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  1. Bingo, and always make the hortest runs possible. if there is extra get rid of it. But still make it nice and not cluttered. www.weldingsupply.com <-- great wire there Pure copper.
  2. I don't support either there both crooks, and i agree this is a waste of life.
  3. Never said i was in a government position. You are he one acting like you are the foreign secretary of America. You rewrote what I said to you back. edit.. "Until you have front line knowledge, our opinion is irrelevant. " Exactly. And no hard feelings.
  4. I dont care who you are your not the involved in internationalnal relations so your just another person giving their opinion. http://rt.com/usa/news/iran-drone-hack-stealth-943/ why would Russia not take up a chance to report an American fumble of which they had no direct action and was technically America's fault for being in Iranian air space.
  5. "According to the Christian Science Monitor, the “spoofing” technique that Iran used -- which took into account precise landing altitudes, as well as latitudinal and longitudinal data -- made the drone “land on its own where we wanted it to, without having to crack the remote-control signals and communications” from the U.S. control center, the engineer said. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/12/16/iranian-hijacked-spy-drone-with-gps-hack-ridiculous-official-says/#ixzz1ikZS7vc8 " There are endles sources. Even tho i dont believe the news. There just denying it. 50%+ of the hackers are in the middle east.
  6. The United States is just butt hurt that we hack your spy plane and landed it. Its a cyber war now. But i 100% dont agree with the Iranian government. There just being stupid.
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  8. Money ready.................. I know there's a lot out there.
  9. yes the lvl 5 will take it. Use the 3500 its always better to have more power then you need. Just turn down the gain. I would just strap the amps. All those amps you listed are waay underrated, they will do more with ease.
  10. Can a mod put this in the (want to buy) section. Thank you
  11. i had to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_wqbBb6XbQ
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