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  1. Wishuponasub

    Fi 20 something inch. "PENTA"

    I'm not sure if it's accurate or not but on FB People were saying it's a 156 lb motor.
  2. A bit of lithium for the rebuild.
  3. He'll yeah man. I think I'm gonna start tearing out the old stuff this week as well. I'm tuned in man.
  4. I don't always buy lithium but when I do, I buy enough.
  5. Wishuponasub

    Anyone used a CES alternator?

    I run a CES alternator and haven't had any issues out of it. I'm fixing to be purchasing another as well. Jonathan Patrick has always answered any and all questions that I have ever had. I know that in the Facebook groups that I'm in when people ask about alternator the overwhelming majority of people are hollering and tagging CES. I wouldn't hesitate to buy and run one.
  6. Thank you reedal.
  7. Hello guys. Alright I have a vision in my head for my rebuild and I'm trying to run problems down ahead of time. Here is a thought I had and I may be way off base here so please bare with me. I'm not an electrical genius by any means: Alright so I currently have a 270 amp alt for charging but am getting my hands on some lithium that likes higher voltages so I was thinking of doing a dedicated alt just for the lithium/audio. So my question would be if I'm running @16volts for the audio side and @14volts for the car side would there be any problems through grounding or whatnot? Would it raise the voltage on the car side through frame grounds? I do plan on dedicated ground runs back to the case of the alt, but alt is connected to the motor just the same as the other one. Am I overcomplicating this? Thanks in advance for any advice or help given.
  8. Nice man. I'm following. I am planning something similar but don't quite know if I have the room. We will have to see. Excited for the updates man.
  9. Well dang. I came to see how the caliber was coming along. In for the next adventure I suppose.
  10. All of the ones I would nominate are already there. @Kyblack76 the reason i have been running Ampere and FI. @WalledSonic has helped me via pm through many wiring situations Joex and @Triticum Agricolam just cuz you know why. They help everyone.
  11. 3800 blew. C'mon income tax. Daddy needs to rebuild.

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    2. Wishuponasub


      I took it to a local shop and had it bench tested because I didn't have another fuse to throw in. Let me get through Christmas and I'll open her up and snap a few shots to see if any of us can see something.

    3. Kyblack76
    4. WalledSonic


      Hey Wish dont send it to dB-r, by the way.  If you end up sending it off, send it to Steve at Amp Medics.  Best in the game and dude knows Ampere better than damn near anyone here in the states.

  12. Wishuponasub

    1 big board vs multiple smaller boards (Not a brand vs)

    I appreciate the link. I'm watching the thread unfold. In also watching bits and pieces of the video when I can.
  13. Yep. Check out Custom Electric Service or Jonathan Patrick on Facebook. He makes alts that are Damn near eBay alt prices and are really good alts. Nice on the hookup man. Custom work ain't cheap but advertisement for him aren't free either. You have a nice equipment list. I'm in for updates.