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  1. If it were me I would disconnect from the amp then measure. There may be no need in it but that's how I ohm mine.
  2. Maybe but probably not. What are your subs/how many/how do you have them wired? Also are they hooked up to anything when you are checking ohms?
  3. Yep. Sounds like a loose connection on the knob somewhere.
  4. Welp they didn't sell and I'm okay with that. I got used to it So quick that I'm able to see that I Will get way too deep way to quick in this addiction. So I'm keeping them and gonna bang on. I may eventually do something different but not right now. I have had some issues with the setup and am gonna be taking it out to address them. I see now that I could have ran some wire different and the mounting screws for the 3800 broke. Anyways just gonna get it right. So I have a question. My back hatch...... It's taking a beating. Constantly doing the wave lol. I never deadened it and knew I would have to buy this is what I'm wondering. I'm thinking of just filling the hatch with foam. The right way, sealing it off and filling it completely so it creates pressure. Would I need to put some damplifier on it before I did this or is that just a waste?
  5. Messing around a lil bit lmao.
  6. I forgot to update this with pics. I'll grab some tomorrow. I've been busy as Hell and have had a few issues with this RC. I'm working my way through them though.
  7. He didn't want to talk anymore. I'm Chevy GMC
  8. I admittedly don't know much about these things but from what I have seen around the community these last couple days this one had some decent upgrades. I'm not sure what castle setup it has but he said it's 3s capable. I don't think we could drive it on 3s yet so I just scooped up some 2s to learn on. I'll post some pics when I get my hands on it.
  9. Snagged this up to try out along with some 2s lipo. Waiting on it to ship.
  10. Thanks guys. I'm literally hanging on to y'alls words because I have 0 exp in these things but I would really love to have one for me and my son. Hell I have 4 acres I could make a track if we really enjoy it. Plus it could be a cool way to start him working on things with my help of course. Anyways thanks for the help guys and I'm all ears.
  11. I just don't want runtime to be limited by batteries. I do go overboard from time to time but in my mind I'm picturing 4 -8 batteries and 2 4 bank chargers so that we could just run as much as we want. I don't know if that's feasible or overboard lol. What do y'all have? 2 batts and a charger or what, 4 batts?
  12. Cool. As I look into it I may Hit you up. Do you ever drive it off-road? How does it do? I won't be like rock crawling but 90% of my driving will be in my yard.
  13. Cool cool. I guess I'll look into electric. Once again I haven't done much research but I know on traxxas website some of the batteries are $100+. That shit would get expensive lol but I haven't looked at cheaper brands. I know some things you pay for the name.