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  1. Does anyone know of a good gps tracker locator, or know a place that can locate one that maybe hidden on a vehicle. I am trying to see if I am being tracked. Currently dealing with a personal matter style situation.
  2. Have a friend in Dallas Texas that is needing a box built for his 3+3 truck its a 73-91 square body crew cab. I am waiting on a reply back from him on what hes wanting for the final outcome but are there any recommended shops in the area that someone can recommend.
  3. What potentiometer are people using for their custom bass knobs? Looking at making me one that has direct leads to reach the map and the radio so I can omit the current RCA cables. really need it to be compact or small.
  4. where at houston are you located.
  5. really looking for both. but mainly just wanna play musical tired of having to use the bass boosted songs that clip the shit out of subs. also need to replace my head unit, thats the next thing im doing. I really want a double din so I can keep my steering wheel controls and add back up camera and navigation. i have an older JVC nt700 but the navigation is out of date its like 5 or 7 years old. but was free. but still have to get the PAC audio JACK and pay 150 for the update or spend an additional 150 and get a new unit and the idata link interface. really dont want a single din unit.
  6. Whats a good design for the sundown x12v2 d2 sub up port back. Power is mmats mpa 2000.1. Currently in a prefab atrend box "it sucks" but came with the sub. Tuned to 37 htz but the port isnt even finished on the box. Piss poor design.
  7. Just wondering if dc can remake the level 5 10" again. Or do I need to just buy all the part individually and make it myself.
  8. HOLY CRAP. This is going to be a sick ass build. adding the concrete what are you doing about suspension??? ant the EXT is the longer of the astro vans correct.
  9. should look into the 2.5" seat lift. when done 4 - 8" or 2 - 10" subs can be installed under the rear seat.
  10. sick bikes. need to get my cr24 KASTAN finished. needs new tires, tubes and I want a true center pull rear brake. like the bulldog from the 1990s used to be.
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