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  1. just finished the install very easy when looking at it just wanted to say thanks for all the help from mechman answereing my question all the time and very happy with purchase well worth it thanks!
  2. Bought 4 x 18's from him went and picked them up but well worth it easy no hassle and subs just like he said they were Thanks
  3. I have a sa 12 bstock from them looks perfect I can't find a thing wrong with them bstock is the way to go just read why it's b stock before you buy them
  4. I will post some soon I just haven't had time to finish it up yet. You'll be surprised with all of sundowns stuff none of there pictures or any pictures I've ever seen do them justice you can't go wrong with sundown. I ordered 4 e 12's and the pictures of them are very misleading
  5. Do the seat lift I'm in the process of finishing up 4 12's in my f150 with a seat lift I've listened to a 8w7 and that sounded crazy Good so I could only imagine what a sa 8 would do
  6. Or you could lift your rear seats a few inches and get the space you need
  7. Yea I'm lifting the back seat to get it so I'm sure I can mAke it work is there a suggestion you have? Or just not sure how I was going to accomplish that
  8. But isn't it basically true more cone area = more bass or harder hitting bass like 1 sa 12 running off 600 watts and 2 sa 12's running 300 watts a piece and same box and all wouldn't it be harder hitting move more air? Something like that? And cleaner I don't understand that word all I want it loud bass quality could be nothing as long as the bass makes it sound like 2 gorillas fighting in the back of my truck
  9. So we think 4 sealed 12's will be loud I understand not as loud as ported. But I just think that 4 12's sealed would beat 2 12's. There's no replacement for displacment right?
  10. I'm trying to build a new system I'm between a few ideas and want to run multiple subs. I'm deciding between trying to put 4 sundown e 12's under my rear f150 seat with them each getting 1.15 cubic feet how will they do in A sealed box? I know ported would be better. Or would doing 2 sa 12's ported be better Any ideas or suggestions
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