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  1. Wow that’s a crazy good deal for $ this a Korean board ?
  2. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    Ok will do. & Thanks for the help man.
  3. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    What would be the main difference(s) between the neo and the ferrite version? Is one or the other better suited for a specific enclosure design or music frequency ? Or like sq vs spl ? I’m considering an ssd model for my next purchase, I just purchased the Fi FiDay 15” budget line sub, I’ve not built the box for it or installed yet, it’s going in my wife’s Camry. But for my truck I intend on going a different route for my next install to replace my single skar DDX 12 subwoofer..
  4. Knocker, yes that’s exactly what I think too. And I had actually discussed this very topic with my local car audio shop manager who builds all the enclosures and does installs for the shop and he also said you do not want the sub firing directly into the port. He has some software program on his computer that calculates all of those variables such as the sub mounting location in a specific box with regards to the location of the port end and how it effects everything. The name of the program I cannot remember though.
  5. anr102990

    Sub died, looking for options

    I second the Fi ....any of the Fi subs tbh. Built to order, handmade in US too. Satisfied with my recent order.
  6. Would love a demo but I don’t think you’re anywhere near me..I live in southeast GA
  7. Cool man thanks a lot, I will try that and see how it turns out on the graph. I also have my sub box pushed as far as I can to the passenger side of the rear seat with the port and sub facing up and the port next to the door basically firing up into the rear upwards corner of the cab of my truck. Do you think it’s best to have the sub and port “load” or fire into that corner with it being the furthest point from my ears? Seems like the further away I can get myself from the sub box INSIDE THE TRUCK, the louder it is. The closer I move my head TOWARDS the sub box, it’s not as loud. I also remember several years back when I had my blazer, that it seemed like the vehicle itself amplified the sound of any system VS having the same one in a pickup truck or car trunk..
  8. Those vids are pretty cool, no doubt that every single little thing changes the acoustics to some degree whether just barely measurable or completely audible. I would think though that you would want the sub in the optimal location for it to be able to load off of or build pressure rather than pushing the pressure directly into the port end before its compressed? Does that make sense?
  9. Yea I was curious about my cabin gain variable in my system. Granted, it’s only a single 12 on an rp vehicle is a 2005 supercrew f150 (4door). Basically trying to get the right combination of being able to play low but not ONLY low, and being able to feel that wind, i can definitely feel the wind around tuning within a couple hz above and below. I’m thinking of buying one more DDX 12 and a second rp 1500 amp. My sub is a dual 2 so I can’t put 2 of them on one rp 1500 at .5 ohm, not willing to try it and burn up my amp I paid my hard earned money for lol.