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  1. well Mark said 7 days until my cut sheet details are ready, so I ordered a router
  2. That was my next question. Thanks! I had a way to cut them but no way to really clean them up precise, like he does in his videos. No one is going to see the insides anyway. I'll probably clean up the corners with some sandpaper and a block. I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth, just with the external aesthetics alone. If it performs as well as it looks, I'll be really pleased. He hasn't sent me the cut sheets yet but as soon as he does, I'm headed to get the MDF and start on this.
  3. I don't do much wood work do people make those window pane like braces?
  4. Talked to Mark at CAF. He responded already. This is his vision. I like it more than my vision
  5. I'm about to submit my request to him and see what he can come up with. About how long does it usually take him to get back to you with a design?
  6. I'm going to share my runs I tried with Torres. Someone let me know which of these four plans is the best.
  7. Thanks. I'll check all of these out too but I came across Torres box calculator before I checked this thread. So far if I plug in my old box numbers, they're a dead match for what JoeX calculated. So I'm going to run the numbers through Torres and then check it against these if possible. I really do appreciate the feedback.
  8. Okay nevermind. I just read reviews of the RE calculator and it's not good. Moving along. I just discovered Torres.
  9. Okay so apparently I figured some things wrong, despite trying my best to not screw up. The following is according to RE Audio L-ported speaker box calculator. Box width- 37 Box height- 15 Box Top/Bottom depth both- 19.25 Wood thickness- .75 square port height- 13.5 square port width- 4 square port length 1- 14.5 square port length 2- 8 total port length 29.25 square port area 54 Box volume 3.999 Tune Frequency 32hz ____________________________________________ Here's the thing though. I question this calculator. If I plug in the measurements of my box that JoeX designed, it shows me a 1.7 cubic foot box but his calculator called it a 1.5 cubic foot box. His calls it a 34 hz box but this calculator says it's a 31hz box. There's a difference between the calculators. Anyone know what he uses for box calculations or any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  10. Hey Joe...could I get you to do me a box design as well? I'll pay if it helps motivate you. I started my own thread and there's lots of info available to help you visualize my plan. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!
  11. Okay I'm going to try this myself. Someone let me know if I figure anything wrong. My CURRENT box is 33.75 wide X 12 tall X 14 deep but what matters here is internal box volume. I built with 3/4" MDF so I subtract 1.5" from external measurements right? So my internal is 32.25 wide X 10.5 tall X 12.5 deep. I multiply those measurements L x W x H which is 4232.8125 and I divide that by 1728 arriving at 2.449 (round up to 2.45) cubic feet of internal space CURRENTLY. I want to keep the same amount of airspace per sub when I build a box for 4 of them. So I multiply 2.45 x 2 since I'm doubling the number of these subs, which will now be 4.9 cubic feet. Next, I know the max dimensions of my trunk allows for 37 wide x 15 tall x 27 deep. I have to subtract 1.5 from each measurement to factor for wood thickness. So 35.5 x 13.5 x ??? <---I plugged in random depth numbers since I had the most wiggle room with that dimension. I started at 14" and worked my way up until I hit 17.75". So one potential layout for my needs is 35.5 x 13.5 x 17.75 = 8506.6875 divided by 1728 brings me to 4.922 cubic feet of internal box. However...assuming that my above estimations are correct, I have no idea how to take into account the port. Someone nudge me in the right direction and I'll do the legwork myself please. Thanks.
  12. Why, what did you say? lol.
  13. JoeX can't receive messages from me so, can someone mention to him to look at this thread?