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  1. So we figured while we were sitting around doing nothing because of the damn alternators, we might as well add some rock lights......
  2. So during the couple minutes we demod it, the back sliding glass was in a bind. Like i had someone in the backseat holding it so we could play the truck. So the 1st thing we are trying is a single pane. If it doesn't hold then we will switch to plexi.
  3. Man guys, it has been problem after problem with the charging system. But we did get to fire it up for a few minutes on 1 alternator. She is a beast let me tell you. We are currently changing some things with alts so stay tuned..... I haven't given up yet. With 1 alt full tilt for a couple songs we dropped .4 volts. So when I finally get both alts going I should be good.
  4. Well we had to get the 1st sub done before we could do the 2nd due to not being able to get into the box once the 2nd sub was in. After we got completely done with the 1st sub and were preparing for the 2nd i noticed a bubble in the surround on the 1st one. So we had to pull it and it was the led connector. We trimmed so.e of the plexi and got it right then mounted the 2nd sub. Got the subs and back doors mounted and wired today.
  5. Been a long time but the truck is being worked on again. Going to really push tomorrow to get some stuff done.........
  6. So as i said earlier, the headliner wont come out. With box and seats already in and the headliner not out it made it very interesting to do this headliner. My buddy, Steven Walters, figured it out on the 2nd attempt though. A round of applause for this lol
  7. I think if it was only a shorted speaker then multiple channels wouldnt be affected. That may have been the original cause but the amp is toast or there is a signal/rca issue. Im no expert, just trying to help a little (i could be and probably am wrong).
  8. So speakers are powered by headunit and the subs have an amp and they all cut out correct? Sidenote: we are here to help. You dont have to pay anyone. Nevermind. I see you are running a 5 channel. My 1st process of elimination would be checking connections. Ive seen poor grounds be the cause of amps losing power intermittently.
  9. I would. Especially because you can recover some money with your current setup. Id grab the SA's because if you do decide to upgrade amps later then the subs will be good. Also i think you would gain noticeably going from 2-10s to 2-12s on the same power. Then throw in the better box and thats more gains.
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