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  1. ** RCA's **

    Last year. I ordered mine from wccaraudio. I guess it doesn't really matter. I know they are legit cables.
  2. ** RCA's **

    Hmm. When I bought my SMD cables they didn't come with that...
  3. Yep. The above answers hit the nail on the head. I just wanna watch for clipping so as to not destroy my stuff. I am a total noob and I believe this meter may save my ass one day lol.
  4. Do you know what ohm load you are currently running? You may be able to buy skar 1500 and run it at 4 ohms. You may only need a little more power instead of a whole new setup. You could plan for both but try just the amp first.
  5. Lol I help some from time to time but there are some that I see day after day that yep window up,music down, look forward.
  6. So I am still working on that room. I did manage to get the headliner stabbed back in. I went and looked at the alt while paint was drying and it looked complicated lol. I got a quote on getting it changed and it was a little rich for my blood. So I googled the process and it's not to terribly bad. I've always had an older truck to work on. This is my first FWD to work on so its different to me and hella cramped. I'm going to have to pull the passenger tire off and fender well to get to the alt. I'm also gonna have to swing the AC compressor out of the way. This may be standard for FWD lo idk but I'm used to just unfolding one and bolting the new one in. I'm off again Tues so that's probably when I'll tackle this.
  7. Damn that's a lot of amps haha. Man those 4 18s should get down. I love how you are constantly changing things.
  8. I think it said it comes with the links. On the website they are 56.99
  9. Audible Carnage (Houston)

    I just looked. I'm working Days that day. Damn maybe the next one.
  10. What budgetish brand to go with?

    Also we need to know what kind of sound you are looking for. Are you wanting the ear bleeding harsh loud? Or are you wanting a smooth loud type sound?
  11. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    This will be banned. Its against the rules. Mechman is a partner here so I will go with that but everything in your poll minus Irragi are top notch.