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  1. Alright, thanks. I didn't get to talk to homeboy, i caught a stomach flu and stayed in bed over the weekend You guys are funny,LOL I bought 2 leather hides 50sq ft, and 4 stingray hides that are about 12"x20"
  2. I'm going to see the Guy today, let me ask him how much he would charge to do your split bench and Ill also ask him about the carpet & headliner. You looking for original or custom work, cloth or leather and what color? I chose to get the material myself because I was looking for a specific color.but I can ask him for a prices with and without material if you want.
  3. Yeah but that's for 2 seats only. What are you looking to get done?
  4. I know a Guy that works with an upholster at a shop. He is gonna redo my seats on his spare time. I got 2 hides of leather and 4 stingray hides for about $700. I'll post some pics when I get back from work. Each hide is about 50 square feet, so I should be good with one hide for just the seats and imma use the other one for miscellaneous parts! And yeah, I'm in LA.
  5. I'm getting 2 seats reupholstered for $350, but I'm supplying the material (leather).
  6. Best way for me has been using black toner mixed with intercoat clear and clearcoat afterwards... I'll post some pics in a few minutes, I just gotta track em down...
  7. Post up some pics bro. If its too severe than it might not be worth fixing but getting a new one instead.At the body shop I'm working at has fixed moderate cracks using this. http://www.tcpglobal.com/autobodydepot/itemdetail.aspx?itemno=FUS+102
  8. Funny thing is that the materials themselves aren't that expensive, well the y are compared to regular paint but nowhere near the 5-10k that is usually charged.
  9. I'll do it for free.lol But really: I say 3-5 grand depending on the bodywork needed.
  10. I could swear I saw a build for this truck a while back, either way bad-ass truck bro! Got my vote Yes I found the build log. And hopefully this will help you guys vote for the OP!!! MEMPHIS DAKOTA BUILD LOG
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