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  1. Is it normal for the spider to sit high up like this? When i reconed a fi bl years ago it sat flush. Some people have been telling me to flip the surround and glue the spider but it just seems like doing that will make the coil sit lower and bottom out easier. I contacted dc but it could be a minute before they get back to me so i was hoping some of you guys may have some input in the meantime.
  2. Current setup consists of two dc lvl 5 12's, two B2 riot 7500's, one limitless lithium 45 ah. The vehicle is a Nissan 370z that's walled off. I have my amps mounted to the top of the box since that's really my only option. Space is extremely limited with this build. So the amps are right under the rear window. I have already put the foil windshield cover on the rear window to keep the direct sun out but it still gets really hot back there. I've been thinking of doing a push pull system with seaflo fans utilizing the trunk air release vents. My only concern is water mist on a rainy day possibly making its way into the trunk area. Is there a material I can use that will block water but still let air through?
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