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Found 56 results

  1. Got 2 off ebay 1 has a bent and cracked frame and the coils off. Called a dealer local to me today and asked about a price for new recone. Said he would have to call DD on monday. So anyone got info on recone prices and what the subs go for new? And do I have to get a recone through a dealer or can I get one on my own? First time owning anything DD.
  2. You might have already seen my instagram post but here's the full version 8x15" DD Audio Redline 815d1 4x Soundigital SD12K @ 1ohm
  3. Selling my DD M3b. Haven't owned it long, but I'm downsizing a little on my next build and just won't need this much power. Works no problem, cosmetically it's like a 6.5/10...shows signs of wear, few nicks on the fins and some heavy scratches around the mounting feet, (could be easily covered by a washer). Looking to get 450 shipped since it's what I paid and I thought it was a decent price. No bass knob
  4. Some of the pics were lost to my old desktop that shit the wasn't very interesting. The speaker install (Helix Espirit 6.5 components in the front and 5.25 coaxes in the back doors), Dynamatted the doors, hatch, and roof, Installed the Eclipse CD5030, and ran the 0 gauge front to back. I also tinted the car (doors are 35%, quarters and rear are 20%) and removed the roof rails. With this build I'm trying to use some tips and methods I'm not used to...Some I picked up from you guys and some from CAF. I want to finish the box with trim panels vinyl and carpet that match the interior. The amps will be under a false floor so all you'll see is the sub box. As far as glass goes, Ill probably be doing none....although it tends to find it's way in my builds somehow. Set up won't be huge power since my bank account wouldn't like it but I'll try to make it different. box will be 3 SA-8 V2s on my Atomic 1600.1 (still for sale, but won't sell so Ill be using it until it does) my pics are kinda all mixed up so the first few may be random shit I did before the box.... started with some bus bars....
  5. Here is my video of my current setup before I get my new Mechman alt and 2nd DD 2512 Current system Kicker 400.4 for Mids Highs Exceleon 6 1/2 comps in front door Kicker K.5 in back door Sub 1 12 DD2512 powered by DD [email protected] All suggestions welcome
  6. Selling my DD M2c. Works great, looks mint...I bought it end of January and had it out of the car for a good month between then and now. Only marks on it are mounting feet...never ran below 12.5 or 1 ohm. Will ship with original box and unused bass knob. Just looking for more power. Asking 450 shipped....relatively firm on the price but it can depend on shipping too.
  7. Hi, First let me introduce myself. Im 26 years old, live in the Netherlands and have been fascinated by car audio since my first audio system. English isnt my native language so i hope u guys dont mind typo's or some weird grammer Back when i was 18 it started with a simple €200 subwoofer set and thats when the addiction started. Since then ive had multiple system, Re xxx v3, 2 Kicker l7 15's, kicker solo x 18, Digital designs 3510, Ascendant audio chaos 15 and a Ascendant audio mayhem 18. Reading this is probably but forgot a few but you'll get the point. A few weeks ago i started building on a new project. 2 Fi audio team 18's Digital Designs M4a 11 Wing ESL 60-12X Sound Magus 160.4 4 Sp audio 6MM mids 2 SP tw 15 tweets 3/0 from the alt to batteries in the back 1/0 for the rest of the install As is said i already started building so i'll also post some pics what ive done so far. I posted my build log on a dutch ford focus forum but i thought it'll also be nice to post it out here. Maybe get some feedback and show off a build from the Netherlands. Tweeters Door pods
  8. So was workin on the 24runner this weekend and went to my local audio shop that always hooks it up with my best friend Gorski, mind you i just needed some SMD led strips but the second we walk in we saw box's stacked to the roof. Now i already have a Parallel 6th order designed and ready i just dont have the funding for the wood/deadener/alt right now, which is fine im not guy who needs instant gratification, ill stare at my Neo and M3b all day in my closet and be perfectly content knowing its there for when i can finally build it (I love the build aspect more than anything). But Gorski on the other hand needs gratification NOW, and was tired of seeing my subs just sitting.... so 15min later i walk out with a new "top of the line" pro box hehe he justifies it somehow, i see it as almost the amount of money the birch i needed would have cost haha. Oh well got some bump back so cant complain. Here's a few shots of what i ended up throwing in for the time being, everything is just thrown in there its not supposed to look pretty yet. Plenty testing to come, only improvements from here on out. Lovely handling Yeeeee!!! still work perfect getting them wired up (only at 1ohm for now since no electrical) And the amp 1 batt to help a little In the whip... almost ready Just about done, little view of my 1st attempt at upholstery (was all 4, only back doors now) Another shot with my 2nd attempt at doors, i like it a little more, ill prob do the rear the same soon. Random pic of the 24runner (i was pretty ecstatic when i thought of the name hehe) More to come once i get back home. im at work and the internet blows haha.
  9. 9512 rear deck 03 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 53 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 52 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 55 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 56 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 54 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 57 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 58 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 59 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 62 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 63 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 60 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 66 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 67 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 68 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 69 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 71 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 70 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 64 by rogueauto, on Flickr 9512 rear deck 65 by rogueauto, on Flickr
  10. Build continued from here: 2002 Acura TL Type-S, singer 240. big 3. shurikenbt47. M2c. 3 runs of 4 gauge OFC stinger. ETC. Last build was 2 pair of DD 1512s in an isobaric at 30hz, loved it. Now to do it a little different with a transmission line enclosure. LETS WIN
  11. I drive a 2006 Toyota Corolla ce and currently have alpine type r 6x9s and 6 1/2s as my door speakers connected to the head unit. I am wanting to upgrade but I was wanting to know if focal was worth the price or if there was another brand that could produce the same quality for cheaper or if there is an even better speaker to run my mids and highs. I really love my type r's even though I know they aren't getting proper power but wanted some advice and personal opinions on other brands etc Also I would like to know what a good four channel amp would be to get to power my door speakers Thank you
  12. About a year and a half ago Gabe brought us his Cadillac ATS after it had been at another shop and wasn't doing what he wanted. He went up north for work right after that build and while he was gone he bought a new truck and had a nice little DD setup installed. But like before, it just wasn't doing what he wanted so as soon as his work there was done, the sexy 4x4 Ram came right into our shop for some upgrades, Anarchy style! This setup is using the factory head unit along with a 360.3 and the rest is DD. The truck had two 2512s in a ported enclosure Gabe turned those into 3512s and I did a nice tapered t-line to make them do their best. We're also doing door pods, trim panels and we're debadging the exterior. Imma try on the equipment list but he's a regular member here so I hope he comes in and corrects me if I got anything wrong, lol. 1 - Rockford Fosgate 360.3 processor 1 - Digital Designs C3d four channel mid amp 1 - CT Sounds 60.4 tweeter amp 1 - Digital Designs M2b Bass amp (running at .5) 2 - Digital Designs 3512 Supercharged subs with carbon fiber caps 4 - Digital Designs VO 8 PA mids 2 - Digital Designs VO B1 Tweets, in dash 2 - Digital Designs VO B3 Tweets, in doors 1 - Ohio Generator 300A hairpin alternator 1 - Northstar NSB-AGM-27F Battery Stinger wire was there and we added SHCA 1/0 for big three. Not sure what deadener he has but it's there, lol. We added the alternator, big 3, door pods, door tweeters, new box, trim panels, reconfiguring processor and debadging the exterior. Don't have any good pictures of the truck yet but I'll get them when we pull it outside to wash. I really love this truck because it's a long bed and you don't see those much anymore.... except when you see mine! The long beast.... These lines look all out of whack when at this stage because the angle on the center partition makes the top look crooked, but it's square..... The port is the only thing primed because it was originally going to be wrapped but we decided to go a different direction so the rest got prepped too... Starting the pods.... LOTS of filling and trimming to do.... More on the way!
  13. Hello! I've been scouting this forum for a while now, just lurking around and looking at other peoples builds. So i though what the heck, might as well post my own. The build will consist mainly of updates about the sound system, but I will also post about other things I do to the car if you're interrested. The car is a 1997-model Galant GLX 2.0L SOHC (in other words it is the model with no extra equipment, ugly bumpers and sideskirts, no leather interior, gray plastic panels.. Quite boring I know. But not anymore ) I bought the car when i was 16 years old, and thats three years ago now, so.. yes, I'm only 19 years old. I'll just put out some pictures, sorry if they're in random order, but if you have any questions, just ask Some pictures of the car before/after BEFORE, boring as shiz, all stock UNDERWAYS, workworkwork... I even "rebuilt" the facelift hood, which was bent and crushed out of proportions.. AFTER, as she sits now, on Cusco Vacanza coilovers (no, this is far from the lowest settings on the coilovers). XXR 962 18x7.5" rims in gunmetal with 215/35-18 TOYO tyres. Also i have changed both the front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, eletrical folding mirrors, and hood from stock to facelift. I have also changed the foglights to the super-rare ones from Germany. I have also put on a low wing, and a rear window visor 2x0/1 Gauge cables from front battery to the battery in the 'spare-wheel well'. I put fuse holders behind the rear seats since the cables weren't long enough. But they are also fused 15cm from the batteries I put a fusebox behind one of the "walls" I built in the trunk, which only needs 1 cable in (I used 4 gauge), and then you have 12 fuse holders for lights, fans, relays etc. In the picture it isn't done, but you can see the relays for remote to the amplifiers and fans. Before and after pictures of the wiring in the engine bay, I have upgraded TB3 for better charging. Also, the plexiglass with the fuseholders on is hinged to the air intake, so that i have easy access to the cars original fusebox. Here's also a project i have been fiddeling with for a while now, REINFORCING the doors, since they were vibrating like f*ck, even though i crossover my front stages HPF at 100hz 12db/oct. I dont know what its called in english, but the metal plates are no-rust ones, fastened to the door metal with rivnuts and bolts, i also have sealing profile on the back. then i cut out some mdf rings which are both screwed and glued to the plates. Then everything was painted with hammerite paint. So water is no problem, and its solid as hell. I have also soldered XT60 contacts to the speakers, so that removing the door panels is still as easy as before. Changed ALL of the interior (dashboard, speedometer floor mat, hat shelf, seats, plastic panels, steering wheel, center console, seatbelts etc..) to black leather from a car at the junkyard, got everything (also exterior styling) for about 250$ so it was a steal in other words Door panels after alot of work, with mdf, pleather, glue, screwing and so on Tweeters mounted in the air intakes on the sides, yes, its a solid and good mount. And YES, theese tweeters are huge, and plays LOUD. The air intake behind is sealed shut with abs plastic and tec7 Biltema AGM 95ah battery in the spare tire well, with "custom" battery terminals, and homemade battery box, the well is deadened with silent coat How the trunk looks now, and yes, the rear lights are also tinted. This project specifically was a lot of work, and a pain in the ass to build. Under the false floor with 2 fans, i have placed 3 Digital Designs amplifiers, and all of them have 0/1 gauge + and - even the amp for the tweeters, its overkill, i know, but thats how i roll And a little about the sound system: All the cable lugs are pressed on with a hydraulic 16 ton cable press, and then heatshrinked. SPEAKERS: - 4x DD VO M8 (two in each front door) - 2x DD VO B2 bullet tweeters (one on each side of the dashboard) - 2xGZHW30X 12" woofers in a bandpass enclosure designed by bassbrothers in Norway (I'm gonna switch theese out for a single DD REDLINE 815 in the future) HEADUNIT - Pioneer DEH-80PRS, with active crossovers and built in DSP. AMPLIFIERS - DD M3B monoblock for the subwoofer(s) ([email protected]) - DD SS2A for the midrange ([email protected]) - DD A2 for the tweeters ([email protected]) THINGS I HAVE DONE TO THE CAR: Exterior: -Painted the whole car in 2014, in the same color as original (dark green/black metallic) -Facelift VR4 front bumper -Facelift VR4 grille -Facelift VR4 rear bumper -Facelift VR4 side skirts -Facelift Hood (higher in the middle) -Facelift Taillights (tinted black) -Glx rear wing (deleted brake light) -Facelift side mirrors (rewired so that they fold in when i lock the car) -Dual foglight (rare) -New exhaust tip -Nippon rear window visor -Changed all turn signals from orange glass to clear ones. ------------------------------------------ Interior: -Facelift black dashboard -High resolution speedometer -Black leather seats with eletric adjustment -Black leather steering wheel -Black floor carpet -Black rear deck, with black brake light housing -Rebuilt doors to fit 2x8" speakers. -Installed dome lights for each rear door, that light up on each side when door is opened ------------------------------------------ -XXR 962 18x7.5" ET38 Wheels -Toyo proxes T-1 215/35R18 -Torx wheel lug nuts -Cusco vacanza Coilovers ------------------------------------------ THINGS I'M PLANNING/WILL DO TO THE CAR: -Change all dashlight bulbs to white LED (on its way in the mail) -Changing tires to 225/40-18 (have new ones laying around) -Wiring the double fog lights so that the outer ones come on with high beam (tried this before, wired everything right with a relay, but ended up frying the etacs... Wtf) -Completing the sound system -Sound deadening the whole car -Switching out the steering wheel to either a original MoMo, or an evo -LED brake-, plate-, park- and foglights -New pedals (clutch, brake, gas) -New gear knob -New registration plates -Wheel spacers Etcetc Audio Wise: -new H/O alternator -new subwoofer in a ported enclosure -etcetc Keep in mind that this project has been ongoing for the last 3 years, all this didnt happen in a day. All critique, positive and negative is welcome I might as well excuse myself for bad english in advance, I'm from Norway, so yeah, thats why This thread is almost a copy-paste from TGC (thegalantcenter), but here I will post mainly about car audio. Cheers.
  14. After ruining 4 pairs of cheaper walmart earbuds at work.. I made a thread and followed the advice of drew jones and rootbeer about Digital Designs earbuds After using them for 12 hours straight I must say I am impressed They are very loud (16ohm) full volume on my mp3 player is now painful I had other 16ohm headphones with neo magnets but these are MUCH louder I really like the way the midrange sounds on these The low bass is not as loud as I thought it would be but Im happy with how much there is These would be perfect for rock music or something similar cosmetically they are flawless I was really interested in the claim of wood machined earbuds that use wood designed to acoustically enhance the sound quality maybe this is why they are so much louder than the other I have tried The cord is cloth like and feels like a shoelace The jack is tilted at an angle that makes it hard to stress the point by pulling, which is perfect for my work situation There is an inline microphone but I dont care about these things Im very happy with Digital Designs. They included 2 free window decals, beer holders, and lanyards.
  15. had some fun trying to blow my 12" N2s. hooked up my buddies 40ah lithium and threw in my other m3b and let the destruction begin. On a stock 80 amp alt and just the lithium i was holding 12s-11s all day, which is gravy for this batt. subs took the beating like a champ, other than bottoming out from being in a box designed for less power, both are still playing like champs, barely smelt coil one time, and on nearly double rated!! Fi FTW as usual.
  16. Paul Teodorescu

    DD 2512 enclosure help?

    Hi, I recently purchased 1x 2512 dual 2 and I will amp it with RF T1001BD @1ohm. Can you give me some infos about the box, i listen to rap/trap/chillout/electronic music so i guess i need some combined low-medium frequencies. what specs do you recomend? the sub and the port i was thinking to face forward to trunk or inside the car. One of the recomendation i got is to go with: 34x16x15, port width 2.8-3 and length 30" that will give me about 2.4ft3 net, port area of aprox 40in3 and frequency of 36hz. I have a Subaru Legacy Sedan (40inches max width, for depth i can go as much as 50inches and the height is a little problematic, 15inches max) Please excuse me for bad english. Thank you
  17. kikasdude

    Digital Designs guy

    I totally fried my old DD M4 Mono last month!! And have been looking for bargain. I had the thing for(2) Stereo Integrity 12"s that are 600w RMS first. Wanted some bass, ya know? Just got on here. Hoping someone can hook me up with some suggestions!! Totally appreciate it!!
  18. zZZzzzSnooze

    Digital Designs M2b Monoblock Guts!

    I bin enjoying my M2b for the passed 3 weeks, I like! I opened up my DD M2b, and I got a instant B0ner! Check it out, The Amp.
  19. Hello, I'm planning on building a box using 4'' aero ports(I already have them). The problem is that when I enter my dimensions into the calculator I'm using I get negative port area. The box is for my DD 9515s and is going in my Ford Ranger, I was shooting for 5 CU FT. per sub after displacement with a tune of 35hz. The wedge design I had in mind was basically the max dimensions I could fit of 50'' wide, bottom depth being 16'', top depth being 11''(this just clears the seats) and a height of 36''. I know I won't be seeing out my windows in the rear but this is what it takes to get the air space I'm shooting for without doing a blow-through box. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks in advance.
  20. Sub enclosure.. Fully kerfed inside 6 cuft for 1 DD 9518. Door Build so far for 4 DD Vo8" and 2 DD B2 tweets. almost ready to paint the doors.
  21. I bin hearing these amps can do Half Ohm daily. So what is on the to do list? 1. Worth it? ... Meaning sure nothing will break? 2. What is the output? ... 3,400W RMS at 0.5 Ohm? 2. Do I up the 200A Fuse? ... Leave it alone? So 0 gauge with battery close by & DC XP series alternator should have it covered?
  22. Having the biggest first world problem right now I cannot decide on a Digital Designs M3B or a DC Audio 3.5K to run my D2 Fi SP4. Where I'm looking both are nearly the same price please take price completely out of this I'm after an answer just on power/build quality etc. I do see the DD is rated 3800 @ 14v and the DC is rated 3500 @ 14v both at 1 Ohm but the numbers seem close enough that maybe one could be over or underrated realisticly it must be close.
  23. So.... I have a 2002 forester have removed the backs seats and looking to make a strong box. I am running 2 DD 9515 D4 on 1 m4a. Mechaman Alt and 3 HC 2400 bats. I have been looking at box designs but I am not shure how my design would work. Looking at 16hx37wx42d tuned at 36 HZ port would be 14.75hx9.5w and 19.25D. Comes to 10 cubes. I had a box built witch I think is too small 17hx37wx30D about 6.8 cubes? looking for advice/idea or if my box idea is just wrong.
  24. Hey! Been working on this car for a while, bought it last summer as a daily beater until my other car project was fixed and built (thread in that car here: , but as it turned out I sold that car, so then I started on this instead. I've now on my third configuration on components in this car, so I'll skip the first parts since they no longer apply for anything current. But first of all I thought I'd show you what has been done to the car itself apart from the stereo. When I got it, it more or less looked like this: Not exactly a showstopper Had no real drive to do anything with it either in the start as this was a $800 car meant to get me to and from work while the other car was being done. But that changed... So after fixing rust and dents, this list of things were bought earlier this year: Wheels: Rotiform NUE 8x17 Tires: Yokohama S-Drive 195/40-17 Wrap vinyl: 3M 1080 matte blue metallic Hella Colour Magic blue taillights Badgeless grill VR6 lip New in box Inpro blue front indicators