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  1. They sound great i have nothing bad to say about them. Good on rock, rap, hiphop, decaf. its all about the setup.
  2. i really wish it was tues so i could get to furthering my build. Gnight fello bassheads. Work @430am

    1. strangeduck


      I'm waiting til thursday. Payday, hurry up.

    2. alexd619


      yep gotta love waiting for payday. Im just waiting on my sound deadener to come in I got my 1/0 friday. Just waiting till tuesday to install it all since i have wendsday and thursday off

  3. just curious, if lets say you are in a tight spot and cant get any natural sunlight to where you are glassing (inside a box or wall) would a uv black light work to cure this resin?
  4. Maeasuring and planning out how much i can deaden with 40sqft os Audio Technix 80mil

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    2. Lbox88


      win, start double layering in problem areas.

    3. 98GCLimited


      40 sq ft is quite a bit of deadener. I have a Grand Cherokee and it took 20 sq ft or just over to do the whole roof whcih is pretty big.

    4. alexd619


      yep based on measurements with the headliner still on it will take about 12-14sqft for a single layer and with the rest i might be able to get all 4 doors but might skimp a little on the rear doors since i have no speakers in them not bad for a full sized sedan

  5. Just ordered an Audio Technix 1/0 OFC amp kit and 40sqft of Audio Technix 80mil

  6. lol that is awesome now when i see someone locally with a "The company that shall not be named" amp ill point them to this vid and maybe we can make the world a better place. And hopefully save their equipment.
  7. yeah and i like how they left em black so it will be easy if someone wants to color match the logo to there system (whether that was planed i have no idea but i like it) Im kinda thinking about painting the logo silver but i might just leave it. it already has ppl guessing how its gonna sound because they look kinda stealthy.
  8. Already sounding awesome even on 800wrms (400wrms each). Excellent customer service+no problems with shipping+delivered early+a great deal=One happy customer Definitely gonna be running some more SKAR AUDIO in the future. can't wait for some new power wire so i can push 1200wrms to these!!!!
  9. Time to leave for work...... I need a new job, can't stand getting up at 230-300 anymore

  10. 5000 for that? i wouldn't even that that if it was free. For and SMD build if i had that type of money sure anyday but shit like that is why ppl need to ask for customer references before paying a shop so they can follow up with previous customers
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