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    2 XFL 10s
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    50ft of Execution 1/0
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  1. When did you order it i ordered mine last Friday still have no luck
  2. I just ordered a skar zvx 15 and didn't know what kind of box to make. So I figured who better to get deminsions that the owner Kevin who has a zxv15. If anyone could help me I'm really intrested in acquiring the deminsions and tuning of Kevin zvx15 box!!! Thanks...
  3. I would like someone to design a box for a zvx 15 that is ported at @32hz and is 3 ft^3, the cut out is 13.9, sub woofer displacement is 0.17 ft^3 , and the mounting depth is 9.3. It will be a trunk box so port back sub back and would like it to be double baffled, willing to pay for a good design thanks!!!! Will be running an aq2200 in a 1995 toyota avalon xl 30x18x17
  4. Just ordered my first skar sub and its a zvx 15 I was wondering if any of you all out there have anything to tell me about what you think about it??
  5. Now Team skar just bought my first woofer from them hoping for big things bought a zvx15 hope I won't be disappointed !
  6. I've been wondering the same thing I have 2 battery's and xs, and a deka , and I've noticed my voltage stays higher with only one in the trunk and the stock under the hood! I'm thinking he'd be battery off with an agm under the hood and in the back instead of the stock battery at all.
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