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  1. that was a good time. Had fun turning it up just a tad bit more and sucking poor ole' Scob's in the damn port!
  2. Just got back on the forums and saw this. Yes, as far as Limitless goes (and i am sure other options can as well), you can drop our battery in, delete your AGM at the front, and run EVERYTHING off of just our battery. We have tons of guys running their entire cars and systems off of just one of our 25ah batteries. They can be mixed with AGM, but it is not the best way to do it. For daily drivers, it is something that can be done but the agm will draw the lithium down from the lithiums 13.4 resting voltage down to the AGM's resting voltage in the 12.5-12.8 area. So the AGM will be bringing the
  3. So who all is making it our to the west coast satellite location this weekend??
  4. Hey guys! Where are my west coast cats at?! Figured this would be a good spot to have us west coasters post, get an idea who is coming to what shows, who is working on something, or even a good spot to ask questions or get feedback on a build idea!
  5. I know the feels on that window tint. Cali is such a pain in the ass. after sitting in the sky high dually so many times tho, a tinted windshield is a must (dam you Jon!) just hope that I get away with it atleast long enough to make it worth having done before i get a ticket and have to remove it. cali is so lame on all these laws. =[ truck looks killer man, love the trailer wiring setup. may have to do that to my hauler as well. cant wait to see more updates!
  6. The Sound Room Turlock CA, 95380 339 S Golden State Blvd, Turlock, CA 95380 (209) 632-2100 Tell them Tyler Bailey sent you their way. I had talked to the owner about being a dealer a while back.
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