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  1. Thanks joe x , i was thinking the same thing earlier after doing a little math. Will most likely go with the Fi SSD 18s, look to be really high quality and at $300 a very fair price. I would also love something like the Sundown X series but they’re out of my budget. You think with the cone area of 4 18s and clamping 3 to 4K out of the amp I could do hair tricks ?
  2. 54” wide x 45” tall x 33” deep (front to rear) . There will be some small airspace displacements due to floor being not perfectly flat and other areas that have contour and etc. But those are the basic measurements.
  3. Joe X , ok I will go measure in a few mins and post them up thanks. I remember you helped me with a box design about 6 years ago it turned out perfect.
  4. Working towards a new build in my truck, 2005 f159 supercrew (4 door) , torn between a flow through center console from dash all the way to the rear seat and up and over the middle portion for 4 12s ported. However , I was just thinking this morning about 2 15s in a 4th order bandpass. That would mean removing the rear seat obviously and I’m not opposed to doing that. I’m not too concerned with what it would meter, but my goals are for the build to be fun listen to, as much bandwidth as possible, playing down to at least 28 hz with authority, and most of all as windy as possible. I’ve only ever had simple ported enclosures since I’ve been into car audio off and on for 12 years or so or since I was in high school. Any help would be appreciated. I already have the alt and going to purchase lithium battery for the rest of the electrical to support the amp. Taramps MD 8k (not purchased yet). Not decided on sub brand yet but looking into Fi , DC, or Incriminator. Also open to your ther suggestions for sub sizes and quantities of subs with a recommended enclosure type as well. I am open to using all of the space I have too to bottom side to side in the rear by removing the rear seats.
  5. Man this turned out great. You did awesome not only just for a “first” build, but for any build this is great work. Pays off to plan out and take your time doing things. Bass on man
  6. Wow that’s a crazy good deal for $ this a Korean board ?
  7. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    Ok will do. & Thanks for the help man.
  8. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    What would be the main difference(s) between the neo and the ferrite version? Is one or the other better suited for a specific enclosure design or music frequency ? Or like sq vs spl ? I’m considering an ssd model for my next purchase, I just purchased the Fi FiDay 15” budget line sub, I’ve not built the box for it or installed yet, it’s going in my wife’s Camry. But for my truck I intend on going a different route for my next install to replace my single skar DDX 12 subwoofer..
  9. Knocker, yes that’s exactly what I think too. And I had actually discussed this very topic with my local car audio shop manager who builds all the enclosures and does installs for the shop and he also said you do not want the sub firing directly into the port. He has some software program on his computer that calculates all of those variables such as the sub mounting location in a specific box with regards to the location of the port end and how it effects everything. The name of the program I cannot remember though.
  10. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    I second the Fi ....any of the Fi subs tbh. Built to order, handmade in US too. Satisfied with my recent order.
  11. Would love a demo but I don’t think you’re anywhere near me..I live in southeast GA