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  1. There's another one coming up bud.
  2. Just got this photo. He's got to throw another pulley in between the crank and 390 but I'm going to pick it up Sunday. Build will officially start next weekend.
  3. If it were me I would look for a stroke kit. I think you can go up to a 347 without too much hassle. Throw a top end kit on with some good headers out to your exhaust of choice(if any) and call it a day.
  4. Ill let you know when I see something that direction. Team Bass Outlaws does some stuff out there and possibly Team Demo Kings. Hell when I get this rebuild done, I'll come up there and swap demos for sure.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/events/834845266856813/?ti=cl
  6. Hell yeah. That goes together very well actually.
  7. If you have a Facebook look up 409 Top 10 spl list, that is the small meets here where they meter and hang out, it's not all that special. Josh Tbo kinda runs the scene down here so friend him. Hell I think there are like 3 meets/shows tomorrow.
  8. How far do you consider near. We got meets and shows down here in Beaumont.
  9. Usually people's 1st post on this forum go bad and I'm not the guy to bash people for it but many will. That is not what th OP asked though. He said he understands that and he was wondering if there were other reasons.
  10. FI is a wonderful company. I ran kicker my entire life before finding these forums and trying out FI. I will never run any other subs. I started with 4 FI X 10s on a Ampere 3800.1 and am rebuilding currently for 4 Team 15s on 4 MD 8ks. That SP4+ should be on a 5k all day.
  11. Alright so I have given up on the alt bracket. I reached out to Team Bass Outlaws and they pointed me in the right direction. I just booked a car hauler for Wed-Thurs and I'll be dropping the caliber off with a guy near Houston to get a custom bracket made. After that it's time to get this project rolling.
  12. So after I woke up and checked on my package^^^^^^ turns out my living room big screen took a dump. Called Best buy cuz we got the warranty lol. Now that I lost my beloved COD I went out and started working on the car before work. In my excitement before I had made an oversight in the alternator mounting location. I could still mount it there but I would need to eliminate all future left turns lmao. So I dug a little deeper and removed one of the brackets that was there just for the ac compressor. The alt will now fit in place normally I just have to figure out a way to mount it. Things should steamroll along after this alt.
  13. I've been busy busy busy guys. Haven't had time to even look at the car again but I came across a good deal and had to scoop it up. I bought these to use as a battery delete up front but they are a WHOLE lot bigger than I thought they were. So enough yapping...... I have spoke with CES about some of my plans for my alternator and I think I have it figured out how I'm gonna mount it.
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