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  1. Looking for a good photoshop artist to create a logo for my new lighting and furniture business. im starting a small business making custom lighting and furniture, I specialize in industrial style/design, I also do steampunk, vintage farmhouse. i have an idea of what I want, my photoshop skills are rusty and I want this to look badass and professional, I can kick down a few bucks, and could probably send some other business your way, I’m not rich and I haven’t sold anything yet, and have spent a ton of money on tools and materials. here is a sample of some lighting I made. My business name is iD Lighting & Furniture. thanks David
  2. I didn't try it I didn't feel like booting up the laptop I just read the topic and thought I'd look into it
  3. Ok so I talked to steve about it and he has asked me not to mess with it as they are upgrading everything here pretty quick. So hold on abit things should change soon
  4. Yeah. I get it, I am sick as hell and I can't work right now so I have a bunch of free time, I will see what I can do, no promises on a badass chat room like we use to have, my website building skills are very rusty lol
  5. I will see if I can figure out how to fix it, I now have lots of time on my hands sorry i haven't been around
  6. Give this a listen, It kicks ass big time imo
  7. I love the smart part of the samsung. Vizio sucks on that part imo. I have not tried the lg so I can't comment on it
  8. Love my vizio m series. But it's not as nice as this samsung, Well so I thought. If I take this one back the lg 55" is the same price and Meade loves his. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow
  9. I can't buy any more new games for a while. Cod looks great. Maybe after the 1st of the yr
  10. Nice Bird bro. You've done a awesome job on it, my good friend in high school had one. Good times in that car
  11. Hell yeah bro. Hit me up when you get it. I'd get the pc version if I had a pc. Maybe after I get my house done I'll build a badass pc
  12. Well my Samsung 4k is going back. It's 2 weeks old and has lines in the screen. I guess I'll try the lg
  13. The difference is some cool skins and some weapons. The game is badass. I'm getting better lol. I still suck. But it's a blast so whatever