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  1. A alternator before anything else. I went so far as to pull all fuses on my t2500bdcp until I get my alternator in. I was dropping to 12.2-11.8. Hopefully it won't be to long before I get the alt. I would rather not risk messing up expensive equipment because of low voltage.
  2. I think you could get by maybe. I was getting a lot of voltage drop in my Camaro running that amp at full tilt. my setup is in my sig.
  3. This is my Z28 Camaro with a Skar ZVX18d2 in the hatch area. 5 cubes after displacement 8" port tuned to 36hz. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. I use my HTC rezound for the videos I put on YouTube. It will do 1080 also it works for me for now, I do plan on getting something better when I can. I'll be glad to see some more zvx's on YouTube. I have a few of my zvx 18 up on YouTube as I'm slowing getting my system the way I want it.
  5. I got my pair ordered can't wait. Going to see how they compared to my Beats earbuds
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