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  1. Yes with lithium batteries you have to look at the C ratings. This determines how fast you can charge/discharge the batteries. Limitless and JY had the market cornered at first and priced accordingly. Ripping people off seems to be the name of the game these days. DIY options and other lithium chemistries have brought prices down drastically. I personally wouldn't run JY or Limitless, quality products no doubt but you can consider them like the Sundown of batteries.
  2. Steve said yall could get this taken care of via email. This is the only email I know of.... [email protected] I don't think the forum is the right place for this anymore. @Tony D
  3. I know people run 4v to them but from testing I have seen on the MD series they performed better at 1.8 to 2.1. I think @ChevyBoy95 may have popped one right out of the box for too high a input voltage but I may be mistaken.
  4. COD:MW Open Alpha Free....Now...This weekend

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    2. Kyblack76


      Welp, that's good to hear.... I wont even get home till around 730-8.. and 4am comes fast in the am, but I'll try to squeeze in a few rounds/games. 

    3. Wishuponasub



      What did you think bud?

    4. Kyblack76


      Fucking friday night traffic. I got home late. By the time i fed the dogs, and did a few things, i was dead. Then back on sight bright and early as fuck. Ill try again tonight. Well see. Been watching twich all day tho at work, watching TeePee and shit. It does look fun. Beautiful looking and sounding game to.....

  5. Yep. And now I decided against that vehicle so I'm gonna have him build another lol. If I remember right he only charged me 150 but I gave him 175 just because.
  6. Great start bud. Welcome to the forum. I'm down in the golden triangle around Beaumont so not too far from you.
  7. I haven't forgot about this thread guys. The build is coming. It's getting all new brakes, oil leak repaired and the motor mounts checked on it now. Once its mechanically sound we will get started. I have the place picked out in Houston to go get legit Baltic from and once I get it shelled out I'm gonna go visit with @WalledSonic to see if there is any chance of fitting a 6th order. I highly doubt it but we will see. Things will come together quickly once I make the car safe to handle this equipment.
  8. Everything I have bought from there shipped fast as hell with free shipping. Even though I can't stand the guy he seems to be running business well and I can't knock him for that.
  9. Thank you guys. The building part would not be fun for me. I'm not very good with woodwork or cutting a straight line for that matter. I figured the cone area would win out. I see both sides of the arguement. Hard decisions.
  10. Alright guys. I'm gonna start with this is not a vs because I would own both sets of subs. So I wouldn't be picking one or the other to buy. I have already purchased everything to build a wall in a dodge caliber. The build consisted of a 270 Ces alt and a 390. 3-45 ah banks of cmax and 2 banks of maxwells. 4 FI team 15 and 4 taramps Md 8ks. Now my wife doeant really want me to build in the caliber. She wants me to buy an audio vehicle. So I ran across one yesterday that I'm kinda interested in buying and it's one city over from me. Its build is 2 CES 320s, 190ah CMax, 4 AA3800.1s, on 4 Sundown ZV5 18s. So I believe the zv5s will take the 8ks. I see people give them that kind of power frequently. I'm just kind of wondering if the "power handling" of the 15" teams would be able to compete with the cone area of the zv5s. Its ~300sqin more cone area with the zv5s. I really think I would just do better putting the 8ks on the 18s. What do yall think? Also I'm not really looking for brand loyalty. I love FI and dont really care for Sundown although I have never ran their products. But I was looking for knowledge on whether the cone area or power handling wins in this situation.
  11. There's another one coming up bud.
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