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  1. Only taking off 3 sheets in front of b pillar. Putting on vibraflex. That way it isnt considered a mod infront of b pillar. Andrew Bailey recommended taking it off otherwise it wouldnt work as well. Surprisingly, got off all 3 sheets already. used a wood chisel and started scraping. made pretty quick work of it.
  2. Trying to take off a layer of second skin deadener from my roof.... fml
  3. Well, new build has started. Pulled out everything today, and started working on the base. Made a 2x4 frame and started laying down the floor. The frame is bolted down using the seat bolts.
  4. finding out that the guy I bought my blazer from had unsoldered and removed the "Service Engine Soon" bulb. Guessing it has been on the entire time ive had it :/
  5. Sooooooo, I did a thing 2 FI Team 18's one needs recone. Was too good of a deal to pass up. Current plan is to put 4 Q3500's to the pair. one per coil
  6. Well, Truck has been parked for a few weeks. Having strange issues. truck will start up great, but stall out after about 5 minutes of idling. hopefully it is a simple fix, but I have tried a couple things so far with no luck. May have to take it in to the shop. Will likely be pretty pricey and set back my build plans a bit. but we shall see. Once i get it up and running again, I got some pretty big plans in store ?
  7. I'm a couple hours north of you and this morning it was -15 with a wind chill of -34. Had my car running for about 15 min before work and it still took 10 minutes of driving before the inside was warm. I tell myself every year I'm living in the wrong state
  8. Thank you! The Q4.90 is doing great at 1 ohm. I emailed soundqubed to see what they recommended, and they said that the amp could handle 1 ohm, but may get hot, and recommended putting a fan on it. I ordered a fan, but haven't put it in. Honestly I don't think I need it. I live in Wisconsin so the weather is very cold, which could be helping, but I haven't had a single issue with it!
  9. Also, got either a bad fuel pump, or fuel pressure sensor. Truck keeps dying. So it's parked for a while till I can get it fixed /: hooked up the battery maintainer and there she sits.
  10. Lesson learned. Don't turn up the bass when there is snow on the rear window and roof. Safe to say my rear hatch flexes wayyyy too much. This was what happened after about a 4 second burp
  11. Hilarious album. Wheeler Walker Jr. whole album is on spotify. worth a listen if you want a laugh
  12. Got a small vid of the new recones. Still able to hair trick fairly well. will do a distance test vid with the doors soon.Just gotta find a spot to do it at. Wasnt able to take a great video since it was hurting my girlfriends ears, but its still moving a good amount of air.
  13. I caved and strapped both amps. I have the sub level at -5 on the head unit and god damn, It is still loud as hell. I dont know if it is just because ive been without bass for so long, but its almost as loud as the stock hdc4's. These are still super stiff, gain turned down, and sub level turned down. Will only get better with time
  14. small update. Switched out one of my 3500's for one of the new ones I got. So now both sub amps have the etched soundqubed and match. Ordered a fan to put on my Q4.90 since I'm running my doors at 1 ohm. That will be installed soon. As well as a relay for everything. Got the custom hdc4's all up and running and they sound great! Breaking them in on one amp for now. But will be going full tilt soon! Also, (shameless plug) if you like my build, it would be greatly appreciated if I could get your vote for this months system of the month!
  15. Also! Just hooked up the 3500 that fell off my dresser and tested it.... it's good!! No protect. No weird noises. Fired up perfectly fine. Super pumped!!
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