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  1. No @Kyblack76 cant do that when it takes 3 years to build! It wil be finished next week. Here is a teaser....
  2. Going home! Testing encolsure inn car Tight.. 100mm router bit This was alot of work.. Since it curves. Sanding.. Ready for vinyl
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DysZm18ZZE8&t=11sGround Zero Bmw cupe boogie
  4. Mounting for second row. 3mm lexan between batteries. To secure topp row. Original brackets from the batteries reused. Finally done! And 1440 amps of lithium power at 15.5v ready for use! about 200kg/440 pounds.
  5. Finally an update! Got an Bmw I3 lithium package 96 cells of 3.87v in series so 375v! Weight of 12 cells is 51pounds 180amp lithium Size comparison 105 amp AGM 70 pounds! Devided 4 and 4 celles 15.5v Series production Steel bar for mounting This needs to be moved... Moved... And some other steel plates was in the way.. First row placed!
  6. Haha.. Started a new topic here Wicks: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/205398-nautiluzcreation-ground-zero-bmw-xxl5-boggie/
  7. I am now starting the rebuild of the X5 and making a new topic. Hope that is ok since at least half of the car i "new" A Lot more Ground Zero equipment wil be used this time.. Those who haven't seen the old bulid here it is: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/156970-ground-zero-6-15-40kw-bmw-x5-nautiluz-creation/page-1?hl=+nautiluz
  8. 10mm plexiglass in the middle. Sanded down to catch the light. Aluminium backet to mount the innerpart of the enclosure/amprack Finaly mounted in the car and ready for some RGB light. New back plate for the Brax MX4 amps made out of 15mm plexi glas Brackets for the amprack Well... yes I know, Ultima.. And I dont want to talk about it....
  9. Finaly starting with the fun part! I need al of the volume that I can find for my subwoofer enclosure so this is the bottom part. Black alcantara and carbon fibre. I did make everything out of MDF before I made it al out of plexiglas and carbon. Here is a picture of the parts ready to be mounted. Ready for alcantara Needs some angle on the top plexiglas Ready for glue and sanding. More alcantara I needed this as a Instagram picture
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