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  1. LOL I remember when I was in middle school and I was taking a piss in the toilet stall and some dick head went over to the stall next to me and for some fucked up reason he still was able to piss on my shoe (on purpose). Not at the urinal but in the sectioned off toilet stalls. HA HA HA We ended up becoming friends until I moved away.
  2. Hey everyone just remember! Its better to be pissed off instead of being pissed on. LOL
  3. Hell Ya Roscoe!!!!!!!!!!! Its nice to see you getting some bump back and I'm loving your box. I'm so sick of looking at rectangle boxes I just might need to start throwing a little money into fiber glass.
  4. Whos dare?.....DEEZ NUTZ :)

  5. Because where you download the software on the RF site it says not compatible with Vista or 7. I'm looking at it rite now. Sorry about that and I apologize
  6. I guess the better question is why do you not think it is going to work with Vista or 7? When I researched the 360.2 I don't remember coming across any situations that would make me think it wouldn't work. Didn't Vista come out around the same time as the 360.2? I don't think you are going to have any issues with it being compatible.
  7. OH SH!T!!!! MY Ballz itch!

    1. MarioB


      scratch the mofo's

  8. That was pretty cool Rob, 120 volts AC @ 60 hertz LOL FTMFW!!! Hey has anyone ever put a clamp meter on a setup like that? I want to know how much current is drawn in a situation like that. Stupid idea.... Ever think of doing that in a car with a box tuned to 50~60 hertz? (LOL maybe the Termlab set up too) LOL the kind of shit that can be thought of when there is too much time on our hands
  9. Bitchez iz Snitchez !!!!! Shizzle :)

  10. Man I'm locking this thread until you get pics up! No exceptions! OH wait I'm not a mod LOL :rofl: What heatsinks are on the trans anas? Black waffle? or grey rockford look that had gold end caps?
  11. The sentencing hearing just started. I fucking HATE this sick bitch! I am wondering if she will end up in porn when it is all said and done. Kind of like that Amy Fisher chick, she claims that because of the stuff she did no one will give her an honest chance to make money so now she sells her ass and is on celebrity rehab on VH1. I just want to see this bitch fried. There is something seriously wrong with her and her family. Just plain sick!!!
  12. Subs are D1. The way our budget is, we will buy an amp, then save for another. We could get an amp, run it a 1 ohm, but then when we get another each amp will have to be run at .5 to get a 1 ohm final load strapped. If that makes any sense. Edit: Supercharged's idea would work better? I didnt think about that. I don't think I get it. 1 ohm strapped is the same as .5 ohm per amp. Look at this way instead, work with 1 ohm and 2 ohm loads(D1s or D2s) and save your efficientcy and your money in the long run. I know the fact of the matter is this is your setup and I have no stake in it but I'm just trying to keep headaches and stress down in the big picture. LOL
  13. Guys since you are building a system all at once I would really avoid running any amps at half ohm. It is just not a good idea for a daily driver. In the big picture you will be better off running 1 ohm amps at 1 ohm. Can you actually give us a positive reason at all to running at .5 ohms? Current sucking, excessive heat building, almost a dead short .5 ohms. Why do you feel the need to abuse brand new equipment? I actually want an answer to this because I can't think of any reason what so ever to design a daily system at .5 ohm.
  14. I'm thinking the same thing. I don't run anything BIG but if I was going to go big it would be....18s the SMD or the Level 5 but realisticly I want 15s on 25 hundred watts and I'm looking at Havocs and DC LvL 4 maybe with the lvl 5 coil. The SMD's really have my attention though. They are quite interesting and I'm never going to get to experience one unless I buy it for my self. LOL I was drooling over them last night when I was checking out Steve's West Coast site. I just don't know if a RF 2500.1BDcp would be enough to run one and I'm not going bigger than that.
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