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  1. all solid options, even more options to add in the mix are the b2 ma 1200.1, the dc audio 1200.1, and crossfire c5 100.1. again, all very solid options, the names like b2, crossfire, dc, and crescendo use super nice parts compared to others. really will come down to which company you want to support or pricing. all options mentioned are solid, but personally i have only played with the amps i mentioned, as well as the skar. love them all and can't say one was less efficient than any others.
  2. good stuff! Yea, they are super solid subs! I can ship to EU, but shipping will probably be outrageous. I believe there is a B2 dealer/distributor out that way! blade ice is the name i think?
  3. To start, i would recommend just getting a shell built and then calculating out the size of it. or, send all the measurements to someone who designs. Tons of guys out there that are solid designers like dbdesigns and custom lowz. (i design myself as well, am more than happy to help with info as much as i can or even do your full design) good luck on the build though man! some of my best car audio memories are building my first wall with the help 2 of my buddies. Always a good time.
  4. drop me a pm on my facebook page, I am more than happy to help with all the info I can. I just rarely check back on here. @low hertz car audio
  5. Taramps bass 1200.1 is like $240 https://limitlesslithium.com/taramps-bass-1200/
  6. For such a small amplifier, a big 3 would probably take care of the drop he is seeing.
  7. ^X2. are you using a DD1? What headunit are you running?
  8. that was a good time. Had fun turning it up just a tad bit more and sucking poor ole' Scob's in the damn port!
  9. Hey guys, Tyler Bailey from Limitless Lithium here. I have been looking around the forums for posts about lithiums and seeing where I could help with some input and education for those who just don't know much about lithium and how they mix into our audio electrical systems. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or message me direct on FB or even drop @limitlesslithium on instagram a message and I will get back to you asap. Or even give me a call at the West Coast Limitless Lithium warehouse in Reno, NV at 775-384-8247. Now, I will try to go over a lot of the frequently asked questions and even get into a little bit of what cells we use in our Gorillas and why they are different (and also not for everybody) than our original blue batteries. The following questions are pertaining to our original Blue series battery, and probably pretty close with other lifepo4 batteries out there. Question: Do the Limitless Lithium Batteries work with AGM batteries? Answer: Yes, they do. They rest between 13.2-13.3v whereas most AGMs rest around 12.7-13v. The AGM will be a slight draw on the lithium but once the car is on, the alternator will recharge it within a few moments back to full charge. This will also assist with maintaining your AGM batteries as proper maintenance says an AGM should be kept on a trickle charge when not in use. Question: What is the lowest voltage a Limitless Lithium blue series can be drained down to? 10.8v is the lowest it can be drained down to without damaging the cells. Question: What is the highest voltage a Limitless Lithium blue series can be charged at? 14.8v for the 12v batteries and 18v for the 16v batteries. (a cold start in the low 15s for the first couple of minutes when first starting your vehicle will not hurt) Now, for the Gorillas series (LTO) it is a little different. For our G series, unless you are chasing above 14.8v, they are NOT for you. If you are charging above 14.8v, but not above 16v, they are your answer! 15.5v is around the best place to be, but a little above or below won't hurt. The Gorilla series CANNOT be mixed with ANYTHING other than caps. Not even our blue series battery should be paired with a Gorilla series battery. Below is some information we posted on our facebook page explaining the cells we use and a little bit of the guidelines and information on how the cells are connected within our cases. Some have been wondering what cells are in the new Gorilla series batteries so we decided we would go ahead and officially publish what cells we are using. We’re using the Toshiba 10ah SCiB cells. This is a snip from the Toshiba website outlining the different cells they offer and the recommended uses for them. We used what we feel are the very best cells Toshiba has to offer. These are new cells that have never been cycled. A few things to note about these batteries. Each cell is laser welded to nickel alloy strips. Laser welding is the most efficient way to transfer the massive amounts current these cells provide while keeping heat to a minimum. They are in a 6 cell configuration. Each cell is 2.4v so the nominal voltage of the Gorilla series batteries is 14.4v. That means they work best when your car is able to charge above the nominal voltage of the pack. If your car charges below this voltage our blue Lifepo4 battery is the best option for your application. Our current batteries aren’t going anywhere. They are still a great option for those running lower voltage levels and can’t charge in the high 14s. We will be keeping both lines in stock. This gives us the largest lineup of lithium battery options available in the industry. We appreciate every customer that has purchased a Limitless Lithium and we will continue to work hard to bring the very best batteries to market every day!
  10. Yep, YinLong cells that a lot of the DIY guys use, pre cased with bussing.
  11. Just got back on the forums and saw this. Yes, as far as Limitless goes (and i am sure other options can as well), you can drop our battery in, delete your AGM at the front, and run EVERYTHING off of just our battery. We have tons of guys running their entire cars and systems off of just one of our 25ah batteries. They can be mixed with AGM, but it is not the best way to do it. For daily drivers, it is something that can be done but the agm will draw the lithium down from the lithiums 13.4 resting voltage down to the AGM's resting voltage in the 12.5-12.8 area. So the AGM will be bringing the lithium down but the daily driving/charging makes it bearable. If you have any questions on anything or any of our products, give me a call at limitless at (775) 384-8247.
  12. Lithium is such an awesome way to have killer voltage as well as save on weight and space. The only thing you really need to be aware of is charging. Do not over charge, as well as do not drain them dead. These two issues are probably the biggest issues I see with people running lithium. DO NOT JUMP START A DEAD LITHIUM! That's the biggest thing to remember. If it does drain, you should definitely use a lithium charger. Just have to respect the chemistry! If you have any questions feel free to give me a call at the Limitless Lithium line at (775)384-8247
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