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  1. no, even if I unplug from the amp it stays the same. if it quit working while turned up I figured unplugging it would make it go back to normal. but it doesnt
  2. So for some reason my bass knob is not responding. Worked fine when I parked on Friday, on Monday its like it is stuck at about half way. Tried unplugging either end to see if that would help, nothing. Called DC, they said have never heard of that happening. Took to local stereo shop, they were scratching their heads. I decided to order new knob from DC. Is it possible the knob quit working while it was turned up, and is stuck that way? Hoping new knob fixes it. Any thoughts
  3. 10-4 my cousin wants me to put four to six 10's in his beemer, we'll see.
  4. is this for smd members only or anyone, please say anyone, want 4 dc level 2 10's in my stocking.
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