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  1. Surprised no one has mentioned these artist/groups. These 4 alone shit on many a post of "good artists" in this thread hahahahahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILzOagmuMNM
  2. Track Im working on, its called "Never Felt" review it tell me how you like it, have link below incase you wanna dl it. http://www.mediafire...de7rycqx6yao5sr And a youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh_Hwe4xZLs&list=UUlo0Ha9eQzpI3v6uLUmdL9g&index=1&feature=plcp
  3. People seem to forget music is strictly opinion based.
  4. Ive been away from forums for a few years now, so sorry if my terminology is out of date Plus the smileys that are on here now are fucking epic
  5. Come on you know this thread is filled with amazing information to make your purchase the best Btw smd trolls you've almost made this thread reach 1k views! Sweet
  6. Oh Mr. Ray Ive heard good subs. Fi's, Tc's(or audiopluse idk) One Dc sound lab setup. Soundstream, Infinity, Image Dynamics, JL. My post is for hdc3 owners only. Which on this forum is not appliable lol. Oh shit I forgot a nightshade 15 too.
  7. Shittttttt she sounded good at 24! Didnt worry about missing a single note for music haha.
  8. I mean damn I didnt expect this thread to turn out like this lol, but its cool I enjoy it. Good laughs while being drunk hahahaha. I mean really all this?! So much more than a man can ask for
  9. No one gives a fuck about you either lol. Quit being a troll. With ya pussy ass 609 posts
  10. My post is aimed at the people who always asks whats the best tunning for these subs. Believe me people search for it so I was trying to be helpful. Is that so wrong hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha.
  11. LOL No need to be a dick Mr. Drew. I didnt ask to have this stickied up top now did I? Also no shit my information is subjective, its my opinion. Im sorry my post didnt include a sub that everyone is nuthugging on atm
  12. No Im not saying thats the only way. What I am saying is from MY EXPERIENCE the subs sound the best tuned lower and not 35+ Also Im pretty damn sure that rap/bass boosted shit isnt the only music with low notes. You seem to be taking this as a this is how it should be thread when its not, its just me offering my opinion on these subs, and what I think they should be tuned to based on experience.
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