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  1. Lots of high volume sellers IN STOCK...for now. Buy today, ship today!
  2. E Series 400 Amp Dark Blue Billet GM Truck - Mechman Alternators 400 amp Elite series alternator for 88-95 GM Truck (Dark Blue) - Mechman Alternators
  3. Needing to collect more data on these modern vehicles. If you have one or know of someone that does, please post or email me. As usual, other brands "say 14-18 applications fit" so they can sell you something and take your money. We prefer to provide a product that will work as much as factory as possible. The fact is, the stretch belt applications do not provide the correct tension for 200+ amp alternators, especially not 400's. We have a solution as we have a few in the field with our tensioner kit, but we're trying to establish a database of vehicles it will fit on. Main vehicles requested are: 2019> Silverado / Sierra 1500, 2500 3500 with 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 and 6.6 Diesel 2019> Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon / Escalade with same engines as above. The area in GREEN is where there are supposed to be a spring tensioner and idler pulley. We're finding some models have threads and some do not. Any help is certainly appreciated!
  4. We prefer to stay away from external regulators unless you're needing 17+ volts. In most cases people just want a knob to be able to adjust their voltage everytime they see it move .1 or .2 volts and freak out because they think something is wrong. External voltage regulators get abused by those not knowing why and how to use them. The voltage is meant to be SET and FORGET but what happens is they'll have like 1 terrible battery, sit idling and watch their voltage drop on a 30hz 2 minute kick, see their voltage dropping and then just think, "Well, guess I better crank up the volts!". <<<kill me now>>> So if you are wanting to Ext Reg. your setup, your least concern should be a battery light coming on/staying on. What we prefer to do is just use the older 4pin NON RVC controlled part numbers in those applications. They physically fit and work just fine, but you'll need to use our P103 bypass plug to keep your charge light off. We used to offer many "adjustable" electronics for voltage and what not, but seriously everyone would buy them, wire nut install them and either complain it didn't work or would just crank them to max voltage(19+) and blow up their 12 dollar Wal Mart battery. I'm the RGA guy here so I physically SEE this when they come in. If anyone wants more info feel free to privately contact me at [email protected] or on F-Book/Insta. I love the forums but social media messenger has sped up the communication very well. The below video may help explain the bypassing issue I spoke about. And yes, that Tony is THIS Tony.
  5. Alright guys, after a HUUUUGE hiatus, we're back to being active. Sooooo many new things going on, all good and expanding and getting better. 


    I'm usually on F-book/Insta but will add this to mix.  Or, just email [email protected]   


    I'll do what I can to help. :)


    B8206400GO-001__98454.1624557374 (2).png

  6. Hi 

    My name is Jason I seen your post with the high output alternator for 2001 to 2005 honda civicI would like to buy one asap please 

    1. CstrokerV


      goto the website link up top 

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  11. BREAKING NEWS: 500 AMP GM TRUCK ALTERNATOR prototype has passed durability testing. This test was performed with a stator temp of 175 degrees F. Stay tuned! Production units should be available next week!! #mechman #500AMPALTERNATOR #madeinusa #chevytahoe http://www.Mechman.com
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