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  1. Bass has taken its first victim on my expedition...fuel tank strap snapped right in half HAHAHAAH. Time to break out the ol' miller dynasty 

    1. WalledSonic


      Pics or it didnt happen!  Also, have you thought about starting a build log?

  2. This x2
  3. Looked back a few more pages didn't realize there's a lot LOL....But the wrap on your amp/back of box.
  4. wow....just WOW. I've never been so speechless with the craftsmanship of someone's work...just wow.
  5. I'm over here in Massachusetts....think I'm gonna go pop my cherry this year 😍
  6. Got a failure to stop ticket 2 weeks I go to pay it online and well turns out cop wrote the wrong date(month behind) so they're tryna hit me with a $50 late fee HA! I feel like this was definetely not a mistake because this dude was MAD 

  7. the great feeling you get when everything in your car finally blends well and sounds relatively decent 😍

  8. That moment when you get pulled over by a cop who does a 160+ in his personal daily LOL. Coolest cop I've ever met and he wasn't young either!

    1. Keith77


      Pics or lies!!! 

  9. Ahhhh ok exactly how I figured it'd be. I have plenty of CCA think I'm just going to replace all my old wire(3 years) for the shits and giggles. I'm sure something may have corroded a bit by now 🤣
  10. Fixed my headunit, was just a bent prong inside the adapter the clarion EQ finally working, what an unreal difference it makes. Found out I was trying to power it with a low voltage wire LOL . Remote was fine power was well, close to dead. Finally having a day off Saturday so now I'll finally be able to get everything tuned and looking good

  11. X2 on that, this was only a test setup(explains messy wires as well) find it to be kind of scary how they're all so close together.
  12. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA I FIXED IT! Found out that when I used my dmm I was reading the remote wire(which was fine) and my power wire was no good! Thank baby Satan, I'm so damn happy now.
  13. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the main in?
  14. So I got this eq the other day, followed the directions wired up rcas from headunit(front) to the main in on the EQ. Have both rca from SAE 50.4 plugged into and my twisted sounds 1.3k. I've swapped around the RCAs, I'm getting 12v+ from the power/remote, pressed the aux button in and out...I'm starting to think this EQ will only work with a headunit with a single RCA connections? If I wire directly into the headunit to a front channel on the EQ I get sound but no control on the EQ itself. If anyone has this same EQ what's your setup like?
  15. Thank you, I'll try and look more into iit . You got me in the right direction