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  1. Quote of the day....

    "Why do batteries cost so much now... Cause the country is ran by republicans??"

    I cant make this up 1f602.png?1f602.png?1f602.png?

    1. ROLEXrifleman


      You ready for that PPI A1200.2 yet?

    2. Keith77


      Not yet... Cause buying suppressor LOL


  2. Got a 24hr ban on Facebook for posting a offensive Gif.... That came from their Gif button. ???

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    2. Keith77


      a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.
      "a GIF image"
      • a file in GIF format.
        plural noun: GIFs
    3. Keith77
    4. DLHgn


      He was asking what the gif was not what a gif is lol

  3. I need to stay away from pancakes for a while... fuck it gets expensive lol

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    2. Keith77


      Shit man all i have won are minis.. FML hahahah... Im not even sure what im into pancakes for. At least $500 lol 

    3. rocking.that.eclipse


      I'm only $20 deep so far and don't plan on going much deeper lol

    4. DLHgn


      They can be very tempting sometimes 

  4. Any idea what a BNIB Kicker Warhorse should go for? 

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    2. WalledSonic


      @the_garynator had one not too long ago.  He may have some input for a used one.

    3. the_garynator


      I ended up getting $900 + shipping for mine. I could have gotten more, probably between $1000 and $1200 but I didn't wanna wait ( I only had it up for sale for less than a day)  mine also didn't have any of the covers with it and the warhorse emblem was missing.

      I'd say a new in box one should be worth up to $2500 to the right person, and between $1500 and $2000 if you want to sell it reasonably quick.  Used I'd say between youre looking at between $1200 and $1500.

      The demand for them is quite unstable so unless you get lucky, you may have to sit on it for a while to get top dollar for it.


      On another note, the guy who bought mine was looking for 2 more, if you make a fs thread and pm me the link to it, I can text it to him. I think he's only willing to pay around $1000 each shipped though.

    4. Keith77


      Thank for the info.. My friend is wanting way too much. I told him that what he wants would be a hard sell. Hes better off  using it or taking a hit on the price. Not sure what he is going to do. 

  5. ^^^ This.. Always have had great customer service with Cody and Jeff. If I remember Cody being away from the office for a few weeks being at a show in July. It sucks about the issue you are having. Hope it all works out.
  6. DX Racer chair now on order.. my fat ass(240lbs) wore out 2 standard desk chairs fairly quick. Time for an HD chair 

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    2. Skullz
    3. moh.vze.com
    4. Keith77


      I was looking at those ones too but the one I got was on sale for almost $100 off and it fits up to 300lb

  7. aww man!!!! Did I miss something last night??? 

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      LMAO!! Yo, those had to be google images of his system

    3. Karkov


      good read, lmao

    4. Keith77


      Well shit... That guy must have caught Duck on a sober night... HAHAHAHAHAH

      It would have been better if Ahmed would have seen that LOL 

  8. Happy Birthday Kyle... Hope its a good one bud... Cheers fag



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    2. Karkov


      Happy birthday!  49 right?  jk.....

    3. Kyblack76


      Meh.... i did to lol.....

  9. Holly hell thats some $$ I was expecting $1000 LOL Love the install and updates... Keep up coming
  10. Happy NOBAMA Day 

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