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  1. Well a new windshield has to be put in at the end of the week.... ? still the same configuration, just slowly making a few adjustments and will now make it pretty.
  2. Just a little bored with it really. Gunna try a few things and see what I can really pull out of it. Considering that we never actually went back in and made adjustments, it just did what we wanted out the get-go and we never had a reason to break it down and adjust. I know a lot of adjustments we can make to gain quite a bit, just curious if they will stop my rebuild itch lol.
  3. Want to try adding poly to the sealed sides. See what happens. Then try a drivers side port. If it doesn’t live up to expectations, possibly try subs up with a bottom sealed chamber. Or even a side fire for 4 subs.
  4. Have been toying around in my head about rebuilding this... well, gutting the baffles and trying something new...
  5. NorCal SPL

    Ported enclosure for 2 Skar VD10D4

    We did a build for 2 of these in a 63 c-10 sealed behind the seat on a skar sk1500.1 at .5 ohm, and they sounded great! Since you are running the 1000 at 1 ohm, I would suggest going a little bigger than the recommended 1.25 cubes per. I personally would go with 3 cubes for the pair and have the port area per foot in the 13-14 range.
  6. NorCal SPL

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    When I Was Young - Yung Pinch
  7. We used 1x2". Worked out very well. Only thing i would recommend is do 1' x1' squares. We gapped a little too much.
  8. Very impressive setup. 2 18" sundowns with Jones Subwoofer Solution soft parts, on i believe 2 ampere 3800s. 6th order bandpass. Thing was just nuts, very impressive build!
  9. No need for one yet. Its handling the flex well so far. Thanks:)
  10. SMD's very own Scobee handing out demo's in the blazer and making himself dam near tap??
  11. Updates coming soon! We have some real power on the way ?