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Found 176 results

  1. Decide to build a new box for some old rockford fosgate P1 10's that were freebies in the expedition that is the new "daily". Also not used to kerfing, so gave it a shot. Used a circular saw and a router with a flush trim bit to make everything match up pretty well (dont have a table saw).
  2. I’m new to the forum, but have been a huge fan of Steve’s for a long time now. So naturally, I decided to come to his forum to hopefully get some advice on completing my system for my 2013 Impala LTZ. I already have a Pioneer AVH-x5800bhs installed, as well as some infinity kappa 6.5” components up front, and 6x9’s in the rear deck. They’re being pushed by my Fosgate t400.4. I’m having my sub enclosure built as I’m typing this. I’m running 2 DC Audio Level 4 15’s on a T2500.1bdcp. I just purchased the 8 channel Fosgate 360.3. Wanting to upgrade my components up front to something that can handle the power that t400.4 puts out, running an active front stage on that amp. Ordered a t400-2 to run some rear fill, so I’m gonna need some good 6x9’s to run on the t400-2. I don’t want to do any door mods to fit anything I’d prefer something that will work in he factory locations with as little customization as possible. Can anyone suggest some mids and highs for me? Won’t let me upload pics of my subs and amps. File sizes must be too large since that error message keeps popping up. Update- link to pics below https://postimg.org/gallery/1u7obg2a6/
  3. So as the title states I am soon going to be putting my first custom bass setup together, however I'm not as knowledgeable as some of you guys about various brands etc. I've narrowed it down to 3 potential subs and want to know which one you guys think would suit me best. But first, some information on everything else, I will be running the sub on its own in a 2.1 cubic foot box tuned to 34hz. The sub will be powered by a EVO2000.1 amplifier (maybe) running at 4ohms which according to the website should put out about 1000w RMS. So now you know what the rest of the setup is I'll list the three subs. The first is the Vibe BlackAir 12 v5 Black Edition, the sub is rated at 550w RMS and has a dual 2 ohm voice coil. The next sub is the Alphard Machete M12D2 Sport, this one is rated at 750w RMS and also has dual 2 ohm coils. The final sub is the Rockford Fosgate Punch Series P2D2-12 rated for 400w RMS (probably a bit overpowered at 1000w but that's why I'm asking here first) and has dual 2 ohm voice coils as well. Links to each sub with more info: Vibe: http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/vibe-blackair-12-v5-black-edition-12-subwoofer-1600-watts Alphard: https://caraudiomotions.co.uk/product/alphard-machete-m12d1d2-sport/ Rockford Fosgate: http://caraudiosecurity.com/punch-series-p2d2-12-12-p2-2-ohm-dvc-subwoofer Please take it easy as like I said I'm not as knowledgeable as others, this is also my first post so sorry if any rules are broken. Please be nice! Any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. Taking it back to the old school with the 1999 Rockford Fosgate Power 1100a2. This is one of Rockford's most powerful two-channel amps ever. It's rated to deliver 275W/ch at 4 ohms, 550W/ch at 2 ohms or 1100W at 4 ohms bridged. It also promises 1460 watts dynamically at 4 ohms using the IHF-202 standard test (1kHz, 14.4 volts). We take a look at the amp's exterior, interior and try it out on the Amp Dyno...Check it out!! Watch on YouTube in 1080/60p or embedded below:
  5. So I just recently got into car audio, and first went with a single rf 12 in a prefab box... later upgrading to a dual prefab box. I haven't experienced crazy bass but to me they hit pretty good even though I'm running them both at about rf's rated 750 watts (birth sheet rated 860 watts.) My current setup is with the QBomb(power) dual 12 box and two p3d4-12s wired to 2ohm each then wired in parallel internally by the R750-1D into 1ohm load. The vehicle I'm using is a 08 Honda civic ex, with all stock electrical right now. I have two questions. 1. Is it worth it upgrading the box into a custom ported one? or even a custom sealed one? 2. If so, how would I go about making my own design or bouncing them off this forum? I tried to use WinISD but I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct, and I don't understand how to calculate the BL or Z (picture below). All the manufacturer lists is the Magnet Weight (oz): 96 oz. (2.73 kg.) but doesn't give amperage? "The formula is mass in grams divided by the current in amperes" Does this mean the amps drawn by the subs rms rating? I'm not too sure where to go from here but any help or advice would be appreciated -Josh
  6. Well i didn't remember to take any pics of cutting out my panels due to some frustration with my table saw but this first pic is me testing to insure i cut everything correctly it all aligns and i can start other things Did some google searching and traced a couple images that I'd possibly incorporate in to this build Pulled it all apart and started assembling and painting the port and baffle
  7. I did a quick search and couldn't find the answer. I was wondering what is the max wattage that can be pushed to 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4's wired down to 1ohm. I am still in the planning stage and want to make sure I get the right amp the first time. Thanks. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p3d4-12
  8. So... The plans have changed a little bit, no wall but two 12's now The reason for making this new thread. Old thread https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/205731-my-first-audio-build/ The car Still a lot more to deaden! Btw i've used Silent Coat and STP ak04 premium So the new plan(setup) will be as following: HU: ?? don't know yet Subs: 2 Phoenix Gold Elite.12D4 Subs Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T2500.1 Mids and Highs: Phoenix Gold Elite.65CS Components Mids and Highs Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T400.2 Electrical: Ground Zero GZBP 12.3500X battery under the hood XS Power XE 12-110 battery in the back 180 Amp Alternator OFC 0 awg power/ground/big 3 OFC 4 awg power/ground OFC 8 awg subwoofer wire OFC 10 awg speaker wire Rockford Fosgate Fuses Rockford Fosgate Fuseholders 6x Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 10feet 2x Rockford Fosgate PEQ remote controller Some dual inputs Stinger voltmeter Some parts I'm now waiting on the 0awg and 10awg OFC wire to come thru the mail, then its all complete.. Box is finished just need to wrap it. Thanks to JOE X for the box design!! It's for 2 zv4 12's but i'm hoping it will work fine with the Elite.12's You'll be hearing from me soon, as soon as ive done some more work
  9. I have a R.F. P600.2. For the longest time it was working just fine. Then one day it just stopped. I finally nailed the issue down to the Power Block (Power, Ground, Rem) area. If i lift up on my wires just a little bit the amp turns on with no problem. But it only lasts for a few seconds. I think that i have to re-solder the connections internally. but im not sure...any ideas?
  10. HELP i have been searching around for really good 6.5 components, this truck had memphis audio coaxial speakers in all 4 doors doors already and have been in the truck since 2010 so they are way outdate. I have been buying and trying different brands and models of coaxials 6.5 speakers in my vehicles and so far the alpine type R were the best sounding. I've never bought components and crossovers before, i have always just stuck with coaxial because they are quick and easy replacements. I put a crunch PX-1000.4 amp behind the seat to run my door, RMS at 4 ohm is 75w RMS at 2 ohm is 125w. They got way louder but the sound quality was terrible. What component/coaxial speakers should i go with and what amp should i use to push them? Has anyone heard or tried the Focal R-165s2 6.5 120w rms 2-way components? I also have a Skar Audio VVX-10v3 D4 600w rms 1200w dual 4ohm that i am getting ready to build a box for under the seat or the console. i haven't decided on an amp for it yet, depends on if i just do one 10 or do 2.
  11. I am planning on building a sub box for a RX8, but since the trunk is small, my options are limited. I might use either a single Rockford Fosgate P3 - 10" or 12". But I've heard about 'port noise' and was wondering if my design would make the noise I am using 5/8 MDF The dimensions are in the pic:
  12. Sound System Help

    Hey guys. Ok I just hooked up my sound system and I'm not getting any bass. I have my factory HU and used a line out converter for my RCA hook ups. I double check all my connections and everything checked out. I have 2 12" Rockford Fosgate P3D4 subs and theAR3000.2 BOSS Amp. Is there something I'm missing as to why I can't get any bass through my Subs? 2009 Ford Fusion SEL
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ybcae8ab2wk8lpu/AAAv7q56eXz8jgqNPksJ3tlha?dl=0
  14. Getting back into car audio a little bit and was curious about something. Currently I am using in my setup a Rockford 360.3 processor and a Prime R400-4D amp active setup on my front stage 2-way components. Sounds really good, I can not complain. Prior to that I was running a Punch P500-2 on my front stage using passive crossovers and the 360.3 processor. I started looking around at other amp options now that I am confident in the active setup. I started looking at brands like McIntosh, Zapco, Arc Audio, Nakamichi, also the RF Power series, etc that are well known for SQ products. Both newer and older. Then I started looking at the older RF A series like the 600a4 and the 800a4 that were made in the USA. THE MAIN QUESTION Anyone that work on amps or maybe have more knowledge about amps then most able to chime in on amp quality today vs say the late 90's early 2000's when it comes to sound quality and build components? My biggest hang up may be nostalgia vs facts. Thinking that the RF 600a4 is just a better build then say going with the newer T600-4. When my guts is saying newer technology, cost in materials being lower, the newer products should be better.
  15. The Power 1000c or Power 1000 MOSFET was Rockford Fosgate's top of the line amplifier offering from approx. 1990-1994. Earlier models of the 1000 were available in black or custom colors via the Perfect Interface division. The 1000c is one beautiful amplifier! It's retail cost was $2699 USD and was rated to deliver 150x4 at 4 ohms or 500x2 at 4 ohms. Only a dream amp for most people, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one a few years ago. Let's check out the Amp Dyno test and see if the 26yr old amp can meet it's rated power... See my YouTube Playlist of Power 1000 Videos here
  16. Just wondering if I could get some help with an enclosure that I would like to build. Starting off, will admit that I am fairly new to building boxes and need lots of help. Currently I have two Rockford Fosgate P3's powered by a fosgate prime 1200 watt in a prefab box Listen to mostly rap, g-eazy, rae sremmurd, 21 savage, that kinda of stuff. Max dimensions that I could build is H- 17in W- 37 in D- 20 in Wondering what would be the best tuning for the subs and how I would achieve this with an aero port? And what dimension would work best for building this box?
  17. I change things a lot. I call it a hobby more than a project with a goal. I will try to find some old pics to post first to show some of how things have come along before posting the current system.
  18. Hey guys, I’m a 24yo guy from the netherlands so sorry for my bad english. This will be my very first audio build, so i’m a noob in this and hope you guys have some pointers for me. Edit: The car with 93 sq.ft of Silent coat sound deadener and 65 sq.ft of Standartplast isolation so far So the plan is: HU: Pioneer DEH-80PRS Subs: 4 Sundown Audio Zv-4 15’s in a 4th order wall Amps: 4 Rockford Fosgate Power T2500.1 Mids: 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6,5’’ PPS4-6 Amps: 2 Rockford Fosgate Power T400.2 Tweeters: 4 Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 1’’ PP4-NT Amp: Rockford Fosgate Power T400.4 Electrical: Optima Yellow top up front 8 Optima Red top’s in the back 200 Amp Alternator (maybe two) 0 awg power/ground/big 3 8 awg subwoofer wire 10 awg speaker wire 11 Hollywood energetic Fuseholders 6 Rockford Fosgate Fuseholders 6 Rockford Fosgate RCA y-splitters 6 Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 20feet 2 Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 3feet 3 Rockford Fosgate PEQX3 remote controllers I’m still in the fase of collecting parts before i start the build and since money is tight it’s gonna take a while.. Parts i already got: - 3 Rockford Fosgate T2500.1 amps - 2 Rockford Fosgate T400.2 amps - Rockford Fosgate T400.4 amp - 4 Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 mids - 2 Rockford Fosgate PP4-NT super tweeters - 5 Rockford Fosgate fuseholders - 6 Rockford Fosgate RCA y-splitters - 6 Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 20feet - 2 Rockford Fosgate RCA’s 3feet - 2 Rockford Fosgate PEQX3 remote controllers - Audison voltmeter - 130feet 10 awg speaker wire - 100feet 0 awg power/ground cable - Lots of 0 awg ring terminals - Optima Yellow top - 33 sq.ft of Silent coat multilayer extra sound deadener - 34 sq.ft of Ground zero convoluted foam - 95 sq.ft of Standartplast StP spl04 isolation foam - Small stuff Amps Two tweets Mids RCA's Fuseholders Remote controles 50feet of 0 gauge 130feet of 10 gauge Voltmeter Yellow top And here are some pictures of how i plan on the wiring.. Maybe some pointers? Thanks in advance! Power/ground Remote RCA’s
  19. Finally got tired of the trunk game and picked up a 2010 Hatch Here are some pics of the cream puff. First thing I did was tint the windows.
  20. Rockford Fosgate vs. American Bass

    Hey all on this forum. I have a debate whether I want to use 2 old school Rockford Fosgate 1001BD power amps to push 2 MTX Audio 9515-44s or instead go for an American Bass PH-4000 MD to push them @ 1ohm. Power consumption isn't really a concern but I want to know if it's worth getting 2 RF amps or just having one amp to push them both.
  21. Port Noise

    Ok, so I built a ported box for my Trans Am. The box sits in the T-Top area and extends to behind the back seat. I ended up with 3.67 cubic feet of air space. This box houses 2 p2d4-12's. I have a 7" long 4" diameter pvc port. The box sounds great and thumps until you get to lower frequencies around 35hz. This is where i start to get a lot of port noise. Box calculators say the box is tuned to around 31-33hz. This is where it gets weird. On Rockford's website they have a box adviser for my sub. It states for a single sub, I should use an 11.8" long 4" diameter pvc port and that would tune the box to 40hz. I input their specs into the calculator I used and it said the port should be 8.9" wtf. I have no idea how this ported stuff works since this is my first ported box. My question is how big does the port need to be to eliminate my port noise? I've experimented with different lengths of ports and its still there. Do I need to go bigger in the diameter department or is it something else? Here a link to Rockford site for my subs.http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/support/boxadvisor.aspx
  22. So i recently purchased the Rockford fosgate RF-BLD line driver. First things first expanding my knowledge i did some research about the difference between balanced and unbalanced systems being this line driver had this option. In my application i would clearly be doing a unbalanced system being my RCAs just have 1 signal wire and ground wire running around it. So unbalanced it is being i would need a 3 wire (2 signal and 1 ground) to run balanced. So i believe i understand that part of it but any more input or info would be appreciated... So what part i am questioning is setting the gains to match the amps input voltage and what the voltage indicators are telling me. It shows 2.5V 3.5V 5.0V Clip. I set my HU with DD-1 and slowly turn up gain on the line driver until 5.0V illuminates ( for unbalanced system) This is telling me i will be putting out 5V signal to each channel being 10V input total (not clipping) Or is this not correct? Also being i will be running 2 amps either strapped or gain matched would this cut the amps signals input voltage in half? Just trying to get a clear understanding any info or input is appreciated thanks.
  23. For those of you who like this kinda stuff, I documented the build/update process of the mess I re-did... Boat '99 DCB Mach 26 Speed Boat Power - Pfaff 568ci EFI Whippled (3.3L) 949hp on 98 Octane(for you motor heads ) Existing Stereo - 4- IDQ 15D2v2 4th order enclosures 8- RF T1693 (6x9) RF T20001 RF T15004 Kenwood KDC-X997 3 - JL Audio Line Drivers Updates to Existing Stereo- 2 - Alpine PDX-M12's 2 - Alpine PDX-F6's Alpine CDE-HD149BT (Distortion Queen- HAHA) Alpine RF Remote Rux knob Sudo Re-wire of excessive and old wiring to 6x9's, Subs, RCA's, and Subs... The build is complete - heres the start to finish project.... The Boat - Subs/Enclosures - Measuring dimensions for modeling and checking to see if all of them are good...
  24. I was curious if anyone had any recommendations as far as obtaining a HO Alt for my 2013 Veloster. I'm currently running stock 90 Amp with a XS D4800 up front as well. The Amp I am running now is a Rockford Prime r1200-1D (Current electrical handles well). I will soon be upgrading to a Soundqubed Q1-2200.2 at 1ohm. I originally had looked at Mechman but they don't seem to handle anything Hyundai, as far as I can tell. I found this one here: http://www.qualitypowerauto.com/item_612/Hyundai-Veloster.htm but i'm not so sure about the brand. Perhaps contacting Singer Alts would be the better choice? Maybe just an additional battery?
  25. hey i was wondering if their was anyone out their who was wiling to help i want to build a high output subwoofer box with 2 rockford fosgat 2x t2 12 dual 4 ohms runing on a 1500bd amp plz i want this shit to hit hard