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  1. Depends buddy. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...... it's all about the enclosure. That being said if all you have ever ran is like kicker and Sony and pioneer and stuff then yes you are moving up into a whole new world .
  2. Stay away from the Ebay alts. Check out Custom Electric Service if you are looking for budget alternators.
  3. Welp. I know this doesn't have to do with the car but I'm gonna knock out this boat trailer rebuild today and probably fish sat and sun to be honest. But I'm gonna be starting on the car Sunday evening or Monday morning. So we are getting close fellas.
  4. That looks like a nice one. I finally ordered a slam panda so we will see.
  5. I'm fixing to be installing a 390 and I will be doing 2 runs just to be sure.
  6. Give this a once over. Or just look at the 3 pictures. They explain it.
  7. I'm fixing to drive home from work and then I'll try to answer this a little better. Other people will be chiming in soon as well.
  8. Just for the record, I'm just a dumb redneck and anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.
  9. I think they are just called CMax because they came out of a Ford Cmax. Supposedly these brand new Toyota cells are the best available. I'm not to sure on all the chemistry questions you have. I don't dig that deep to learn it and I have no reason to do so. If ford thought it was safe enough then I'm good with it. As far as BMS any bms would do. I choose not to run them because they are not required and imo not needed. I mean every cell in the pack is connected. Positive on one end negative on the other. So how is one gonna be missed? C rating is the rate of discharge/charge I believe. Cells we use must have a higher C rating due to the large amounts of amperage we provide for charge/ and the discharge demands that we ask of them. It is one of the most important factors in determining which batteries we can use or not. As far as connecting them it has to do with series/parallel. For example you will see it as 4s9p or whatever. The series would be combining the voltage and the parallel is for the ah. <I believe, I may be mistaken but i don't believe so.
  10. They are the same exact as veachium but from a different seller. Veachiums bars are better but not $300 better.
  11. Yeah they are 45 ah each. I have 3. They look huge but they aren't really all that big.
  12. I recommend Jonathan Patrick on Facebook. He builds alts for Custom Electric Services. If he can't build it then he will send you to Mike Singer who I also recommend. A 270 amp with the biggest XS Power agm you can fit under the hood will do just fine for you buddy. Yes you need to do the big 3.
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