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  1. 77-AUDIO

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    Looks like Sky High is doing the same thing SPL Cartel is doing just charging more. I have the mini grenade from spl cartel and love it.
  2. Anyone here have any experience in doing drawings for TDLR electrical job. Current project requires that we meet TDLR requirements and I am new to this part.
  3. I did this also when doing a dodge mega cab that had factory sub. I used the PAC sni-35 on the amp sub outputs and worked great. no problems or issues. so if you have the factory sub you can always get the signal from near the sub and not have to deal with getting behind the dash to get to the factory amp.
  4. HOLY CRAP. This is going to be a sick ass build. adding the concrete what are you doing about suspension??? ant the EXT is the longer of the astro vans correct.
  6. every year someone puts this up.
  7. 77-AUDIO

    Total newbie enclosure build questions

    I have seen 2-8" sundowns in that area ported but they also had the subs inverted. looked sick.
  8. Can't complain one but. nice lil setup for 2 bills
  9. should look into the 2.5" seat lift. when done 4 - 8" or 2 - 10" subs can be installed under the rear seat.
  10. really, let me know. pm me.
  11. sick bikes. need to get my cr24 KASTAN finished. needs new tires, tubes and I want a true center pull rear brake. like the bulldog from the 1990s used to be.
  12. Im in the market to find a 1990s chevy crewcab short bed. doesnt need to run just be a roller. motor will either a lsx with a 6 speed automatic, or a good ol 454 with a 6 speed automatic. body work - i can fix that motor - i have help audio - well duh. paint - brother suspension - me just need the truck. thats the hard part
  13. 77-AUDIO

    2013 chevy crew cab

    has anyone done a box for 2 10s under the rear seat of a 2013 chevy crewcab that has the 2.5" seat lift. looking for ideas!!!!
  14. I am looking for a dust cap for an obsidian 12" sub. the one that is on the sub now is cracked and faded. if anyone has a spare one laying around let me know.
  15. I prefer DC over Sundown. Also not sure if Jacob knows this probably does but give a shit just about every flea market and pop up stereo shop in the Houston area has sundown. not like before that you had to call or go to an authorized dealer to get them. At least DC is selective on who sells their product and not installed or sold by someone that doesnt know shit.