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  1. Home Subwoofer Amp

    And videos of the sheetrock crumbling
  2. This is true also. A proper sealed box can sound really good.
  3. Good Lord. With all those batteries I'm wondering when the 2 -10 Or 12k amps are showing up?
  4. @meade916 I'm assuming anyways. You can try uploading your pics to imgur,or similar, and then linking them here.
  5. Yes you can port fiberglass enclosures.
  6. Yep awesome. I've never seen a PR setup.
  7. ^^^^^ We are pic whores here lol. Anyways if it makes you happy the fuck everyone else, right kyblack. At least you got some bump. I, on the other hand, have equipment sitting in a closet and envy you haha.
  8. look what i found . so you need alot of cone area ?

    It's all about personal preference. Not everyone wants huge systems. You can have a badass single sub system but more cone area/power is just that ..... More.
  9. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    Yeah I don't know if you have watched the videos on the DD1 but it's worth a view. You need to find out what volume your deck distorts at and then continue on like 06rtcharger said.
  10. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    I think the DC 1.2 k would match up pretty well.
  11. Wish this thing was bangin already haha. Taking the kids to the Houston zoo in the morning.
  12. https://imgur.com/Vo56bBN 2010 dodge caliber. It's right under a 100k miles but I know owners who have had it since new. It's really just a work car that I'll throw a system in. Can't get the damn pic to link
  13. Going to look at a "work car" today that should have a fair amount of cubes in it :)

    1. WalledSonic


      Get low, son.

    2. Wishuponasub


      2010 dodge caliber that I don't have to keep the backseat in cuz it's just for me to drive to work. I see a wall in my future.

  14. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    I think a quality 1k would get them bangin.
  15. Yeah, I won't be trying that ^^^^^^^^ anytime soon.