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Found 31 results

  1. Hi! I'm rebuilding my Punto for next year events. I bought it 5 years ago so let's start from there: First system including Ultimate T2 12" subwoofer, Twister TW1000 "1000W" amplifier and Hertz low end 6,5" coaxials and JVC head unit. Then there was Pioneer DEH-P5100UB head unit, better Hertz 6,5" coaxials with Focus Acoustics Formula FX-4150 amplifier, SPL Dynamics XTR-380D2S 15" subwoofer, Focus Acoustics Formula FX-1500D 1500W amplifier and Optima 55Ah battery. In the next step I upgraded speakers to 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system, made bigger and better subwoofer box, added 20Ah BSB battery and some tuning parts. Next I changed Kenwood KDC-BT92SD head unit, added another set of 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system speakers to rear, changed FX-4150 amplifier to SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 and 15" XTR subwoofer to Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15". Then I upgraded the whole system and started to work with the interior. New system: Optima YELLOW TOP 55Ah and 38Ah batteries Focus Acoustics FX-2500D 2500W amplifier Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15" subwoofers x2 SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 amplifiers x2 Hertz ESK163L.4 component speaker systems x2 SPL Dynamics SPL-HD25T Horn Loaded Compressor Tweeters x2 Match PP72W-D subwoofers as midbasses at front x4 To be continued in new post
  2. Hello, i have a quick question i would appreciate the help. I ordered a 220 amp spx dc alternator, do you think it would be enough to handle a 2000 watt hifonics amp Along with 2kicker L7 15s.( soon upgrading to dc level 4) i bought a new yellow top optima That i could install when i get my alternator.
  3. here is my setup in the way of bass. 2X Jl Audio 12w6v2 1200/1 HD amp Does anyone know if it is possible to get the full 600 watt rms to each of the subs? The person ho installed said that it isn't possible because the amp is only 1.5 ohm stable or something like that. Any JL Audio people out there that can help me out? Im getting maybe 400 watts to each sub and one of them just blew. I am thinking that may have had something to do with it being underpowered?? Thanks
  4. i just got a 2006 hyundai azera and the stereo needed to be replaced. i upgraded to a kenwood dpx792bh. its ounds great except there is a faint hissing static noise that plays all of the time. no matter what source its on, aux, usb, bt, radio, cd. even when its at 0 volume it has the noise. it doesnt increase in volume at all its just one constant hiss. i took it back to the best buy installer and he said it was unfixable, and probably a factory amp problem. i dont know much about car audio in general and wanted some second opinions. Thanks!
  5. So my 16th birthday is in 4 months. My car is an 06 Toyota Camry (clean and almost new!) My dilemma is that I want to find the best pair of 15 inch subs to install for under $300 and I'm deciding whether to put two Alpine type type r 15's or two Kicker L3 15's. I'm planning to wire the Alpines to a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D and then if I get the kickers I would wire them to a Hifonics 1400 watt amp instead. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm installing my whole system myself, so any suggestions for good wiring kits and etc are appreciated.
  6. I have a small quality based system in my single cab Tacoma truck. 75W 4 channel amp, Pioneer deck with iPod USB plug, a JL Audio Microsub, and dual Sony Xplod door speakers with Memphis Audio tweeters. So my question(s) are... - What are the best settings on my deck for the best, flat, clear quality of audio? I am an audio head and I listen to mostly CD's burned from original quality (FLAC lossless) sources, or Apple Lossless files on my iPod. - Is the speed/bitrate of the connection between my deck and my iPod high enough to even bother using Apple Lossless files? Or should I just stick with CD's for quality? Thanks, Will.
  7. Am away from home for a month, in Fort Lauderdale on business. I have not hear or did any car audio for 2 weeks! I need a quick fix! Anything going on at all down here? Shows, bass offs, sound offs anything!
  8. Tomrrow night there will be a car meet at the hobby lobby at 290 and spring cypress. Any and all cars are welcome. This is just a bunch of auto enthusiasts coming together to hang out. If you have any questions just pm me
  9. I have two amps in my car. one powers the door speakers (400 amp rms - rockford fosgate amp) and other power 12in subwoofer (750 amp rms - rockford fosgate amp). Both the amp is getting power through 4 gauge wire and grounded with 4 gauge wire. The door speakers work great, but the subwoofer hardly moves. I tried two different head units (stock & after market) and yet the sub hardly moves. The after market HU came with dedicated subwoofer output, while with the stock HU, i had to splice into front speakers wires to get signal for subwoofer. In both cases, the sub was weak with gain all the way high.The sub is getting signal, but its not moving the way a 12in should move. It only starts to move properly when i increase the bass boost & punch eq (i know this is not good). I went through some trouble shooting - making sure ground is securely attached, power etc etc. Yet, still can't figure out what is happening. I took it to a stereo shop and he agreed to diagnose for $65. But i've always had issues taking my car to shops and i'm wary of taking the car to the shop. What do you guys think is happening? Is there any one in chicago who might be able to take a look and help me out !!! Thanks,
  10. I am taking my spare bedroom and turning it into a car audio show room/listening/test bench/home theater/entertainment room. I am a big fan of Sundown audio/RF/D'amore engineering and my room will reflect that. I will be starting with the control center of the operation, it will consist of the following (please feel free to comment/suggest other equipment I may need: Pioneer DEX-P99RS XS Power 1005 12/16v charger (possibly two) XS Power XP 3000 x 2 Possibly some 16v batteries for test bench applications Four D'amore engineering output meters (OM-1) Four D'amore engineering temperature meter (TM-1F) D'amore engineering voltage meter D'amore engineering high voltage meter I will be running a four-way system: bass, low, mid, and high. One output meter and temperature meter will monitor each amplifier for clipping and temperature. An array of fans will be set up to cool each amplifier at the desired temperature. Each amp will be tuned with the DD-1, CC-1, and IM-SG1 that I already own. I will most likely be running two RF 1500 BDCP's for the substage, possibly an T1000.4AD for the low stage, and two T600-4's for the mids and highs. I will also have the 10,12, and 15" drivers of the Sundown SA and D'amore engineering AF line on display. Still have a lot of planning/buying to do but will from now on make this thread my dump site for the pictures/info of the equipment and set up.
  11. Hi everybody! This is my first build and I figured I would make a build log since I joined the forum. Here is the list of what's coming up up: - PSI Platform 2 HP w/ fancy colors *purchased* - Kenwood KDC-BT555U *purchased* - Sh**** Saturn *Purchased* - AQ2200d *Purchased* - Pink SHCA 1/0 *Puurchased* - Polk MM6501 Comps ....other stuff!!! stay tuned
  12. I would like someone to design a box for a zvx 15 that is ported at @32hz and is 3 ft^3, the cut out is 13.9, sub woofer displacement is 0.17 ft^3 , and the mounting depth is 9.3. It will be a trunk box so port back sub back and would like it to be double baffled, willing to pay for a good design thanks!!!! Will be running an aq2200 in a 1995 toyota avalon xl
  13. Not trying to bash any companies out there in any sort of way so this isn't a "vs" thread. BUT. Come summer I'm about to start a build. Here's the rundown, I have an 06 F150 (Yes I know their hard to get loud /: ) crew cab, I have already decided on two DD 3512's or 3515's so they are the woofers I will be buying but I need advice on electrical and opinion on which amp I should run. No budget limits too if that helps. First choice, just stay with one brand and get a DD M3B Second choice, a Arc Audio KS2500.1 Third choice, Crescendo Bass Chef 3500 Final choice, a Sundown SAZ 3500 Any help or criticism lol is accepted, thanks guys!
  14. Hey everyone I'm looking for a new car that I want to start a new competition build in asap, but don't know what Brand car to actually get. I need a LARGE Trunk but still want the car to be an 08 or newer, just need a few suggestions. My goal is to put in One Fi Team15 Sealed Off forward from the trunk, but I want it as far in forward as possible. (ex: just like "Ninja" here: )Im having a hard time picking the right vehicle that would be possible to do this for a single 15...or does the vehicle not matter? Did he just cut the metal in the back dash/trunk area? Please help, thanks to all!
  15. So I went to a local shop with "extreme car audio" in their name searching for some 0ga wire to do my big 3. Now this place doesn't have the best rep anyways but it's the closet one around. I was talking to the guy about their wire and asked him if it was CCA or OFC. He replied with a pause and a "I'm not sure but it's the best on the market. Nobody else carries this." It was Stinger pro wire but none the less the way he replied and came off to basically sell me on this item he knew nothing about left me with a bad impression and can see why they have negative feedback. What do you guys think about this?
  16. Just wanted to let everyone know the 5th Annual Wide a Wake Take Over is back in Wilson on June 30th. Hosted by Dubs and Above. I will be there for sure this year. Info: Event: Wide a Wake Take Over Host: Dubs and Above (local NC club) Date: June 30th Time: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Location: 1301 A Ward Blvd. Wilson, NC (Wilson Stereo and Sound) Extras: All proceeds donated to charity Best of Show, Longest Drive, Best Car, Best Truck, Best Street Rod, Best Muscle Car, Best Bike, Best Import, Car/Pickup, and More Cash Prize for Club participation, Food, Drinks, Door Prizes -James
  17. I have had my Kenwood 450/4 amp for a while now and have been running it for about a year. It was fine at first but it started getting hot probably about 4 months after I had it. I looked around and realized the cooling fan wasn't turning. I doubt the amp is under warranty and I bought it secondhand anyways. I would rather fix the fan myself but I don't really know where to start? Is it possible that it could be something else besides the fan itself, is it very likely? I did a quick google search on the specs of the amp and tried to see if there was any kind of dimensions for the fan but I found nothing. I am fairly new to car audio and have never taken an amp apart. If anyone could help me or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I am afraid if I don't get the fan fixed soon I will have problems with the amp in the near future.
  18. Hello! First off, I'd like to let you know that I have the double DIN, Monsoon HU, with a speaker on each door, plus a tweeter on each door as well. (So total of 8 speakers) It's all powered by the stock amp in the back. I would really like to keep the stock head unit, other ones just clash with the interior and look unprofessional. Anyways, I really want to know what you guys think is the best way to get more clarity out of this, as well as a way to play music from my iPhone. With a BUDGET, of $200 (maybe a bit more). I DON'T expect to get a ful system upgrade btw. I've been thinking of adding an EQ with an AUX in, and maybe adding a flat subwoofer. (There's an add on Craigslist for a flat 12 inch Pioneer subwoofer with enclosure and 1000W amp for $140) BUT, Clarity is more important to me than subwoofer level bass, so would good mid bass speakers be a better investment? I have some speakers in my old car, that may be a step up from the stock Monsoon speakers, but I have to check still.
  19. Owned by @Dannys Rosenberger and located in Germany....All i can say is this is probably the best collection and display of classic/vintage car audio i have ever seen. This video is a must see! The MUSEUM is a must see! I hope i can soon! He just invited me on FB I really wish Germany wasn't so far away, but someday i hope to see it! If he posts more video's i will post those here too. Thanks for the invite Dannys!
  20. so i just got a new car and i dont want to replace the head unit or run wires all the way to the front other than the power wire cuz theres so many dang panels haha. my amp has speaker level inputs to use instead of rcas for factory head units. so my question is can i just run them to my factory amp which is in the trunk rather than to the speakers on either side of the car or head unit?
  21. IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, VOTE ME FOR SYSTEM OF THE MONTH FOR MARCH - 1500rms or less Car - 1999 Bonneville 3.8L Electrical - Stock Alt. Battery - Optima Red Top Wire - 1/0 KnuKonceptz Subs - sa-10's (2) Sub Amp - saz-1500d Highs - DD 5.25" Components (Doors) - DD 6.5" Components (Rear Deck) Not Installed yet Highs Amp - Not Yet (Running Off HU)
  22. Here is my JL Audio build! Starting off with the car. I have had it for many years and completely restored it. It is a 1991 BMW M5. In the way of audio equipment I have the following. Kenwood Excelon KDC-x395 JL Audio- C5-525 Components for front and rear. 2X JL Audio 12W6V2 Subs JL Audio 300/4 Slash series amp JL Audio 1200/1 HD amp Tsunami CAP JL Bass remote JL Audio 16AWG speaker wire all the way around JL Audio 1/0AWG power wire 600 Battery
  23. Recieved TWO nice boxes... The sweetness of the Zv3-10's !! WOOT-WOOT
  24. I was looking to get 2 batteries to power my car and system. Cant be too big so I want to go with 1200's. What is the best battery I can buy without draining my wallet? I was looking at XS Power or maybe Kinetik?
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