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  1. didn't get a chance to install the speakers this weekend, been busy with the family and i need to pick up some spade connectors. plan on picking them up tomorrow. plan on installing them once i finish the replacement fuel pump on my uncle's car.
  2. Happy Easter everyone. i hope everyone has a great day.
  3. will be installing these this weekend and taking a video of the new sounds Rockford Fosgate Power T1650 and T1692
  4. Speakers are being shipped now, they should be coming on the 31st wee
  5. if i got the time and money id love to come down and see the scene down in Ohio
  6. Ordered some Rockford power 6x9 and 6.5 from sonic. just waiting on them to get here and will install them to the high level outputs on my 80prs
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