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  1. LOL I remember when I was in middle school and I was taking a piss in the toilet stall and some dick head went over to the stall next to me and for some fucked up reason he still was able to piss on my shoe (on purpose). Not at the urinal but in the sectioned off toilet stalls. HA HA HA We ended up becoming friends until I moved away.
  2. Hey everyone just remember! Its better to be pissed off instead of being pissed on. LOL
  3. Whos dare?.....DEEZ NUTZ :)

  4. OH SH!T!!!! MY Ballz itch!

    1. MarioB


      scratch the mofo's

  5. That was pretty cool Rob, 120 volts AC @ 60 hertz LOL FTMFW!!! Hey has anyone ever put a clamp meter on a setup like that? I want to know how much current is drawn in a situation like that. Stupid idea.... Ever think of doing that in a car with a box tuned to 50~60 hertz? (LOL maybe the Termlab set up too) LOL the kind of shit that can be thought of when there is too much time on our hands
  6. Bitchez iz Snitchez !!!!! Shizzle :)

  7. The sentencing hearing just started. I fucking HATE this sick bitch! I am wondering if she will end up in porn when it is all said and done. Kind of like that Amy Fisher chick, she claims that because of the stuff she did no one will give her an honest chance to make money so now she sells her ass and is on celebrity rehab on VH1. I just want to see this bitch fried. There is something seriously wrong with her and her family. Just plain sick!!!
  8. Why is it every time I meet a girl (and they can't take their eyes off me) they have a F'ing boyfriend!!!

    1. roscoe1129


      thats just the way it works J

    2. Noobtastic14
  9. cant u buy recone kits to make them suit your needs? I know but I want them perfect and I have never built a sub from scratch. I want to keep the high power handling with an Fs of atleast 25 and able to use them in a sealed or ported box. Finally I'm tired of 10s, I have fallen in love with 15s but the SA 12 has my interest. I just don't know if I could build a sub for less than it would cost to buy a new sub the size I want because NO more 10s for me.
  10. You mentioned strapping on little amps. Well Jacob look at it like this. You have a way to get 1000,2000, and 3000 watts into 2 ohm loads since you only offer those wattages at 1 ohm. Just like I love the SAZ-1500v2 you got me but I'm not running it because I don't have a combination of woofers that I can use with it to get the power I need. Everything I have boughten in the last 10 years have been optimized for 2 ohm amps and I have no money to buy any subs right now. I wish you had a woofer trade in program. I have a set of woofers that have one hell of a motor that I don't want but they are SPL subs with fs at 50 hertz. (2 American Bass VFL 10's) (I only have a couple burps on them) (LOL and I can't find anyone that will buy them from me) EDIT; How about a trade for 2 of your d4 SA 12s to use with my SAZ-1500v2
  11. Dude why the hell would you want 1/0 on an amp this size? Duh du du dum
  12. Jake I'm happy to see you bring this amp out. It should be quite popular to the average consumer and like I told you about my area, people are just looking for little upgrades and not big boom, big woofer systems. They want upgraded door speakers and a little bass added to that and that is it. Little shops like I'm associated with, well we just aren't doing big things, just upgrade type stuff. Do you think you will keep it down to 650 to 700 watts at 1.0 % distortion at 1 ohm? No need to be bigger than that for a 500 watt amp.
  13. Yep I have to agree with Decaf. 1st turn up the sub volume to max on the H/U. 2nd turn the bass boost all the way down on the amp and leave the dash knob unhooked from the amp. 3rd ONLY adjust the GAIN on the amp and the low pass crossover (to around 80ish). 4th hook up the dash knob to the amp. 5th if desired just barely and gently turn up the bass boost if you feel that you really need it. I'm done with this thread LOL.....Sound like a plan Decaf? I followed this steps and it now works like it should, I've turned up the gain on the monoblock more this time with +15 "sub level" on my HU. Now the sub hits, the doors are flexing I still have the bass remotecontrol hooked up in my dash, but I don't need to use it this time, I'll let it be there just for the looks Thanks for being very helpful all of you! I'm glad you were able to get things worked out and if you stick around I promise that there is plenty more to learn.
  14. Holy sh!t I'm on the top poster board! LOL been a while!

    1. B Slaps

      B Slaps

      ill never be on that list.

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