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  1. Just an update. I changed my big 3 wires to 2/0 ofc and used copper lugs instead of those other pos I had. I wasn't able to immediately remove the battery so I left it in for the time being to see if the upgraded wires had improvement. I also tweaked my gain on my amp. I initially used a dd1 but it doesnt detect distortion on my radio for some reason. At max volume it indicates no distortion even tho it can audibly be heard so I'm guessing the factory amplifier for the door speakers maybe doesnt work right with the dd1 so I just went by the dmm method for a starting point and tweaked from there. Before i certain i was clipping pretty bad. While driving the volts would stay between 14 - 14.3. If idling the lowest I saw was 13.7 I believe. Today I removed the agm and I had the same exact results. So as long as I'm driving I stay in the 14s. At idling it holds high 13s. I'm guessing with a second amp I'd see high 13s while driving and mid to low 13s at idle. Sound normal?
  2. In my Z I just undid the hatch bar thing and slid it down as far as it could go so it would close tighter. I then got some really thick foam weather stripping and lined it all the away around the hatch along the factory rubber weather stripping. That and some dynomat made my hatch virtually rattle free
  3. I'm in the process of changing my big 3 wiring now and removing the agm but I feel like these connectors I was using was a big problem. It seems if they arent sanded they are basically useless. Using copper lugs this time.
  4. Oh wow I didnt think mixing would have an impact. I've seen several people saying that it was ok to mix agm and lithium m m m
  5. Current build sundown sae 3000 with fi btl 15, xs power s series 3400 under hood, limitless 45ah in rear of car. Dual runs of 2/0 sky high ofc. Big 3 consist of 1/0 gauge (this will be redone in 2/0 ofc) but current wire is cca. I have a singer 270 amp alt. I was under the assumption that 45ah of lithium would be acceptable for up to 8k watts. These reason I got lithium was to support 2 sundown sae 3000 amps strapped to a 2ohm load for 2 dc lvl 5's. I've seen videos of guys running this lithium battery with basically zero drop running bigger equipment. Mine had dropped to 12.8 and I backed off because I didnt want to go any lower than that. Maybe these guys had some other serious electrical that they didnt mention but if one amp is making it drop then having another really concerns me. Maybe I have my stinger voltmeter hooked up in a bad way but I thought it didnt matter where it was hooked up. I have the power going to the positive of the lithium and the negative grounded to metal behind the radio. Am I expecting to much and the drop in seeing is normal? Is my voltmeter hooked up in a shit way? Or am I fucked considering I've already bought and received the 2 dc subs and the other sundown amp.
  6. That's what I was afraid of. Well back to the drawing board
  7. Would this port I put together work? Measured down the middle it is 27 inches long. But the port openings are close together. I'm afraid it wont operate as if it were 27 inches long. So will it work as intended as long as the length is correct or will this shape be a hindrance?
  8. So i'm going to attempt to build my first fiberglass enclosure. The vehicle it's going to be in is a Nissan 370z. I'm going to be using a FI BTL 15 with a sundown SAE 3000. You all know the BTL is a lot of woofer so I was wondering how thick/layers I need to be using to support the sub. I also was wondering which way you guys think would be optimal to face the port. My plan and truly only option is to face the sub towards the trunk. I can fire the port either towards the side or maybe up but it'll be tricky to fire upwards since I intended to use dual 6 inch aero ports and upwards would require many bends and I don't know if that would even be possible. Side firing is probably going to be my only option but would that work alright? I'm thinking the box will be around 6 to 7 cf before displacement. If it did happen to be 7 cf before displacement, after subtracting woofer, port, and some bracing (if needed with fiberglass) it'll be around 6.16 cf according to Torres. Would that be to much for this particular woofer? Also would two 6 inch aeros be enough port area? Ill take any tips as far as building the enclosure goes. I feel like this is going to be an absolute epic failure but i'm willing to try haha
  9. I guess I could actually build a piece that goes all the way down to the floor. I had been working on this box for weeks and I was at a point I just wanted it over with. This enclosure has been a major headache. I've built several boxes and never had this much trouble haha
  10. You could use paint to get that effect that's what I did to mine when I jacked my dust cap up
  11. So to keep a clean look I built a wooden floor that goes around the box and fits the shape of the trunk. I figured that covering the port like that would effect the sound but not as drastically as it did. I hate to cut a hole in the floor but if that's what it takes to give it room then so be it. But my question is do you guys think if that would really help. In the second picture I drew a line on where I would cut out some of the wood but regardless half of the port would be firing above the wooden floor and the bottom half will be firing under the wood. I want to take out as little as possible but if necessary I will remove more that's shown in the second photo.
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