know where and when to go? Just repost it up again in 3 weeks? Oh if you want to recuit more people in florida the forum to be in is floridaspl.com
  5. Lets do it! My real system hasnt even been started on yet but im done, i got two re'S in the trunk low power for now im tryin to do a 4th order. And staay on 152nd by coral reef high school.
  6. I stay kendal im down to start a club or join one, I feel the same way there isn't any where for us bassheads to hang out.
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