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  1. Not a tale it hold true it acts like a parasitic draw and doesn’t allow proper circuit which won’t give you good electrical trust me mine and a lot of other people I know shortened their grounds and got amazing voltage. The shorter you can keep your wires the better it’ll flow.
  2. Yup you are right my dude. Had like a 26” ground was only seeing like 13.8and it would drain low to like 13.2 made the new ground 12” or so and it sit pretty at 14.8 and barely moves
  3. Thanks dude it was a lot of work in a short period of time but we’ll worth it now to add more deadener and get that score higher
  4. thanks man surprised everyone that was there with what this setup does. @1point21gigawatts designed it so fucking perfect to work with cabin air space And with the rest of my install it called for a maxed out full send in the lane especially cause I was in truck 1 advanced up against walls and shit.
  5. Bro quit clowning lol you know I gave you props and a shout out for the design. I tell you what tho I never expected these numbers.
  6. Just a little update went to surf city 2020 and fucking sent this shit hard 157.7 you see the build in this thread people didn’t believe it but hey numbers son!! Lol
  7. Oh I just asking cuz your the third person to say they didn’t like my doors. I like them and honestly only spot I could fit them. Was just curious the other two people just said they don’t like it no explanation. But you right if I like it then fuck it lol. You ain’t not gonna hear my mids tho sitting in my truck that’s for sure lol
  8. Breaking in the woofers once I can crank them I’ll post a video
  9. Thanks, what is it with the doors you don’t like I really had no where else to put the mids with out custom panels
  10. Well the build is done and sounds amazing can’t wait to finish breaking them in so I can go to 10 on that bass knob.
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