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  1. Man down /: left work today. Turned it up and noticed it was considerably quieter than usual. Put dmm on terminals and one wasn't reading. Pulled subs to find one of the coils like this /: no clue how it happened. Sooooo now I got no bass. Wanting to get new subs. But have mainly had SoundQubed. Lookin at sp4's (yes Karkov, I should never have sold the other ones ) or something similar. Pretty bummed /: so if anyone knows of any good deals lmk! Would either do 2 15's with current box, or POSSIBLY wall some 18's. Idk yet.
  2. Tiny update. Had some issues with one of my tweets not playing. Put a new diaphragm in and got it up and running. Also, changed out my stinger bolt meter for an SMD meter. Got one for front batts. One for at the amps. (Thanks again Karkov :)) location is just temporary. Thinking about building a center console to better fit meters and switches.
  3. Made a little flex video. Wasn't the best because I didn't have anyone to rev for me, so I was dropping to 12.8. Which is lower than im comfortable with. Lol. But safe to say my hatch hates me. I have already had to lock tite the bolts holding on the latch because it vibrated the bolts off.
  4. Currently the same. Need to rebuild to fit more batteries. only way I can fit more is to wall it.... So there may be some upgrades coming in the future
  5. I knew someone would say something. Every time I upload a video I say that I will remember the next time. But never do
  6. Was hoping for a 152 sealed. highest I have gotten it is 152.2. But that's with drivers window open.
  7. Finally able to do a real hair trick! I was able to move hair before, but this is actually getting there. I'm very happy i finally got it!
  8. Surprised to hear about your experience. Every experience I have with Cody and Jeff has been great. Maybe they have been really busy with all of the shows or something. Usually customer service is top notch with them.
  9. Why must you tempt me with good deals! Lol. I need like 2-3 more, but have literally no room for them back there
  10. Got the subs re wired and strapped to the 3500's. Strapped at 1 ohm, so both amps see .5 ohm. Voltage drops a lot. Low 12's, so I'll have to be careful with it. But it is quite a bit louder than my 18! Sealed up it's only .3db's louder, but that's at 9hz lower. Moves a LOT more air and sounds wayyyy louder. With drivers window down it hit a 152! Next upgrade will be something to get voltage to stay higher. sealed:
  11. Got the second 3500 installed. Not quite yet playing because I need to pull the subs to re wire them. Will maybe get that tomorrow and get it playing. It was a tight fit, like most everything else back there, but it's in and I am still able to put the seats up. Dont mind the spaghetti wiring will be cleaned up soon
  12. Was able to get a small hair trick on this power. Got the second 3500 in the mail today will be installed and playing with two 3500's at half ohm each pretty soon. Should get a good amount windier
  13. Lol. Once I get it on full power I'll get some vids. Amp gets here Tuesday. Putting it in Wednesday. I can almost float a towel in the window, and is starting to pick up hair pretty well. Should get a good bit windier on full power
  14. No the subs are used and broke in already. The box was designed for when the subs have full power so I'm thinking there's quite a bit left in her still
  15. Just metered it. A little disappointing. best score was a 147.36 @44hz sealed on the dash. Hoping that with the second 3500, that score will be at least a 151. should be a big gain in power going from 1 3500 at 1 ohm to 2 3500's at .5 ohm each. fingers crossed!
  16. Got it in and playing! Sounds very musical. About the same loudness with one amp at 1 ohm as my 18 was at .5 ohm. Once it's on two 3500's at half ohm each, it should get a good bit louder . Definitely moves more air and likes low 30's much more than the 18 did.
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