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  1. Hey thanks. I honestly think it's going to meter pretty great. I'm not shooting for any magical number or anything. With my single Memphis Mojo 15" (orange basket) I metered I believe it was 138.? or 139.? not 100% sure but it was one of those...Anyway I definitely feel like I'm going to be louder than that. If I'm not, that's okay with me...it just feels louder and I like it. It could just be loud on some different bass notes than I'm used to hitting, to be honest. Anyway I'm going to meter with my current amp and then I'm throwing a Sundown SCV2000 in and going back to meter again.
  2. UPDATE: I'm taking this to have it metered on the Termlab Saturday (48 hours from now). I'm excited to find out what it does. It's freaking loud!
  3. Absolutely. I experimented with the last box direction a lot and firing subs and port toward the trunk was the absolute loudest possible configuration. It sounds amazing like this. Subs and port forward sounds like the bass notes are lightweight or something.
  4. I had to take the trunk latch off, all the plastic trim around the inner edges of the trunk hole and the carpet that lines the sides of the trunk. More work that I really planned for but...Happy with the results anyway.
  5. A lot of people offline have asked the same thing. I'm trusting the designer considered all this. He would know better than me for sure. He included 45 degree cuts for the box corners, which all the first picture showed, (aside from the corner 45's) was two of 45's wedged together at the center of the port. So I don't think it's something he forgot to add...but something he actually decided to subtract. He sends via email the printable PDF blueprints of the subwoofer enclosure, the Air Speed Velocity Graph, a Project Rendering of the enclosure and the TFM graph. The air flow of the port has definitely been factored in. The guy really exceeded my expectations for this box.
  6. Apparently not. It was probably the first thing I noticed when Mark from CAF sent over the PDF, all 14 pages of it! haha. I'm uploading a nice video to youtube right now. I'll post it soon as it's finished. Pretty much kind of a build log slide show with music, followed by some of the initial footage of them playing. I'm running an American Bass VFL 2680.1 amp right now at .5 ohm and it's doing a great job under the circumstances but it really doesn't like .5 ohm (I knew ahead of time it probably wouldn't) I've sent it into protect twice already without running into a voltage drop but I've since discovered a threshold where I'm safe to play it at. Therefor I think I'll upgrade to either an American Bass VFL 120.1 or a Sundown SCV2000 asap. I'm debating.
  7. It was in the initial mock up drawing but the final blueprint excluded it.
  8. Comparison of both boxes
  9. http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo196/rrautoservices/Mobile Uploads/IMG_20170305_142101825_zpsi2esnii4.jpg
  10. I'm tuned at 34 Hz and they absolutely crush from 30 to 40 hz
  11. I know less now

    I was recently on the search for a box design myself and encountered a lot of apparently "common" issues that I wasn't aware of at first. One of these issues were, when I checked a good known-box's dimensions with RE Box Calculator, the numbers weren't accurate at all. I did a google search and returned quite a bit of information that lead me to not trust their calculator. I would recommend the Torres box calculator. It's much more accurate. I thought the RE one was cool because you could "see your box come to life with each dimension change" but in reality it's not good for much more than that.
  12. Hell yeah. Looks exactly like mine. How do you like the sound?
  13. This trunk hasn't seen a grocery haha. We use her SUV for that lol