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  1. what about the ST350? can get a good deal on a pair I have a pair of new ST350's at the house I never used if your interested.
  2. Very nice Ray! Glad you like them Can't wait to see what they do with some more power on them!
  3. We could go round and round with that. I also think a good box is a key componet but think of the extra power on tap will help achieve what he wants. I dont care who you are 155 on music is not easy. Wall or not. . Sure he can possibly achieve what he wants with reduce power but the added power on tap will help the matter. Guess the OP really needs to sit down and think about what a real achievable goal for him will be and go from there.
  4. Alpine, was this doing 160s daily on music or burp? (not a thread jack this is still related lol) OP, we have very similar goals with our rebuilds ill be watching for sure! I hope to be doing around the same numbers with 2 18s Burps
  5. John there is no down side for the benefit of more power A great install is key but having power on tap is esential for what is he wanting.. Would you say you could reach your goals with one Shok 8.5k or are you better off now that you have two 8.5k's?
  6. Thank you for the detailed post!! and a 56 out of 2 10s is crazyyyy dude!!!! No prob bro. If you can fit some more cone area in that car that might be a good route to go as well. Many different things you can do. If your on a budget start out with the four nice 15's or maybe do the 8 15's like you stated before off one big amp and if needed increase your power down the road if you arent to your goal. Car audio is a never ending quest of self fullfillment that never really ends lol. So get ready for the ride bro haha. And thanks, it took a long time to get to my goal but was so satisfied when I did. I was using two DC XL 10's and a Soundigital 16k and one Odyssey 1750t up front and one 2150 in the back. Crazy loud for two 10's
  7. I would pick up four high rms 15's and run two VFL1100.1's or similar amps like a DC9k.. Sundown NS1's and so on and stuff as many batts as you can in the trunk and under the hood and then maybe you might hit a 155 on a burp haha. Trust me it is not easy to obtain numbers like these even with the right equipment.. It might take you 2 or 3 walls with with best equipment before your even close to your goal.. Only way to find out is start purchasing your gear you feel will give you a nice blend of performance and reliability and get building. The easy way out is not always the best either.. Take your time and do it right the first time.. Might prevent you from rebuilding your wall mulitple times.. And to whoever said you can fart in a CRX and pop a 150 and make it sound like they are easy to get loud.. Bullshit. There are many competitors that have tired and failed to get a crx loud. It's not rocket science but it is not easy by any means. If it is then my 156.3 sealed on the dash with two 10's and 1 amp and only 2 batteries was a fluke huh? I personally think it was the 2 plus years at me SUCKING and not being able to break a 154 for over a year and my continous testing is what got me to my goal of 156+ with two tens. Just sayin..
  8. ssackett


    I’m not sure some of the people curious about the $150 entry understand what is going down on Oct 6th.. Not only is this show going to be the West Coast Finale, a 3x and the biggest show on the West coast but it is also to show Wayne that the West Coast deserves more recognition than we are given. This show was approved as a sanctioned 3x event on the same days as finals in Indy. We want to show are power here on the West Coast with our turn out as well as the scores we put up in the lanes. The trophies are also the biggest trophy’s most of us will ever get in our career of competing and for those that have been to a Lake County show Jim Jean spares no expenses on making sure the people that attend his shows not only are fed well but are entertained from adults all the way down to our kids that allot of us bring to Jim shows because he makes all his shows family events. I will gladly pay the $150 or any fee Jim wants to charge because of anyone I know in this sport here on the West Coast no one is more dedicated then the guys at Lake County and have sadly (may be a bad term..) spent THOUSANDS of dollars holding double and triple point events the last few years to keep the competition scene here on the West Coast alive and legit without any return in their investments other then the satisfaction you get of being a true competitor and the satisfaction you get from competing with other fellow compeitors. Thank you Jim and the guys at Lake County CA for doing this for us.
  9. HAHAHAHA!! That vid is awesome Greg. She is a screamer LMAO!
  10. ssackett


    The last show is Sac went super smooth with one station.
  11. ssackett


    You can ink my name in for Street B and 139.9 bassrace LMAO