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  1. Just wondering if dc can remake the level 5 10" again. Or do I need to just buy all the part individually and make it myself.
  2. sick bikes. need to get my cr24 KASTAN finished. needs new tires, tubes and I want a true center pull rear brake. like the bulldog from the 1990s used to be.
  3. i got me a kastan cr 24. https://goo.gl/images/NSaK6M not mine but same thing. cant seem to post pics anymore.
  4. Some of these people have got skills, but yet they drive some meth up rides and live in the hood.
  5. Im broke can cant afford a camera. but you are more than welcome to come and pick her up.
  6. Finding out my cars extended warranty has expired but having to tell idiots year make and model. Love leading them on making them make that sales pitch and feeding them a bunch of crap. wasting their time
  7. Yeah not happening. but if i get that divorce once its done you can have her address.
  8. people that set you up for a political battle and then get all pissy when you start using facts and calling them names like f tards and f in idiots and then they block you cause what you said got their panties in a wad. the nerve of some people, lol.. just kidding its really my wife that pisses me off
  9. yeah but if you value shop based off price per unit. 3 pack condoms $1.08 each 92 pack diapers $0.24 each LOL.
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