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  1. shit, oklahoma city is iced over today and we're pretty south lol. hate it. haven't left my apartment yet. gotta work in that shit all week though till saturday, supposed to be a high of 16 friday with a projected low of 7....low of 0 on saturday. it was sunny and 60 last tuesday.
  2. not really an OG but i was around for awhile a few years back. I miss all yall. I miss the forum bein litty titty. I've popped in and out here and there for the last few years... Haven't had a build for awhile. Have a stock Harley Davidson F150 and that sorta does it for me. Ive been putting all my time into trying to learn stunt riding on a Grom and a supermoto, but I do miss audio a bunch. on a side note I'm almost 25 lol, i remember lurking here when i was 16ish.
  3. figure i'd pop in and see whats good in the hood, buncha familiar faces, buncha new ones. spent $100 on parts express now buying a buncha random shit to throw together a front stage in my ole 7.3 to give me something to keep busy while my caddy is down. been workin a shit ton here lately. 70-80hrs a week usually. Have two rigs that we take care of 2 miles from my house, pretty nice.... running drill cuttings and occasionally hauling salt water or drilling mud in a vac tanker.
  4. i'm mad, i completely forgot about tony... i pieced together a fuse block, some relays, and some neat little push button on/led illuminated switches for doing my aux trans cooler fan and off road lights for my super duty... fuck i'm legit mad about i
  5. got offered double the money a year from the dealership to go back to driving a truck so what up bitches, i'm floating gears and punchin queers again
  6. my mack held 42 lol. i hated changing oil in my semi. glad i got moved into a grader. has a quick fitting with hose that i just screw in and it drains. the oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters are all easily accessible. beats crawling under a semi any day.
  7. got the V back and going. $28 shim and a quart of brake fluid later....

  8. dropped the little bitchy t56. slave is fine, clutch is fine. remote slave line was a little loose. clutch finally settled and broke in though cause i measured my slave clearances and it's about 3/16" too short of being able to fully disengage the fingers lol. so i ordered a shim that'll be here next week.
  9. put my 7.3 to work this weekend. no lift shifted the v from a 50 roll, so 2-3 shift and locked myself out of 4th. knew something was wrong then. said fuck it, brought a trailer for a reason, lets send it. went from a 40 roll again, no lift shifted again from 40-140. so up into 5th lol. car won't go into any gear now with the engine running, bled and bled and bled clutch. like 99% sure the slave cylinder failed. idc though, signed an L from a gen2 blower cts v but drug an built sti on e85. i'll post videos whenever i get them
  10. fuck sean ballhanger. fuck emf. fuck yolo and banhammer and lowballer. fuck that cuck fat faggot piece of shit. grown ass man acting like a 9 year old on the internet bad mouthing companies that are more successful than him. if i remember right, he threw a little bitchfit when crossfire changed their amps ratings right before usaci finals 2017. not even little actually, i'm pretty sure he had an autistic meltdown over it.
  11. i replaced a 300-6 ford starter in the autozone parking lot. bought the truck for $300, warrantied the starter from one of my dads old f150's, sold it to the autozone manager for $1200 same day lol
  12. ken doesn't get on much. i made a post or thread or something about him awhile back and he popped in.
  13. i know truck drivers that dont even make $15/hr lol. fuck, i don't make a shit load more than $15/hr. well a little bit. and i'm a half ass trained heavy equipment operator with a class a cdl.
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