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  1. I've used them all, my dad had reel to reel for a long time, then we got record a record player, I think I might even still have some 8 track tapes at my rents place lol... My first cassette was van halen 1984.
  2. Orion's. Don't know the models but I was in love.. I heard bass much younger in a home system my dad built but in a vehicle Orions where like woah I think they were xtr's. This would be like 1987ish
  3. Number 1 baby!! I can't believe it's been 8 yrs... I can still remember starting the site build like it was yesterday... I know I am couple days late... Work is crazy busy
  4. That's not a Neo speaker dude, probably should learn the diff between Neo and ferrite before you start questioning what they are doing. Merry Christmas
  5. Unless you heard that from Scott, dont post rumors, that's what little girls do
  6. That car us the epitome of badassness.... There is nothing you did to it that I don't like. I knew you meant the other guy. Haha I was waiting for your response lol
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