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  1. None of you bastards asked about me, I’m fucking saddened by this. anyways I’m alive, tho I have some issues some of you know about. I’m still fucked up none of you bastards asked about me, I’ve been here longer then anyone. ??
  2. I love the smart part of the samsung. Vizio sucks on that part imo. I have not tried the lg so I can't comment on it
  3. Love my vizio m series. But it's not as nice as this samsung, Well so I thought. If I take this one back the lg 55" is the same price and Meade loves his. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow
  4. Well my Samsung 4k is going back. It's 2 weeks old and has lines in the screen. I guess I'll try the lg
  5. Just bought a Samsung 50" 4K. It absolutely kills my vizio, it's not even close and I loved my vizio before I bought this one. I think the Netflix 4K content looks better then I ever thought possible wow
  6. I've used them all, my dad had reel to reel for a long time, then we got record a record player, I think I might even still have some 8 track tapes at my rents place lol... My first cassette was van halen 1984.
  7. Orion's. Don't know the models but I was in love.. I heard bass much younger in a home system my dad built but in a vehicle Orions where like woah I think they were xtr's. This would be like 1987ish
  8. Nice!! Even a little boobie jiggle in there haha keep up the good work, let me know if you come to iowa for a show I'd like to hear this monster
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