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  1. Track I made. It has a older 90's style, and feel to it. Real Chill beat though. http://www.mediafire.com/?529ax9slkn55l4n
  2. it'd be helpful if you said the name of the app incase anyone wanted to find it
  3. Not even a your shit sucks comment...Damn lol. Maybe yall are just speechless lmao.
  4. Track name is A.E.E.T. lmk how you like it what I should work on. Starting to bring that pressure! Also its in mp3 so no wma like my last thread. http://www.mediafire...vv4jq4w9eje363r
  5. Anything Dynamix, Bass Patrol, Seventh Order, Mystikal, too much other shit too!
  6. @ Sanitarium The reason why its that way is due to fl. When I export mp3 is has a kinda clipping in the background. When I export wav it doesnt. So really its just i was too lazy today to reconvert to mp3 after the wav. Know what I mean? Though Ill try to put out mp3 from now on. Thanks for listening man. All comments help ya know.
  7. this is the last song sorry for mic quality. its been abused too long with systems
  8. So are you saying that based off the quality of the vid or because its uploaded on mediafire under wma? sorry if the "camera's sound quality" is shit, but if it sounds good on headphones then it isnt like its going to be shit on a system. I can make it mp3 if it would "ease yo minddd"
  9. Got my friend to let me use his ride for an experiment, more videos will come later once i finish editing...
  10. Oh wait its my music haha, but whats up forum, been a member for a good minute, but have been lurking as of recently. Though Ive came with good will. I got some tracks Id like ya'll to listen to/ make vids of. Lows are my thing being Im a basshead! My style I would say is older 90's basspatrol, bassmekanik, seventh order, dynamix. All the older members know what Im talking about, but yea listen, make vid,s give me your opinion! Maybe if they get enough push someone with a major system will make some hairtrick vids?!?! http://www.mediafire...hyl677ec5qdkq1v http://www.mediafire...9v8rjvn26bdhx2e http://www.mediafire...39hbhdc1nfvi0pa http://www.mediafire...99sh6zzz6vso5hn <----------- my personal favorite, serious lows
  11. You coulda went with AudioQue as well, butttttttt you chose FI
  12. has not set their status

  13. thanks, and if any of you have subs on the comp the vids soud so much better!
  14. that would make my day lol "Your dash fell off" it seriously did though one of the screws holding it in broke appearently and made a crack that was in it worse
  15. oh they are but this is only on 2k and volume half, i have a xs power d1200 in the mail and im going to order some 1/0 tonight
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