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  1. You most likely wont ever see that 5k on music. Let alone 6500. With rise you will be lucky to get what the subs rms is. Im building for 2 team 15s right now and they will be on a MD 8k per.
  2. Should be a huge improvement but I can't believe you are holding as good of voltage as you are. What are you wired to on that amp?
  3. None. I just followed Jonathan Patrick when he left. I have 2 CES and a Brand X. That's why I said it's a personal opinion.
  4. Also I can't believe it hasn't been said already.... the gain knob is not a volume knob. Find a way to set it properly.
  5. I wouldn't use CES anymore but that's my personal opinion. I would use Brand X Electrical. But as stated before Big 3 and an XS power batt are all you need. But it doeant hurt to get an alternator.
  6. If you dont want to tear your truck apart to find speaker sizes then you can use crutchfield. Put in your vehicle info and it will tell you what will work with your vehicle. I wouldn't buy from them though.
  7. Luckily Chryslers PCM stuff generally keeps you above 14. Not the case with other brands.
  8. That mechman wont do you wrong. That's plenty with a decent battery for 2k. PCM means the computer of the car controls your alt. Some gas saving features I believe. Complete crap for what we do but there are workarounds as stated above.
  9. Yep. 60 is about where I have my subs start rolling off and my mids already rolled in.
  10. Yes with lithium batteries you have to look at the C ratings. This determines how fast you can charge/discharge the batteries. Limitless and JY had the market cornered at first and priced accordingly. Ripping people off seems to be the name of the game these days. DIY options and other lithium chemistries have brought prices down drastically. I personally wouldn't run JY or Limitless, quality products no doubt but you can consider them like the Sundown of batteries.
  11. Steve said yall could get this taken care of via email. This is the only email I know of.... [email protected] I don't think the forum is the right place for this anymore. @Tony D
  12. I know people run 4v to them but from testing I have seen on the MD series they performed better at 1.8 to 2.1. I think @ChevyBoy95 may have popped one right out of the box for too high a input voltage but I may be mistaken.
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