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  1. Has anyone seen or have any experience with a box of the sort. Trying to get a decent sized box back there while still retaining seating. With my back seat it’s one solid piece so id have to build the back rest of the seat as well. Recommendations on securing the box down.
  2. Sky

    15 box size

    Yes if it comes down to that. Bottom of back window is my cutoff.
  3. Sky

    15 box size

    I’m looking at fitting 2 15s in my back seat. Does anyone have any experience with the hdc4 and the ssa zcon. Trying to figure which will want more or less box size. Heading towards the less side for overall fitment purposes.
  4. To much power I’m assuming. I kept it low from what I thought it could take. Apparently not the case.
  5. So I blew my Rockford p3 in about 20 seconds. Sounds like no one in my city has Rockford. So leaning towards a soundqubed hdc3 or hdc4. I just built a box tuned at 32hz @2.66 cubic feet. You think the box could support that for a lil while till I build a new one. I’ve owned sundown x’s before and was really happy with those. Not very sure on how the hdc’s compare to sundowns x series. But for the price it seems like a deal. I figure I have enough box room for 2 15s eventually. So either 2 hdc3’s or hdc4s. On a 3500 amp. And can add another 3500 later. looking for some input on the matter
  6. Sky

    Rockford p3 15

    Might be a change of plans. I can pick up a sundown x8 v2 for $100 bucks. I’m curious to see how that sounds... hmmmm
  7. Rarely below 13.8 is spot on. Im thinking I’ll upgrade alt and batteries under hood and go from there. See how volts hold up and add a 3100 if need be.
  8. Soundqubed 3500 at 1ohm. I was originally thinking of hooking up my 3 3100s in a toolbox in the bed. But just don’t think I need 5 batteries in total. For only about 4.5k of power.
  9. Stock. I think it’s 130-150. I don’t think I have the 200amp HD one. Alt upgrade and 2 agm batteries under hood?
  10. I have 2 stock batteries in my 2011 6.7 f250. Going to be running a 3500 sub amp and whatever my door speaker amp will be. I’m guessing around a lil over 4Kish power. Any idea if I upgrade my batteries to some decent AGM batteries that would suffice? Or am I looking at a upgraded alt as well and extra batteries? I have 3 xs power 3100s but there way to big to fit under the hood and just trying to justify the need of them anymore.
  11. Sky

    Rockford p3 15

    Well I have a 3500 lol. But it’ll only be running at 2 ohms cuz I have a d4.
  12. Can it take more then 600rms daily? Looking at around 2.5ish cubic feet maybe a hair more on air volume.
  13. I can't find any reviews on the coaxial 3 way or 2way they have. I'm going to be purchasing a soundqubed speaker amp and looking for 4 door speakers for my girlfriend. She doesn't want seperate tweeters so I'm looking at these. If anyone has owned them and can chime in a review that would be awesome. Thanks!