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  1. I love the smart part of the samsung. Vizio sucks on that part imo. I have not tried the lg so I can't comment on it
  2. Love my vizio m series. But it's not as nice as this samsung, Well so I thought. If I take this one back the lg 55" is the same price and Meade loves his. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow
  3. I can't buy any more new games for a while. Cod looks great. Maybe after the 1st of the yr
  4. Nice Bird bro. You've done a awesome job on it, my good friend in high school had one. Good times in that car
  5. Hell yeah bro. Hit me up when you get it. I'd get the pc version if I had a pc. Maybe after I get my house done I'll build a badass pc
  6. Well my Samsung 4k is going back. It's 2 weeks old and has lines in the screen. I guess I'll try the lg
  7. The difference is some cool skins and some weapons. The game is badass. I'm getting better lol. I still suck. But it's a blast so whatever
  8. Just bought a Samsung 50" 4K. It absolutely kills my vizio, it's not even close and I loved my vizio before I bought this one. I think the Netflix 4K content looks better then I ever thought possible wow
  9. I'm not sure how long it is but I have played some of it. It's fucking spectacular. Wow. I'll get the hang of it. I have played battlefield since the beginning on pc.
  10. Anyone playing this.? Man I suck. I really haven't played much of anything in a long long time but I'm online getting killed at a rapid pace if anyone wants to play. Killerblues515 is me
  11. I'd listen to the older guys, we've been around a long time, I have no system in my burban, and I'd still be systemless even if he offered me free subs.
  12. See if that works lol