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  1. Its been a while. Here are a couple updates. Went to 4 Twisted sounds 3.5s @ 16v. switched to 2 80 ah JY Power Lithium batteries. Added a good amount of bracing as well. She's a little louder now The 162.3 is without the fine tuning. She is in the shop getting some electical work done ( The car itself not audio wise )
  2. I'm get a pic shortly. The alt bracket I bought from Jimmy came with a new PS reservoir and hardware/hoses to move it
  3. TFE sold.. 4 Twisted Sounds 3500s @ 18v going in its place. 1 JY power lithium 80 ah 18v battery in place of the caps. Should see 24-28k rms out of the 4. The big boys here are doing 63s and with JP in Vegas now I have to step my game up. Bigger subs to come soon to take all the extra power. Hope she stays together. Going for that 62+ selead and 64+ outlaw!
  4. It goes on very easy. YOU NEED TO SAND OFF ALL CONTACT POINTS. This will help with grounding a ton. Do both sides also.
  5. Well I was planning on running this setup for a while but with the amp going on me I decided why not upgrade now!! Going to go 16v more than likely with around 30k clamped. Will be able to burp these subs but nothing more than half power for demos. The subs will eventually be replaced also with 4" coil somethings to take the 5k each.
  6. Idk, sent it out two weeks ago. Waiting on hearing what's at fault and cost to fix.
  7. Thank you Steve, everyone involved, ct sounds and all the members that voted this month. Time to make by wife's little suv beat!
  8. I don't know how many people use thier phone to get on smd. But for those that do SOTM is always at the top when you get on.
  9. it has more to do with the people not putting an effort to win.. they nominate themselves then go away hoping to come back with a win.. the more the contestants post on these threads the more views and votes it gets but this threads never gets bumped with pictures of the builds. Considering 2100+ views there should've been more votes.. How do you turn views into votes is the question we should be asking.
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