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Found 13 results

  1. need help in building a ported box for my 2 alpine type r subs 12" subs are in a prefab box and sounds horrible when turned up more than half way im running them on a audioque 2200d amp its inside my 2001 jeep cherokee the dem for space available is 40.5 inches in length x 17 inches height x 30 inches depth please if any one can help me with box design or set up for what i have it would help alot this is my first box build my self so any info and suggestions please and thanks
  2. Ok I have a 04-08 supercrew f150 with a seat lift kit installed. Will be putting in 2 skar zvx 8d2. With the 4th order box right now I have 1:1 ^3 sealed to ported. I have been doing lots of studying on Pollyfill. There is a proven method of using IM-SG SMD to measure the gain of ^3 with adding Pollyfill to a box the video was done by demore engineering. They added Pollyfill to a box and added 20% more box volume by adding Pollyfill. the problem is I don't know how much Pollyfill they added to achieve 20% volume increase. So what I'm trying to accomplish is after adding Pollyfill to sealed section having my box volume 1.3^3 for both subs giving me perfect sealed size for the subs which will give me closer to 1:1.5 ratio of sealed and ported then Pollyfill the ported section with the end result close to 1:2 ratio of sealed to ported. I've had multiple people tell me I'm crazy but numbers are saying it can be done if someone knows how much Pollyfill= ^3 % gain. Thanks in advance!!!
  3. alright guys so after many opinions and responses about my sorry as# wall build , what do you think about going with one big box, lets say around 9-10 cubic feet and a tune of 33hz and one big port and let these subs share the air space? and could someone tell me the correct way to construct a slotted port?
  4. I just ordered a CT sounds 2500.1 and I was wondering which subs I should choose I just sold my two e8v3s and 2 e10s so i could get the pre-order in time. so I am debating if I should get either 6 e10s , 4 sa10s , or 2 x10s. if I get the X 10 then I would try to put it in the trunk of my Oldsmobile Alero but if I got the 6 10s or 4 10s I would take out the back seats. I just got my 320 mechman alt today and i have a xs power d3400 Under the hood. I also plan on running a ct sounds 125.4 for the highs. If any body has Any old box designs by chance or anything i would appreciate it. Also i have built 4 boxes from joe x and they are so nice. So If you're around the help would be articulated.
  5. Hi everyone im new here. In the past, iv used Torres to design my boxes and got someone to help me with a cut sheet because i found it hard to understand like port length and physical length and to get a final cut sheet. Im now downsizing from a 10cube box subs facing up port facing up with no back seats in a 2012 corolla hatch with 2 crescendo 5500s strapped at 1ohm running 2team 15s but iv pulled that out and put the rear seats back in and modified the rear seat latch to keep seats more forward so i can have more room for a box big enough for my 2 subs. I know my space is smaller but iv also got dc xl 15s as well and was thinking if i can at least use them with one 5500 in a good box design to suit. My car is a Toyota Corolla hatchback dimensions are as follows 37width x 21.5height x 23.5depth ould like tune @ 31hz and between 12-16 like maybe 14 port per foot if that will play wider frequencies and 100+ port area. Iv had a few goes on Torres and couldn't get more then 96port area and 15.87per foot @32hz as you can see here. I would like someone to chim in or a few ideas as i know you guys that are on here are very experienced with box building and help me with a design and a cut sheet with subs up port up or subs up port back whatever you think will get me pumping again. The bottom one not the torres one someone made for me but i wanted to know if that with port opening going from 5'' to 2.5'' is right i was abit concerned about that also no info on port per foot so i didnt want to build that yet but they are the 2 iv got so far.
  6. So I'm very unhappy with my current box. I have designed one that I think will sound much better. I am wondering if there is someone that would be able to bring my design to life. I use torres but would like a visual of how it will go together and what my port cuts should be. I don't have a CAD program that will allow me to do that. I'm open to any suggestions as well. This box will be built for an Fi Bl12 V3 on 1500w. It was suggested to me to shoot for 30sqft of port area. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out.
  7. So I have 2 Kicker compvr 12's and was wondering how do you figure out what is the best shape and size of the box. I do want the box to be ported. My car is an 06 Pontiac g6 GT coupe. Don't have trunk measurements and couldn't find them so will have to measure it tomorrow unless someone can find it. Anyways what I want from this box is simply more SPL. To be honest I have no clue what people are talking about when they talk about the tuning of ports or what it's even for. Anyways if anyone can provide some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys! It's been awhile. I hate to see that basically all my photos are gone because of Photobucket. Really stinks. I guess it's time to post some new pics! I am currently working on making a T-Line box, when I do these builds I focus more on video so there may be some pictures missing.
  9. hello i need help building a box for my dual soundqubed hdc3.1 18s. i would like it to be tuned to 35hz it will be a daily in the back of an explorer. they will be ran on 2 cab 1600.1 strapped. the dimensions to play with are 34l x 41w x 22h my length and width are pretty much maxed and i can go up on the height it need. any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanka
  10. high there just wondering if any one has built a box that will fit in a 2002 monte carlo in the trunk of corse but that will be able to be removed and replaced with out tearing the box apart or building in the trunk or if u have the cut sizes need for a good box not to big thou but big enough for a 15 in l7 kicker any help or advice would be great thanks in advance for any help
  11. Im new to building a box with an aeroport so im needing some help with the build. Im building a box for an american bass hd 12. Ive looked all over the internet for box specs but came up with nothing. I did however find that the speaker is basically the same as the soundqubed hdc3 (old stiff version). I then came across a forum post saying that the optimum box size for spl and overall sound quality would be 3 cubes net, 18 square inches of port area per cube, tuned between 34-39 hz. I calculated a box with a slot port and it would be way too huge for my trunk. My question is what size diameter aeroport(s) should i use? Right now with my lack of knowledge ive guessed one 6".
  12. What is better a wall build or a normal box build for 2 AQ 18s on 10k?
  13. I need some help, im building a box for my american bass hd 12. Im running on a jl audio jx1000/d putting out about 1200 watts cleanly on a 40 hz test tone. When looking for any information on building a box for that speaker, i couldnt find any. My speaker came with a spec sheet and that was it. I can post the spec sheets if it would help. The only information i could find online was that it was very similar to the old stiff style soundqubed hdc3's. Then when looking for those i came across a forum where someone said the optimum enclosure size would be 3 cubic feet net, with 18 square inches of port area per cube, tuned between 34-39 hz. Im just trying to find the optimum size box for that speaker for spl and sound quality. The box i have planned now is an aeroport box design. The external dimensions are 15"x17"x30" with a 6 inch aero 16" long. My question is ive never built an aeroport box before and im wondering what size diameter aero shoulf i use and how long should it be?
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