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  1. Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.
  2. fluid is full and all that jazz. i'm really on the fence about fixing it or not, it has 220000 miles on it so it is old. i kinda thinking right now on checking i parts yard to see if they have a tranny that will fit my honda, so depends how much that would run.
  3. not doing anything on the Honda now, tanny is starting to miss and just not going into gear sometimes i only able to get 1st and 2nd gear. so for now this build is on pause till i figure out what i want to do with the car.
  4. what is up man? been a long time since i got a demo from you.
  5. i do plan on running new wires when i do the 4 channel. i would have to disconnect the high outs when i do the 4 channel as i got factory tweeters in the dash, may replace those later on as well but no plans for that yet. just want to disconnect them when i do the 4 channel as my deck clips at 44 on the high outs and clips at 62 on the low level outs so going to disconnect the high outs when i do the 4 channel so the tweeter in dash is not seeing power. i may still put the speakers in now still debating, but right now i been having a lot of side car work to do still have some tranny cooler lines i have to replace and then i will have some free time to work on the Honda.
  6. i think i'm going to wait on hooking up the speakers till i can get some more money for some 1/0 and 4ga wire so i can run them off my r400.4d this is a budget system but i wanna do it right. what do you guys think? should i just hook up the speakers to the high level outs on the deck or just wait till i can run the 4 channel?
  7. better late than never. hope you had a good Easter man
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