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  1. I guess I could actually build a piece that goes all the way down to the floor. I had been working on this box for weeks and I was at a point I just wanted it over with. This enclosure has been a major headache. I've built several boxes and never had this much trouble haha
  2. You could use paint to get that effect that's what I did to mine when I jacked my dust cap up
  3. So to keep a clean look I built a wooden floor that goes around the box and fits the shape of the trunk. I figured that covering the port like that would effect the sound but not as drastically as it did. I hate to cut a hole in the floor but if that's what it takes to give it room then so be it. But my question is do you guys think if that would really help. In the second picture I drew a line on where I would cut out some of the wood but regardless half of the port would be firing above the wooden floor and the bottom half will be firing under the wood. I want to take out as little as possible but if necessary I will remove more that's shown in the second photo.
  4. Aren't those e12 400 rms. If you wire it to 1 ohm those subs would see 750 a piece. If the skar does rated I'd be careful wiring to 1 ohm. If it were me I'd get the subs in a 2ohm variant to get a final impedance of 2 ohm. Not as hard on the amp and it will keep your subs right at rated power and Not to mention your electrical will be happier unless you plan on beefing it up in the near future
  5. Box specs seem legit. Should sound good as long as the amp does what it claims. I believe it'll satisfy your needs. What ohm e12's are you intending to get
  6. Do you happen to know the dimensions of the e-12 box. Can't tell ya much without knowing all the dimensions
  7. The coils were already dark like this when it was brand new..So idk how to judge if the coil is being burnt or overheated..idk if them being glossy is a sign of anything
  8. Raptor 12 gauge is what I'm using to the sub terminals
  9. So I just thought of this..in the picture you can see the wire running from the speaker terminals..I don't recall what gauge it is but I have a smaller wire than that going to the speaker terminals..when I get a chance I'll pull the sub out and snap a pic of the wires that are connected to the sub but I'm thinking maybe they are too small and the sub isn't liking it..it was some bs wire from Wal-Mart I bought on the fly..I think it's copper too
  10. It's going to be a stretch from the look of those dimensions. An aero port may be the only way you are going to get the tuning you want but it's going to have to be external to a degree. You might have to sacrifice some cargo space
  11. Had to build it strangely not much room in a 370z ? but I just measured the long thin rectangular dimensions and the cube shaped dimensions and combined them to come up with my internal volume..Had to mount the sub cock eyed to keep it out of the way of the vent..another reason why I want to build a different enclosure I like stuff centered and that bugs the **** out of me
  12. It didn't notice much of a change on voltage drop..it seemed relatively the same..right now with settings re adjusted the volts only drop very minimally. With the fi I could get drops down to almost 12 volts. Now the volts stay above 13.5
  13. I was actually looking to get one but they were out of stock. I'm iffy on getting a cheap oscilloscope. I'm hoping it is just some glue burning but I plan on building a new box with a 6 inch diameter aero 17 inches long. The box I have now was a rush job but it sounds good. But my tuning could be way out of whack because at the time of putting in the port I had my calculations off. I based my calculations combining the back end dimensions of the box with the front end if that makes sense..but I didn't account for the extra inch and a half that the wood would take up as empty space if that makes sense..So the box had more internal volume than I anticipated when I measured out the port..it could have some effect of the sub..it just never bothered the bl..if the dc does pop I guess I still have the bl on standy..hoping it doesn't come to that though that dc wasn't cheap
  14. Well before I backed down on the gains I just went by ear like I always have. I unhooked my fi and hooked up the dc and just dropped it in since the dc being a beefier sub I figured current settings wouldn't hurt it at all. My fi never smelled even when I cranked it to where it was obvious it was clipping. I even had a kicker cvx hooked up at one point and it didn't smell. It did bottom out a few times though but it was just a temp sub until the fi arrived. Since I kept getting the smell I looked up how to set the gain by dmm since I don't have a d1 or an oscilloscope. The dc is a dual 2 ohm and I have it wired down to 1 ohm just like I had the fi bl. The amp does 2300 at 1 ohm so I flatted the eq and made sure bass boost and all of that was turned off. The pioneer I have goes to 62. First attempt I turned the volume to 45 and tried to match 47 a.c. current since the square root of 2300 is 47 unless I did my math wrong. At 45 volume even with gain all the way up it wouldn't match 47 volts. So I upped it to 55 on the deck and matched the gain to 47 volts and it still smells. I'm not sure if the dc doesn't like the enclosure but the reason I got it was because I was told the dc prefers smaller enclosures. It's an t shaped box so my calculations on the cubic foot or not spot on but it's between 3-3.15 c.f. just odd that the fi didn't produce that kinda smell even when the dust cap got fairly warm sometimes to warm for my comfort yet the dc can be cool to the touch or just mildly warm and the smell is just wow. My fi wasnt even fully loaded but when it was brand new it didn't smell or at least I never noticed. I took the sub out today and put my nose by the coils and couldn't pick up on the smell but I can smell it in the box and it lingers more noticeable with the windows down
  15. So this is day 2 of having the dc xl. I'm using a soundqubed 2200 amplifier. I've had a fi bl hooked up to this amp as well as a fi neo q and never smelled this odd smell. It smells almost like burnt electrical but the amplifier is cool to the touch. The dust cap of the xl may get fairly warmish but not oh my god warm and definitely not hot. The xl is supposed to take 2200 rms but it's getting smelly when my fi subs take 1750 rms but never smelled. Backed down on the gains, flattened the eq, zero bass boost, and still getting this smell. Checked my wiring everything is good there. Not getting voltage drop stays at around 13.8 to 14. I'm completely stumped on this one. Are dc subs normally this smelly when brand new because I really feel my gains are fairly conservative to be burning 2200 rms coils
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