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  1. is there anyone here that could help me out with building a sidewall. to go along the subwoofer box in back seat

  2. this is a fourth order build inside the backseat of a 2013 nissan sentra and i was woundering if someone would give me advice on how to build a sidewall so i could install some 8”s for midbass an fulleange and horns. How would i go about it. 
  3. I havent posted in a while but im looking for better ideas for a nice sounding system I currently have to stu1545u 15s on a sd8800.1 power in a fourth order build. Sounds good but it doesn't sound as it should to me. Should there be braces on the inside of box.? Because im considering a different route instead of 4th order. Looking for better build thatll be really windy an that can hit every note including lows. This is befor it was completed at the shop. Sounds like its gone cave in wen i turn or slow down to stop
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