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  1. Having one of those days, where one thing got fucked up so everything's been fucked up since. dog pissed all over the couch last night, 11 month old was up late grumpy because she's teething, I woke up 45 minutes late getting ready for work, dog pukes on the floor, spill my coffee, company network goes down for most of the morning, dickheads in field offices are incompetent assholes, place we get formula from normally is it out and we had to order from somewhere new, turns out it's fucking shipping from Germany.
  2. Have had my og XL since almost release, only bugs I've ever noticed were app related. If your friend is a super phone nerd, literally no phone will be ok longer than a week, got a friend like that and he's got a new phone almost every 6 months lol.
  3. Listed wife's laptop for sale. Some days, I think I'm of average intelligence, good at some things not so good at others. Then I get these messages and I wonder how much harder life is for some people who struggle to remember to breath or blink.
  4. Wife had a 6mm kidney stone come loose and get stuck, had to have surgery to remove it, put in a stint to stop the kidney from getting blocked off and swelling. Stint ended up causing more irritation than the kidney swelling, had to be removed, wife ended up in ER 3 times, then got admitted and put on IV fluids and drugs from Thursday to Saturday night to keep the pain, nausea, and swelling down. Because she started her current job at the beginning of last month, of the 4 days she had to take off she's only getting paid 5 of the hours, going back to work tomorrow, and the doctor's office is filling out medical leave paperwork for us so the absences only count as unpaid medical leave rather than work absences that she could get fired for. Getting real tired of 2018.
  5. Codes came back on wife's car, probably going to wait a couple months before take it in, get the transmission paid down/off first since I at least know it's electrical.
  6. Might as well get a $20 propane torch from Harbor freight and a 1 pound tank+filler adapter off ebay. If I were looking to get one I'd be more apt to look at something like the XM42, at least with that you get more than 18" of reach.
  7. Finally get equinox back from having the trans rebuilt, wife's car is now displaying "Service Rear Axle" and "Service All-Wheel Drive System" warnings. Also, somewhere water is still leaking into the garage after we ripped of the siding and shingles to replace a bunch of OSB in the walls, put up plastic and ice shield to stop the leak in the house, and reshingled the porch, replacing the solid metal soffit with perforated plastic to allow more airflow and hopefully keep everything dry. I need to have the whole roof redone, but it's going to be a pretty penny when I do, I was hoping to get another year out of it when I at least won't be paying for two kids in daycare. Hell I'd be happy if I could just extend this shit til fall.
  8. Trying to buy something off the Facebook marketplace and have it shipped and the whole situation is fucked up now, got money locked up in paypal dispute because the dude is saying they gave me the wrong paypal, it won't let them do a refund or transfer the funds themselves, so I have to file the dispute for it, and can i go ahead and send more money to their other paypal because he's got bills to pay.
  9. Clearly someone accidentally mistook grape jelly for motor oil when they did the last oil change.
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