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  1. Not sure cause we field quartered it and packed it out. One rear quarter and the head was fucking heavy hahahaha
  2. My B2 iss minty and a monster amp. will be more power than the 2 DC 2ks.. if ran at .5ohm. And for much less $$$$ LOL JUST SAYIN
  3. Ill sell you a nice B2 Zero1 3000w (lol) amp would work perfect for that.
  4. But if you want to grab me a tw1 12 im in the market for one hahahahahah
  5. Jump on the deal. They make quality stuff.
  6. The one I have you need the adapter. I didnt buy this so not sue what version I have LOL. But it only comes with a 17rd Ruger mag. If you want 30rd+ you need to go with the Glock mag
  7. My pops walked into work the other morning and handed me this Ruger PC Carbine.. Its pretty sweet shoots well. Comes with an adapter for Glock mags.