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  1. DD1 and VM1 arrived. My truck showed its age this weekend on vacation so now im truck shopping. System on hold
  2. In the end its up to you bud but noone here is going to tell you the ID subs are better than the FI. On the other hand, many have told you the FI subs are better. Its up to you.
  3. I agree. I bought 2 of his subs myself.
  4. Damn man. That sucks. Greeat score though. Ill be peepin in to see what you come up with.
  5. Final bump. Get em while they are hot.
  6. Ampere Audio 3800.1 and (2) 75.4 Slowly getting there
  7. "Out for delivery"

    Sweet, sweet words

  8. TTT Ill bump this a couple times for a couple days then let it fade into the archives. Hope it helps someone.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/302336617415 JY Power says these are a good buy. Anyways,check it out and make your own decision. I have mine on the way already. They wont budge much on the price.
  10. Why the recone? Are you just wanting different softies or are yours torn? The reason im asking is because i know they used to sell recones for the Mofo. A quick google search: https://autopartcart.myshopify.com/products/power-acoustik-mofo-152xrc-15-speaker-re-cone-kit-2-ohm
  11. First time seeing this one. Very nice build.
  12. Part 1 made up my mind. I'll be ordering mine tomorrow. I'm ready to see part 2 now.
  13. UPS sucks!!!

    1. boomintahoe


      Until they deliver your item(s). Then they don't suck huh. Just giving you shit. I actually worked for them years ago so I understand.

    2. Wishuponasub


      Yeah lol. My amps got to a city about 30 min from me Friday night around 11:30 and I won't get them till Monday. Patience is a virtue and nobody's got time for that shit haha.

    3. Skullz


      Wait till they drop it off with usps, then you'll understand what sucking is from ups.

      My last couple of items were done exactly like that