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  1. you sure can! I have a 2015 chevy silverado LTZ with bose(Bose amp on back wall as well as the electric window regulator) Gately box, 2.5" seat lift, 4 sundown 8's, sundown scv 3k, sundown 50.4, b2 audio ref 4 channel, 3 smd distro blocks, rca distro box and a lc7i. I was able to fit all of that shit with room to run wires.
  2. fixed. delete post
  3. oh hell yea man! Glad to see more truck builds. Seems like when i decided to do mine, i wasn't alone on it. It's definitely not easy in terms of space BUT this build is so close to being done, it'll be worth all the crap i'm working with.
  4. Alternator arrived few days ago and i finally got it installed today! so the d3100 fits perfectly in the 2nd batt tray, no issues with alternator. So up front all i need to do is find a good battery post that i can fit 2 1/0 and a 4g on my ac delco battery. such a tight space unfortunately. Once i do i'll run my cables to the d3100 and work on fitting my amps on the back wall.
  5. Update on the center console din. Its not perfect but it was an absolute nightmare doing this because i kept rushing. Excuse my greasy fingerprints
  6. Also fed some 2/0 wire through. Took me 45 minutes to get this wire in, i can't run it along the sides because of its size...had to run the wire underneath the driver seat, underneath the carpet. Sucked but got it done.
  7. Heres where the fun begins. Finally got to the back wall, pealed off some of the sound dampening and mounted my LLJ amp rack. SUPRISE! Seat belt mount is in the way so that throws me off a bit....now i look more at it, i removed the bose amp and got it tucked under the rear motor regulator. Tire jack has to be removed and i need to find a way to keep it secure. If i knew i could've mounted this somewhere else i would've gotten the longer amp rack but thats what woods for....so on the plus side i have another 1-2ft to work with here. (Its a temporary ground, shush yo mouth boi)
  8. I can see where you're coming from. I know right off the bat it'll be a lot more work than any other set, these sets are definitely a 2-3 month fine tune for sure instead of my usual 1 month run. If i didnt get my rear set of ELS 6.1's basically for free i would've just filled them with the badass CT Sounds meso. Pure beef across the board. But regardless of that, somethings going on with the main output on the lc7i
  9. Todays update: Went to a handgun safety course, got my certificate for an LTC so that took up half the day. GOOD NEWS! ALL SPEAKERS ARE IN AND WORKING! My anxiety is much lower now thank god, all panels are popped back in and its not a complete disaster. BAD NEWS! Speakers sounded like shit, swapped RCAs and some other crap. Come to find out the MAIN output on my LC7i is muffling the shit out of my speakers. I tried just the front and then just the back...i have my channels split off on output 2 instead and it sounds much better. Not sure wtf is going here, I'm wondering if its a defect or if something is wired weird in this harness.
  10. I should be placing it on today or tomorrow. I wanted to get the bigger one with the bose cutout but unfortunately it doesn't fit if you have an auto rear window. Supposedly it bolts right up to the factory ones BUT you need to remove the factory sound proofing crap.
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