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  1. Track Im working on, its called "Never Felt" review it tell me how you like it, have link below incase you wanna dl it. http://www.mediafire...de7rycqx6yao5sr And a youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh_Hwe4xZLs&list=UUlo0Ha9eQzpI3v6uLUmdL9g&index=1&feature=plcp
  2. People seem to forget music is strictly opinion based.
  3. First was a volfenhag 15,on a jbl 600w amp, you can find that video on ROE lol. Peak was 2 Hdc3 18s on a mmats amp . I now am running a hdc3 12. May recone it to a 18
  4. has not set their status

  5. you're not going to stay at .5 you WILL have independance rise which will bring up the ohm to around 1 depending on how high it is
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