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  1. 15 was only in a car audio application. I was thourly impressed with it's SQ. Never home audio
  2. So I have a set of bookshelf speakers powered by a $2500 integrated amp. ([email protected]) if you base your opinion on that don't bother responding. A few years back I got my hands on a NIB RF HX2 12. (Still never used) I fell in love with the 15 I have but it was overkill. (Ported). So I want to build a ported subwoofer box to reinforce my bookshelf speakers. A Crown amp will handle the subwoofer. My newest purchase is a DC Audio M3 8 inch. Would you choose an amazing sounding 12 or a long throw 8 for sound quality
  3. LOL I remember when I was in middle school and I was taking a piss in the toilet stall and some dick head went over to the stall next to me and for some fucked up reason he still was able to piss on my shoe (on purpose). Not at the urinal but in the sectioned off toilet stalls. HA HA HA We ended up becoming friends until I moved away.
  4. Hey everyone just remember! Its better to be pissed off instead of being pissed on. LOL
  5. LOL ya that is pretty much the comparison I was thinking about when comparing a Class AB amp to a Class D amp. Somewhere between 40~60% efficient on the Class AB too 70~8 0% efficient for the Class D. HA HA HA I'm already hearing is alt whining from here
  6. If it is a T15002 it does a little over 2000 watts at 2 ohm bridged and being a Class AB amp has the potential of destroying your electrical awfully quick if you are not prepared to run it. It you have what it takes to run it then it should be a truly bad ass amp. Rated Power 250x2 @ 4 ohm 500x2 @ 2 ohm 750x2 @ 1 ohm 1500x1 @ 2 ohms bridged Actual Power 457x2 @ 4 ohm 869x2 @ 2 ohm 1288x2 @ 1 ohm 2576x 1 @ 2 ohms bridged
  7. So you are already familiar with it and you still don't feel that that is too much power to work with?
  8. The way wattage and frequency works out I have a feeling that that amp is still going to shoot your cones off of your baskets. Man be proud of those amps because not only are they bad ass they are me dream set of amplifiers if money was not an object. I hope it works out the way you want it man.
  9. God dang 340 watts x 4 give or take a few what a fucking beast. Now that amp was designed to make a statement Thanks for posting that up for me. What exactly are you going to power with it and are you going active or passive?
  10. Hey man Would you put up a shot of the birth sheet for the T1000.4AD. I'm loving that amp but I have a feeling that it might be too balzie for me. I*'m thinking I will need the 800AD. Buy the way I love your amps
  11. LOL what exactly is the point of this thread. Don't people usually post pics to show off or ask questions. Why the fuck would I ask you questions about YOUR T2500.1
  12. Since my camera was stolen how would you handle it if I could not get you any pics of my amp. or if we make an agrement give me a couple days to find a camera. Yes I have so few friends that I don't have access to a cell phone camera.
  13. Is the T1500 a CP amp and does it come with a bass knob? Did you buy it new and do you have a birth sheet? I need to know the 2 ohm rating. What are you willing to do on a SAZ1500v2. I love mine but would consider a trade just because I like RF amps the most. Mines in mint condition, no scratches accept around the screw holes and I'm still not sure if I will trade but would think it over for 24 hours. If it is a CP, I get first dibs.
  14. I do not recommend tuning below 40 hertz for the 8 inch L7. You will loose a shit ton of output if you tune lower that that. What you already is close to perfect and if you want to change it that stay between 38 and 45 hertz.
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