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  1. donberto

    Fuse size

    What would be a proper fuse size for inline for a Dc 1.2k?
  2. donberto

    2 Dc level 2 12s dual fours and Dc 1.2k

    Those are inside dimensions sorry, and I added displacement of subs
  3. donberto

    2 Dc level 2 12s dual fours and Dc 1.2k

    I was just going off of Dc's box size off of the spec sheet, if I go bigger than there 1.25 recommendation, whats the effect going to be. Also would love to see your builds, can you post a link or somethingelse?
  4. So I just received my gear, local shop is going to install a box in extended cab ford f350 diesel , removing large bench seat. Measurements I came up with 33 length,14.5 height, 10 in depth for a total of 2.769. Was wondering if someone could help me out with porting/venting widths/depths etc. Dc has the Fs at 33hz
  5. donberto

    work truck stereo

    Ford f350 diesel, I am taking out the big bench seat that sits behind me, having box built look like the seat is still there, grey carpet or bed liner. Id one dc 12 in my od work truck, built vented enclosure myself and had no port noise. Like I said I am going today to visit 2 other shops, with the way the floor is shaped under the seat and me working I just don't have time to build this box, and I am integrating it into the stock deck for now, these new trucks with all the back up cameras and sync integrated into the huge decks are hard to deal with.
  6. donberto

    work truck stereo

    I worked in a stereo shop in the 90s, alot has changed, have done all my own builds till this point. 2 more local shops I am going to visit this week. I figured I'd ask sound difference as I have never had a sealed in a vehicle
  7. donberto

    work truck stereo

    So I am orderi2 Dc Audio level 2 12 s today, dual fours and 1.2k to run them. Local shop is doing box and install. My question is they are saying I should go sealed because they are in extended cab behind me and I will here vent/port noise. I have never ran a sealed box, don't really listen to tons of rap, mostly older rap and rock. Just don't want a custom box built and not like the way it sounds. Thanks
  8. Dc Audio level 2 12 in my company truck.
  9. donberto

    Box for level 2 10" help

    if it is a standard vent standard walls need to be 3
  10. 10-4 my cousin wants me to put four to six 10's in his beemer, we'll see.
  11. is this for smd members only or anyone, please say anyone, want 4 dc level 2 10's in my stocking.
  12. donberto

    port/tuning question

    yeah the first specs I got from Dc that was the tuning for the vent, just wasn't there, rebuilt with tuning down at 35.5 and is way better.
  13. donberto

    port/tuning question

    team bassick I built it,carpeted it, and installed it, and GOSH it pounds, way better than 50 hz tuning, down to 33.5 and 0 port noise, thanks
  14. donberto

    port/tuning question

    thanks. I have messed around with this shit since 95. Just don't want to keep building and building. Very limited space in my company truck. Sorry for the hassle. The 46 hz ain't cutting it.