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  1. That was a cool ass video. Being able to see it all moving. That's nuts. Kudos to the woofer also.
  2. The ass on those things are beautiful.
  3. Sweet man. Glad to see you hit those numbers. Awesome.
  4. Subwoofer sounds horrible when cranked up

    Your gain is most likely set to high. There are tools that can help you set your gains properly. DD1 is one of those tools. Also your bass boost should be at 0. You are sending A distorted signal to subs which is not good for them.
  5. Almost there. That's a sweet sub. I bet it's gonna pound.
  6. Funny how cash changes things. Nice ride.
  7. This is a forum. Have you tried emailing them or picking up a phone and calling? This is not their business site. This is just a bunch of bassheads talking. I'm sure if you were to call that Tony would walk you through it step by step.
  8. I prefer the rugged look lol. Both of those tahoes are clean as he'll. On the flip side, what everyone will agree on, 8 12s on 7k.
  9. Sweet. US alts was definitely my second choice on alternator. I dig the hands on approach vs assembly line. I see more than 10k in your future lol.
  10. Nice bike man. Pretty sweet shop too lol.