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  1. Whats that supposed to mean lol ? All i know is he claims his name to be mike from maxxsonics ..
  2. Sounds right to me, although, if iirc, most class D amps are around 70-75% efficient? Not 80..even though he did admit that 80% efficiency was really high for most amps
  3. Got all the individual pieces cut for my new ported enclosure, ready to get it glued up and assembled! pretty excited

  4. Are the edges of both ends of the port sanded down smooth so as to take the sharp edges off? Im sure that would help a little with the port noise
  5. Also, would a 1/4" router roundover bit be ideal for rounding over the edges of some of the boards that are part of the port? If not 1/4, then what size ?
  6. Joe X, what is the dimensions of the two angled pieces at the very back of the port on this design that help to direct air out/in ? Got my sheets of MDF today and going to start on thiis tomorrow
  7. alrighty guys thats good enough reason for me. and now that i think about it, it would be very nice to actually be able to look behind me and be able to see my subs moving, where as now i never see them moving since theyre firing at the hatch. I will be getting all my materials friday and starting on the build. Ill post some pics on here along the way, maybe get some feedback from some members about it. Cant wait for it, so tired of the box theyre currently in, i have little to no reproduction at or below 35 hz or so. I looked up the model number that was written on the inside of the box and referenced it to the manufacturers website and the box only has .92 cu ft per chamber Before displacement and it is tuned to 43 freaking hertz.
  8. I am afraid that if i place this subs firing upward, that i will have too much noise coming from the vibration of my roof in my blazer because it does not have any sound deadening and i cannot afford it anytime soon. It already resonates pretty bad as it is with the subs and port firing at my hatch making that boomy sheet metal type sound if you know what i mean. What is the purpose of subs up port back in an SUV? I may consider it anyways if theres a decent reason for it
  9. OK thanks man. What happens during a very hot day to change the tuning even if it is just a slight change? I have never heard of that before and I have been doing TONS of reading, countless hours worth over the past few months concerning "in depth" detail of various aspects of enclosures and other components of car audio. Would like to know, im a very curious guy haha
  10. Joe X , does this design account for subs and the 45s displacements? I am worried that when i put my subs in, the tuning will change so i wanted to ask you and make sure?
  11. anr

    Opinions on an amp?

    Thanks for your input guys. I bought an amp from a guy a few days ago actually. It a Rockford Fosgate Power T1000-1bdCP. Only 5 months old and i only paid $160 for it. Here is a pic of it installed in my blazer, and a pic of my subs. I have 2 guage copper welding lead and had to cut off just a few strands and barely got the power and ground to fit in the amp, really took some work but it fit in finally. let me know what you guys think of my setup. Subs are DVC 2 ohm wired to final load of 2 ohms. Enclosure is 1.0 cu ft per chamber after displacement and is tuned to 38 hz. Sounds great.
  12. Bought this off a guy yesterday for $160. RF Power T1000-1bdCP. It was a Great deal and its only 5 months old! Finally have a good amp to power my Alpine Type R 12s. The difference is like night and day.
  13. Looking into ordering an amp within the next couple of days and cant decide on what amp. I am on a limited budget of $230. I recently acquired two Alpine type R 12's dvc 2 ohm and they're wired at 2 ohm final impedance. I was using an Alpine MRX-M110 but it is my sisters and she wants it back because shes about to put her own system in her vehicle so now i am amp-less lol. The model of the subs are SWR-1223D. In a ported box tuned to 42 hz i believe but soon i am planning to build my own with a lower tuning and more airspace, from the design and plans that Joe X helped me with a couple days ago. So any recommendations or opinions will be appreciated! thanks.
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