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  1. Yep the multimeter is the way to go. I also am not proficient in using one but every time I have to do something I consult with YouTube or Google to make sure I am on the right track. It can seem overwhelming with all the settings and whatnot but just break it down to the task at hand and you will be fine.
  2. Box I’m about to build for low lows tuned 21hz 1 15

    Yeah especially after he already posted videos of everyone else's system but can't figure out how to post his. Its more like scamshairtricks
  3. Imgur, Flickr, imageshack, just not photobucket.
  4. Following. I haven't seen much of the alphas so I'm interested.
  5. Box I’m about to build for low lows tuned 21hz 1 15

    You are the box pro man. Hopefully you can get a 5 hz bandwidth this time
  6. You may be able to find someone here.
  7. Lmao. I was at harbor freight this morning.
  8. No it won't go into protect at 3 ohm. You can wire the amp to whatever load you want. It doesn't have to have a rating for that load. That being said the zx 2500 is only a 2 ohm stable amp. So down the road if you decide/ feel the sub could handle some more power you most likely won't be able to wire it down. I bet at .7 the amp will protect. If it didnt there's a chance you would fry it playing so much lower than the stable rating. Just some food for thought. But yes, you can get the ZX ,wire to 3 ohm , and have some beat.
  9. Yeah of those mentioned including the DD amp you mentioned they are all very capable of .7. It will be super rare that they see below 1 ohm if at all anyways after rise.
  10. Jeep Renegade looking for efficiency

    Nice. I've been wondering about those Alphas. Definitely start a build log bud.
  11. Are you chasing numbers? If not find you a 1500- 2000 watt amp, wire to .7 and let er beat. You will not be able to hear the difference in between say 1400 watts vs 1600. Amps: Sundown, DC audio, Ampere Audio, Twisted Sounds, Skar, Incrmimator audio, The list goes on and on of good brands.
  12. Hmmm. Sorry lol. I do this frequently but it's with the idea I'm mind to give the store front spots to people who may be less capable than me.
  13. What's up fellas? Anyways I have a ps4 and been playing a little COD Ghosts. I plan on picking up WW2 today. I won't be doing any talking with the Mic or whatever but what I'm wondering is are the headphones really beneficial for hearing footsteps and whatnot? Does it really make that big of a difference or are they really just for talking with teammates?