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  1. what do you think about a carbon fiber cone being dipped? even though it would kinda be a waste of money lol
  2. did you guys ever do a test using the ad-1 to compare chassis ground vs battery ground? and thanks for all the useful info
  3. Ok thanks for the replies. just didn't know if it was absolutely critical to charge them. I have the charger h es just too lazy to come over every couple weeks lol
  4. Probably a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. Ok, I'm in the process of installing a full system in my brothers car and he's running stock 150a alt and stock battery. After we "big 3" it, I suggested to him an xs power battery to go with his system. He, unfortunately, doesn't want to buy the $200 charger, nor does he want to come over to my house every couple weeks to top off his battery. So what I'm asking is would the xs still work better than stock without having a charger, or would it be a waste? Thanks.
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