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  1. Well it turns out if it was a real terminator like origonally thought, it'd be valued at like $1500 in this condition. Its still stupid rare and in amazing condition. Feel free to make some reasonable offers, like said above, easiest way to get ahold of me is by email at [email protected] as I usually only get to check the forums once a day at night
  2. Ahhh, thanks for a little more history! Lets get this gem into a new loving home somewhere
  3. In your honest opinion, would you mind either emailing or PM'ing me what you thing this amp's current market value is
  4. As, was not aware. This amp was introduced into the car audio world when I was still in pampers. All I knew was it was the chrome with led version according to the friend that is selling it
  5. Next up in the collection of old school legends is a damn near mint Rockford POWER 1000. This is the chrome version with the LED's. Email is the quickest way to get ahold of me as Im on the road all day and dont always get a chance to check the forums. I can be reached at [email protected] This amplifier needs NO introduction. If you're looking at this and considering purchasing it, you already know that it's one of, if not THE most collectible amplifiers in car audio history. To top if off, this example is in NEAR MINT shape, and as icing on the cake, it's a "Terminator" edition-Wayne Harris spec'd out a few of these in chrome and with the LED's on the 'caboose'. Sold with functional wiring harness and original owners manual. $1000 shipped. Your chance to own one of the most sought after pieces in car audio history.
  6. Shipping not included...but I may be able to split the costs if it isint too much, sending a pm in a min here
  7. Sonofabish....I'll have to take one here in a few min
  8. Looking to sell 1 of these for right now, $400, money order preferred. Amp is in GREAT shape, is say 9.7/10 cosmetic, 10/10 functionality
  9. You know, you're right and im sorry for "stirring the pot". You made a good point that this wasnt the place, so I moved it to the bassrace section on TP. I knew saving that thread was a good idea, I figured it would be deleted.
  10. that sounds like a hell of a plan. Fly in bidnyk and we'll burn down indy!
  11. Good job Randy! that van throws down something nasty. x2 on meade flyin out to indy!
  12. You guys are lucky on the dry heat. Its been 90+ with 85%+ humidity here. The past few nights have been close to 100% humidity, even with ac its still shitty to sleep in
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