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  1. Im researching now. Going to buy a new one and try to actually take care of it from day 1. Im looking at the Spartans but dang sure going to do some reading before I go drop the coin.
  2. Steve said yall could get this taken care of via email. This is the only email I know of.... [email protected] I don't think the forum is the right place for this anymore. @Tony D
  3. COD:MW Open Alpha Free....Now...This weekend

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    2. Kyblack76


      Welp, that's good to hear.... I wont even get home till around 730-8.. and 4am comes fast in the am, but I'll try to squeeze in a few rounds/games. 

    3. Wishuponasub



      What did you think bud?

    4. Kyblack76


      Fucking friday night traffic. I got home late. By the time i fed the dogs, and did a few things, i was dead. Then back on sight bright and early as fuck. Ill try again tonight. Well see. Been watching twich all day tho at work, watching TeePee and shit. It does look fun. Beautiful looking and sounding game to.....

  4. Yeah you don't need anything crazy for that rms. Just get the same group size replacement .
  5. He wasn't saying tie into the deck, he was saying the same way you are tied into a switched remote for the deck. I wouldn't tie it into the deck but that's up to you.
  6. I think I've charged mine like 3 Times in 3 years just to do it. They test in the high 12s and never need a charge so I don't charge them.
  7. Electronbeams 2/0 for sale....

  8. Tbh... I am really mad at first and then I offer them help. This sucks to say but I used to be that guy back in my addiction days. Carhopping for items to take for money. I changed my life many years ago now though but I also know their side of the story and the demons they are facing. So after yelling and screaming I offer food and help such as rehab or whatnot, or to help me with manual labor in the yard or whatever. If they refuse then I make them feel like a dog and get the fuck down the road before something bad happens.
  9. Can we edit titles of our build logs?

    1. audiofanaticz


      Edit your first post and you should be able to edit the title.

  10. Nice man. I'm following. I am planning something similar but don't quite know if I have the room. We will have to see. Excited for the updates man.
  11. 3800 blew. C'mon income tax. Daddy needs to rebuild.

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    2. Wishuponasub


      I took it to a local shop and had it bench tested because I didn't have another fuse to throw in. Let me get through Christmas and I'll open her up and snap a few shots to see if any of us can see something.

    3. Kyblack76
    4. WalledSonic


      Hey Wish dont send it to dB-r, by the way.  If you end up sending it off, send it to Steve at Amp Medics.  Best in the game and dude knows Ampere better than damn near anyone here in the states.

  12. Either blew a fuse or an amp. Time to investigate when I get a day off.

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