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  1. Having trouble with using the smd dd1 my headunit is a jensen vx7014 ive tried both methods on location distortion as far as it gets with 40hz and 1000hz signal and hz appear thats it the source unit gos to 50 I need some help please I'm starting to wonder if its the head unit ?

  2. cannot wait until you guys have more in stock, I am definitely trading up, would love to keep the old one, but idk, I might, but the new one is tempting and $50 trade-up is almost irresistible...
  3. 63,243 big money, big money my only thought for this is that the 9800 watt rating has to be exceptionally low and generous because at 16 volts and 900 fuse link rating you got over 4k watts of heat which I'm betting this amp only uses 2-3 in heat and as for the batteries, they're rated for 675 cranking amps a piece which is 2025 together, so they only need to providing half the cranking power just to keep the amp along with the bursts, not the undistorted rating, plus the amperage of the charger which altogether, I'm guessing this is going to total at least 50kw for all 5 tests together
  4. well I feel lucky, my dumbass for whatever reason was connecting the dd-1's ground clip to the output ground *facepalm*, I might go check the tuning now lol
  5. I'm confused why people think I'm talking about subwoofers, I was talking about an amp in general but if it matters it is a speaker amp I just don't want to turn the gain even a hair too low, yeah I know it's a bit excessive, but that's me lol and the guy linking about distortion being hard to hear, I hear things too easily, I only need my laptop 30% volume and I can hear those mild differences in tone, when I turn the volume on my head unit past 47 right into 48, it's hard to tell, but its there, 49 gets full horrible though but damn is everything louder
  6. But I thought the dd-1 tunes to just under 1% distortion? well either way, I'm loving how loud everything is now, and I tuned both subs and speakers to -5db for max quality 4 polk mm571's on a helix blue b four and 2 alpine type r 12's on a kenwood excelon xr-1s, giving them only half their power, its a start to most, but for how clean it is, I love it, just was wondering if its possible to get it cleaner if I can get louder stuff at some point because clean should always come before loud in my book
  7. Ok so I love how well it tunes to the maximum amp power, but I was wondering if you guys would ever consider releasing another disc or a different dd-1 that could accomodate to tuning to .5 or .1% distortion for amplifiers my speaker amp is rated at .03% distortion at 14.4 volts so I was just wondering if that would ever be possible to run close to it's distortion rating
  8. I really enjoyed reading and watching that, thank you Good job warning people steve, its good to know someone that looks out for others also thank you to you and tony for your distortion meter technology, my amp is tuned to pure quality and the loudness is still more to my liking (I have an excelon xr-1s refurbished and it was at 4 volts with a 4.8 volt head unit, with your distortion meter and the cleanest quality -5db, it tunes to where kenwood says is 2 volts when the head unit is at full volume lol)
  9. that is crazy clean and awesome lol I had to turn off malwarebytes to view the pictures, good ole russian
  10. Even thought hifonics do seem controversial and look cheezy (imo), my buddy got one that's 2 channel 600 rms x 2 @ 2ohms claimed, not idea if its the real power or not but his pioneer champion pro's are damn loud although I don't like because one his subs don't sound to what I like at any volume and 2 his amp overheats on hot summer days because it's class a/b but if they work, more power to em although I would love to see em tested
  11. I just finally got around to watching the first video of previous one, I mean I don't truly have my wiring all hidden and in order because well I'm not done, waiting on my helix amp , but that amount of excess wire, shoddy mounting of speakers and fuse block and the "extra cooling" was just flat out disgusting, to charge someone 5 grand, they need a upper cut to the face, he should have got his money back on most or all of the install costs, that's not an install, it's a monstrosity, keep awesome, yours is the ideal install, the standard all should abide by
  12. I wish the boss amp would blow, but sadly it's so shitty it would probably just distort heavily or pop the fuse, I think it's funny as hell when they try to say some bullshit that their amps will do 1200 @ 4 ohms with only 2 25 amp fuses, even if you went against logic (which would probably annoy D'amore) and proposed the amp was 100% efficient, it couldn't even do that @ 16 volts
  13. In my oldsmobile I had a problem with sometimes (about 10% of the time I'd say) noise getting to the speaker from the engine and I think it probably was this because I had a really old quality kenwood for the back speakers and a cheap kenwood for front and I got this nice hiss when I hit the gas With my current setup I think the differential style is correct for both amps ( newer kenwoods) as I've heard no distortion to speakers and they are loud enough that I would On another note, not all of the industry has forgotten about this, Jl audio has it in some of their amp manuals like this, but
  14. First computer was a custom built cheap desktop from my dad intel celeron 1.3Ghz processor, I only know because it sits in my dresser drawer now no idea on ram then went through another custom older computer and then a gateway with pentium 4 and 1GB of ram and firewall all systems were xp when I got em no idea what the computers were when I used as a kid but played those old mickey mouse games and a partial tomb raider demo my dad had along with freddy the fish now I'm sitting with a dell vostro 17" laptop 2.2Ghz Core 2 duo 4GB of ram 160GB hdd and dvd burner nvidia 8600gt m and a 1920x1
  15. The only thing that remains is how are stereo head units set to handle these different cable types, are they geared to work with one or the other or do they somehow work with both also how do you handle using the preamp out on one amp or an equalizer going to another amp with a different rca type great information but now I feel more confused lol
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