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  1. Got my new headlights put on. Love the look. Will take a little bit of adjusting to get them to line up with the grill properly. But they look so much better than stock! Before: After
  2. Made a right angle section of wood to run along the entire seam that let loose. Slapped a shit ton of glue on the two sides, and screwed it in. Let it dry overnight and pretty sure it solved my problem! For now at least
  3. Im not sure what glue was used. This was the first box that I havent made. Got it with a sub I bought and decided to use it. If I can convince one of my teammates to sell me his hdc4 15, Ill be going with that. Already have a box I can put it in, Then ill try and trade my 18 for a second 15, and build a new box for the 15's
  4. And j forgot to post this here. This is my latest attempt at a hair trick. Sub has still been loosening up some, and moving more air
  5. I'm gonna be pulling the box out this weekend and seeing if I can do a temporary fix. I'll try squeezing some wood glue in the seams and keep jig it and see if that helps.
  6. Thanks Man! And I think I will be switching it up a bit. Think im gonna go with 2 HDC4 15's. That should get me a little bit louder
  7. But on the plus side, ordered some new smoked headlights and running lights! the headlights are the last thing on the outside of my truck that looks stock. Im excited to put them on. T Thinking about plastidipping the chrome part of my front bumper black, and painting the bowtie black as well.
  8. Well, I had a casualty today. I was bumpin on my way home from work and I heard a rattling. Sounded like my rear hatch rattle, but MUCH louder. Went to target parking lot so I could look back there while it was playing. Opened the hatch, and it was coming from my box. Sounded as if the sub was bottoming out, but when I leaned on the box to look at the sub closer, it stopped. Realized the seams on my box where the big round over is came apart. Not sure if ill really be able to fix it properly. So I may have to build a new box :/ Surprised that the box broke. Its double layered all around and resin'd on the inside. Anyone know any tricks to re secure a busted glue joint on inside of box?
  9. There was a 3x show this weekend that I went to. First time doing bassrace while actually knowing what I was doing. Qualified with 139.94. First round up, I had to go against someone with 27 first places under his belt, and I won! Ended up taking first out of 8 people! It was so intense. Was shaking like a leaf after that. Lol. My team took home 4 trophies that show. So it was a success! Had a great time! Was the last big show of the season, so big things to come over the winter for next season Here's some pics from the show
  10. New ports are moving more air! Able to get hair moving a little bit. Took a couple short vids the other day
  11. Yeah I was quite upset. Should have called before I took out everything. Luckily it only takes about 30 min put everything back in. And thank you! I like it a lot. Finally have some lows again. Highs aren't as painful as they used to be but it seems to have a flatter response and plays with authority down to about 32. So I'm happy. Once the box is carpeted black I think it will look much better. Passed out before it got dark out so don't have a pic of that yet. Excited to see the lights in the box at night.
  12. Was a little upset. Pulled everything out to get the box out to carpet it, went to go buy the carpet...and they were out of it! so I put everything back in and put the new ports in. Sounds really nice. I like the new lower tuning. The white ports look really nice! Can't wait till it's dark to really see the lights. Here's what it looks like now. Will carpet the box in a week or two
  13. Gonna be making a pretty good upgrade to the looks of my box. Got my new ports, and I am painting them white with a gloss clear coat over that. Box will be carpeted black to match the amp racks, and I'm putting some red led light strips in the box behind the port to light up the ports with a red glow. Should turn out pretty nice! Also excited to see how the new longer ports sound!
  14. Well it does play below that, just not with much authority. Box is tuned to 42, so yeah it does peak pretty high.
  15. Just placed an order for longer ports. Will be 5" longer, dropping my tuning down to about 37. Hopefully that will add some authority on the low end. Right now if doesn't really like anything below 35. Will also be painting the ports black, and might carpet the box as well.
  16. got both amp racks done. Looks much better now. Thinking about carpeting the box and painting the ports either red or black. I think carpeting the box will tie it all together nicely
  17. Got a little bit of work done. Finished the amp rack holding the 3500. Carpeted it as well as made a panel to cover the hole under it. Will be doing the same to the other side eventually.
  18. box is roughly 5.5 cubes after displacement. Tuned to 42hz. The tuning is a little higher than I would like, but it does hit pretty damn hard. And thank you!
  19. Also got my amps off of my box. Doesn't look the best now but will eventually carpet them and make panels to close off the ends so you can't see under the amps. Will also be making panels to hide the battery too.
  20. There was a big storm here he other day, and right after it, the entire sky was orange! Walked out of target and just had to take this pic. Looks pretty badass if you ask me.
  21. Did some bass race practice today. I think I'll do alright for 139.99 bass race. Was consistently getting at least 139.8, and even hit 139.99 exact twice in a row
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