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  1. I have a single box design for a e12 my brother built two and has them in his car now. Sounds real good for e series subs
  2. Hey i just got two sa 15s and was wondering if you possibly had a cut sheat of your old setup. Its hard finding designs online so anything helps
  3. I just ordered two sundown audio SA 15 d4 subs. I have a CT sounds 2500.1 that i plan on powering them with. I have a 2001 Oldsmobile alero 4 door, I took out my back seats and plan on puting a box back there since theres no room in the trunk. The amps are going in the trunk along with the battery. I have been doing research trying to find some box designs online but could only find 2 box designs that are slightly to big to fit. So if anybody could help me with a box design i would appreciate it alot. My max dimensions for my back seat are 26 height, 21 depth, 34 width . recommendations are 3-4 cubes 35hz. i would like the box to be on the smaller side but not to small maybe like 3.5 cubes to each sub or 3.2.
  4. I just combined this design into one single box with the ports facing out the sides and i changed the sub cutout to the side so they can face the front. i thought it might change the sound since the subs are mounted on the side but this box sounds great with any kind of music.
  5. Enclosure Specifications: Fb = 34.5 Hz Vb = 1.1 ft^3 External Height = 13 in External Width = 21.5 in External Depth = 13 in Port Width = 1 3/8 in Cut Sheet List: * All Dimensions in Inches. * Wood Thickness is 3/4 for all Parts. External Enclosure Parts: Front = 19 3/8 x 11 1/2 Back = 21 1/2 x 11 1/2 Left & Right Sides: Side 1 = 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 Side 2 = 12 1/4 x 11 1/2 Top & Bottom = 21 1/2 x 13 L Port Internal Assembly Parts: Front to Back = 10 1/8 x 11 1/2 Extension = 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 Assembly guide (generic dimensions):
  6. I took a single e10 design and made a dual box for my old setup and it was a good sounding box. I figure your already set on building one or i would try to sell it but if you want that design i could prob find it somewhere
  7. my car idles like 600 700 so im guessing thats why. does anybody know what to do about this kinda situation? or is there nothing i can do?
  8. I just got a 320 amp alt for my 2.4L Oldsmobile Alero and when im at idle it sits at the 12s but when i give it any gas they go up to 14.8 every time. If anybody can help me i would appreciate any advice. I have no subs or amps hooked up, I have 0 gauge CCA from the alt to the battery, 300 amp fuse, And ground from battery to mount on alt. Got a new belt also since the pulley is smaller on this alt.
  9. to have bad ass bass i guess you always have to wait. been about 3 weeks for me and i wont be done till next year prob. sad face for sure lol What a year? Naww I would get a kicker and just put that shit in the back until I get bass lol i meant like january. ya i had my two e8v3s on a hifonics 1200 but i sold to get the ct sounds 2500.1 before the perorder ended.
  10. to have bad ass bass i guess you always have to wait. been about 3 weeks for me and i wont be done till next year prob. sad face for sure lol
  11. to have bad ass bass i guess you always have to wait. been about 3 weeks for me and i wont be done till next year prob. sad face for sure lol
  12. LOLOL wutttMy gas guzzling fire breathing f150 can only have a 250amp alt due to belt slip they said. So how he can have a 370amp on 2.4Simple. Bolt it in and wire it and giver shit.Belt wrap does alot. I run 1200A of alts On a TRUE (not a weekend "daily" driver) with no issues. Oviosly if i try to move my truck when alts are loaded down itll bearly move. An engine will spin anything to an extent.. BUTTTT will the belt hold? Thats when belt wrap and a good belt come into play. I have one alt that slips if i dont have good belt wrap. Odly enough its the stock position alt. ( N8 ill send you some pics of how to fix that..) and when it starts to slip my voltage will drop hard. do you think ill need a new belt or no?
  13. hell ya dude. i only have about 1500 watts now with a xs power d3400 and my shit drops to 11s on alot of metal songs that dont even have that much bass. if i listen to any kinda rap i have to be on the highway for it not to go under 11s. but i dont put it through that much torture cause i pretty much only listen to metal.
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