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  1. Send me offers on any mono amps that are underrated to do 2500w-3000w with no problems. Would like it to be in good condition. Have money in paypal balance and bank account. Their will be no PP fees!
  2. I would like to give my 01 Infiniti QX4 a static drop. Anyone got any information for me to accomplish this goal? I've done a ton of research and I didn't find anything. Let me know! Thanks!
  3. Never abused it, and treated the sub as if it was my baby. 2 reasons why i am selling is because i'm downgrading again because of space. I do alot of long driving now and can't sacrifice so much money on gas. The other reason is i know "someone" that will hook me up for 4 rl-i8 and don't want to pass up on this deal. Price: $400 shipped Local Pickup: Let's Talk (Recommend Local Pickup) If you need any references or people that can vouch for this sub, send me a PM. Contact Information: -PM me -AIM: PlainDante -YM: [email protected] Pics: *REMEMBER* This sub is fully loaded. Fully loaded meaning it has extras on the sub such as P Chamfer, Cooling, 3rd Magnet and HiXmCoil.
  4. I know, but this isnt the regular wooden mold. And try making your own 6" mold, and tell me ur results.
  5. Omg I totally forgot about how mostly everyone here is north calis. I made a thread in caraudio.com looking for spots to go to, but not much interests there. I'm over here in elk grove, ca...anyone around this area?? I wanna see some systems!! Unfortunatley I didn't drive my car though, and I was suppose to bring my termlab and a brand new usamps md2d amp, for any interested local buyers but I totally forgot to bring em. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving, and I kno this is last notice, but is there anyone around the are willing to meet up or something?? For those that don't kno, I'm from so cal of san diego. Alright fellas hit me up asap...I have not heard one system yet this whole weekend and its killing me!!!! Hehe...alright fellas. Dante
  6. What's up Doug!!!! Hope you can update us with all of the competitions u will be judging. -Dante
  7. phew.. that was fun. i went against your teammate Gately Audio. He's a good guy, much respect to him. I almost had it, having a steady 139.9 until 3 seconds left of the clock, it overshot me to 140db. You can check out my thread with pics and vids in here: http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2030042
  8. what do u mean all the way down here in south cali? i live in san diego, i think that's south enough and im still going to the comp.
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