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  1. Has anyone installed one of these? How exactly does the seat lift work? Will your back seats still latch? They look wicked
  2. Dies the amp need air behind it for cooling, or can u screw it right to the box?
  3. Local shop building box, dimensions I come up with are 33 long, 14.5 wide, 10 in depth for a total of 2.78. Going in ford f350 diesel extended cab, taking out large bench seat, any help on port/vent lengths just to compare with what they come up with.
  4. My cousin wants to put 4 level 2 10's in a BMW trunk, my question is he wants 2 in a vented box and 2 in a sealed box. I told him I wouldn't advise this do to difference in sound, opinions fellas.
  5. Come on there is no B stock only DC stock, GRADE A
  6. 10-4 my cousin wants me to put four to six 10's in his beemer, we'll see.
  7. is this for smd members only or anyone, please say anyone, want 4 dc level 2 10's in my stocking.
  8. What are you trying to get out of it, competition, daily driver, what are your musical tastes. Spl Sq or both. I like 12's but it fits my musical tastes
  9. The guys at work give me shit but got bit by the bass 20 years ago and can't ride around without it. It was limited space in my work truck but it pounds. I can see a few seems in the carpet but it was freezing out, thanks again guys, only DC around here that I know of.
  10. Hey guys built the box and it is crazy. Appreciate the help sorry for all the questions, just wanted it to be killer, and it is. Kudos raptorman and corona jeff.
  11. Hey raptoman and Jeff I built the new box and it is a night and day difference, this is tunes to 33.25 hz, just got it carpeted and hook back up and it is crazy sorry or being a pain this week but it is worth it, just wanted to make sure the shit would be optimum and it was thanks again.
  12. enlighten Orionstang. it is a single twelve, have been working with these 2 gents on getting the parameters correct, right now it is in a 1.25 net box tuned to 46hz and just ain't cuttin it. Have ran sealed with fosgates but would liked to go with vented, if it is going to sound shitty I can go sealed I guess, thought anyone? 1.2x 15 x 31 port
  13. the above specs work 1.25 net, 1.73 gross tuned to 33.24, port area per cube 14.40. And this will work in the limited space I have. Port width 15in 1.2 wide and 31 long. Just don't want sealed but last resort if need be.
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