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  1. Gotta question for sundown and figured I'd post here since someone else probably wants to know too. Ive got an X8 - D2 ordered and would like to model and build a box. I want to double baffle flush mount it so I need to know a few things. T/S specs, cutout diameter, and outer diameter for sexy mounting. Mounting depth wouldnt hurt to know either. Ive searched everywhere and cant find anything. Can you hook a brother up?
  2. Wow Jacob looks awesome. First post to sundown! So I cant seem to see a big difference between this and the SA8 v.2. What are your intentions with this model versus the sa8? It seems like maybe more xmax, more motor force, slightly more thermal handling and efficiency? I have been browsing every 8" sub I can find, and the SA8 v.2 definitely wins over every other 8" on the market, for me at least(price, output, reputation). I want a single 8" setup either ported or Tline for the wow factor, so I would love to know if the x is intended to be superior to the SA in terms of output. Crush the 8W7, for cheaper, I know you can
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