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Found 4 results

  1. Time to unleash a new demo car for 2012....a VW Polo 9n...aka Project PoSlo Spec list: Kenwood 627 headunit Kenwood satnav Alpine ERE-G320 EQ B2 components front and back JL Audio 450/4 or something or another for temp until a new one is funded B2 Audio M1s mkII amp (5000wrms @ 12v) 2 Ascendant Audio Mayhem 12's D1s teamSPB custom built box Knu Konceptz power cable throughout 12g Speaker cable 2 XS Power XP3000 batteries Silent Coat 4mm Multilayer sound deadening Some pics of the car: Incase your wondering why the rear is so low... It was looking after the extra 10 XS Power D1400's for my Previa LOL! Progress pics to be up soon! teamSPB
  2. Hey all. I'm wanting to know if anyone has, with thier own eyes and ears, seen and heard these in a rig/set up? I'd dig to hear what you think. From my eye balls, they look top tier. Wicked nice. The FS of the mid bass driver gets me all uppity. The cut offs that the provided passive xover, is killer. The mid range, is even band passed, and not just cut. I love it. The entire band width, they are said to play, is hella appealing to me. I have watched Meade's video on em about 47 times. Gets me stoked to get em in and playing. With that said I do have 2 sets coming. I have already been told, 1 set should be more than fine,..Ordered and payed for 2 anyway, and knowing the place i got em from, they will arrive with the quickness. I'd love to get the mid bass, 2 per, in the front doors. Not exactly sure about the mid range or tweeter location. Possibly keep the mid range, by the mid bass in the doors, with the tweets in the A pillar, OR do the mid range and tweets all in the A pillar. This, is new to me. Was hoping someone had some hands on, or ears on experiance, with these sexy looking components. Also, I'd take any criticism, and help with driver locations and such. These will eventually be powered by one, for sure, possibly 2 of the B2 audio REF 4 chans. Thanks in advance. Kyle
  3. Oh boy where do i start...I'm so insanely disappointed. I've wanted a b2 setup for so long and now i had the funds. So i spent some serious cash on a B2 Reference 4 channel amp{$1400} and a b2 Reference 3 way kit. Tweets, mids and woofer in the kit. I WAS SO EXCITED! I hooked everything up while cutting my wrists because i just spent over $2000 on a 4 channel amp and a 3 way kit. I dialed everything in, dd1, cc1 i did my proper placement with my tweets and all that jazz. Everything was wired up ready to be fired up. Turn the radio on and well...i was...i was so upset. It sounded terrible. Nothing remotely better than my premium bose system i had in there prior. Disappointed, mad and angry i thought maybe it was my crossovers. So i removed those and went active....still nothing exciting. Maybe its the RCA's who knows!? Replaced those...nothing. I brought in my external eq and fine tuned it...still sounded terrible. I replaced the wiring, added more sound deadening and once again. Nothing worth $600 for a 3 way set I had a CT sounds kit in my old expeditiin that sounded absolutely amazing for such a dirt cheap price out of the box with no tuning. So i had an idea of ok I'll just do exactly what i did with my old setup and apply it to this one. NOPE! Terrible. On top of all of this, being insanely angry over how excited i got over such an expensive setup my damn 4 channel amp stopped working. Months passed and i got my amp fixed so i went to my last resort and got a helix DSP mk2, had a very reputable shop tune it just incase i was missing something and still no luck. My tuning guy told me to throw these out. All in all, its a love hate relationship with B2. I'm very angry at the price i payed for all of this. I'm not here to bash B2 and i know theres a handful of people who do enjoy this brand but if you are reading this B2 please lower the prices down. If i payed half of what i spent i would've been just fine. This left a bad taste in my mouth. Sincerely, a very disappointed customer... 😥
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