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Found 8 results

  1. All, I have up for sale my Rockford Fosgate T1000-4ad. I can OPEN my Sonic Acount if you want to see whatever you wanna see....... http://www.sonicelec...-T1000-4AD.html I bought this from SONIC in April. I had it mounted in the trunk on a piece of LEXAN,.. this is the BACK... Pics I passed up a chance to sell this for more, to a great member on here....... and i WILL own this amp again.... at sometime. I want 485 SHIPPED, L48. Please, no tire kicking, no trades, NO LOWER OFFERS. I have no issues reporting quick style. Ref's on the forum.Thanks. Kyle
  2. I have a JL audio 300/4 I'm looking to install in my Cadillac with stock speakers for now. The front speakers seem to be as low as 1ohm. I know these amps can handle anything as low as 1.5 ohm's so does anyone if they're up for 1 ohm?
  3. Hey everyone! Here is our latest amplifier dyno video! We are making our way through the SKv2 line. Next up is the SKv2-200.4D and then on to our bigger mono amps! Enjoy! - Devin
  4. Has anyone used a hifonics zrx 1000.4? The reviews on amazon didn't look promising, but so far its the only amp I can find that can push the power I need without costing a lot.
  5. Selling my art series a204. I was gonna use it to run a future active setup running on the tweeters, but I don't know how long its gonna take to get there and I already have a 2nd 404.2. Its actually in pretty immaculate condition for an amp thats way more than a decade old. finish is still glossy and has just a few scuffs/scratches but mostly on the underside. starting it off at 110 shipped in lower 48. PDF of the owner's manual--->>> http://www.precisionpower.com/Manuals/Amplifier%20Manuals/Precision_Power_Art%20Series%20A204,%20A404,%20AX400%20Amplifiers.pdf open to trades but Im really only looking to upgrade speakers
  6. On my head unit the font has 4 ohm speakers but the back has 2 ohm. The manufacturer says to use 4-8 ohm speakers. To my knowledge it is fine to run lower impedance speakers so long as you don't push the amp to distortion and keep the amplifier cool (both of which i am doing). Please correct me if i'm wrong. Anyway i was wondering not what the fader setting does but how it does it in detail. I was hoping that i could use the fader to both balance the output of the front and rear and reduce any extra stress caused due to the 2 ohm speakers. Also on my head unit sony mex-xb100bt the fader goes from 0 to 10 is that decibels (i don't think so but i cant think of any other unit of measurement)?
  7. I am doing a new installation of a 360W RMS 4ch. mid/highs amp in my SUV. My current sub amp (1700RMS rated, closer to 1000RMS lol), is powered by an off brand 1100CCA deep cycle, 130a aftermarket alternator (stock size), and the big 3 up front. In the rear, I have a Kinitek HC600 850a battery cell, 1ft. wire length from my amp. Further up the line (maybe 3ft.) from the Kinitek, is a dist. block that brings the two 2ga. runs from battery down to one 1/0ga. My question is, would it take away from the voltage to my sub amp if I wired the power to the 360.4 directly from the cell? Or would it draw straight from the battery if I was to connect it to the dist. block further up the line? The current block only has 3, 1/0ga. (2/0 w/ adapter ring) input/outputs so I would have to purchase a new one to connect it there. I would be willing to do this if it would mean more power to my sub amp but if there isn't any difference, I would just use a ring terminal and connect to the cell. Seems to me that no matter where I connect to in the line, it would draw from my rear cell, anyone have any input? Thanks in advance!
  8. For sale I have a Soundstream Reference 4.400 Great amp, has really good sound quality! wound give it 9/10 condition, just because its used but looks great. 10/10 function this thing is seriously in amazing condition, only a couple small marks on the mounting holes here are the specs: Power @ 4 ohms:70x4 Power @ 2 Ohms:100x4 Power @4 Ohms bridged:200x2 Class:AB Maximum input size:4 gauge Minimum idependece unbridged:2 Ohms Minimum idependece bridged:4 Ohms THD @ rated power:0.02% High-pass:15-4000 Hz Low-pass:50-4000 Hz Fusing:50Ax1 Soundstream's website: (click on 4.400) http://www.soundstre...-reference.html Looking for $170 shipped, feel free to shoot me an offer though. Open to trades depending on what you've got. Pics: Thanks for checking!
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