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Found 23 results

  1. I have a single 12" american bass godfather DVC 1ohm subwoofer and a Audiopipe 1800.1d mono amplifier to power the sub. Head unit is typical pioneer deh3500 model. This is in a 06 Ford Escape XLT, needing suggestions and ideas on a box build for this setup. I'm open to any idea's except, sealed enclosures. Seems to look like it'll be easier to blow a sub using a sealed enclosure . Keep in mind the Escape is my daily driver. Thank yall for any tips or ideas.
  2. So i need some advice on deciding a new setup for my 2010 gmc sierra crew cab. As of now, i have a bad setup with 2 rf p1 12's under the backseat sealed. I wanted to do a ported box like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqdmKnwjL0 however, i talked to a local audio store owner and he said i could never get a good sounding ported box under my seats, any thoughts? He said i should just do 2 JL 10 inch w1's sealed because thats the best setup he's heard in a truck like mine.
  3. I have a 2014 Sierra crew can, and i have listed my seats 3" higher with steel tubing and grade 8 bolts.i did this to build the best and buffer box for this truck. I previously had 2 sundown x8 prior to me lifting the seats and i want to make something better that i can really feel. What's the best subs and what size that i can put in my truck to get deeper lows? Should i go with 4 8s, 2 10s, or 2 12s?
  4. I built this for a friend. I am very pleased with my work. I just wanted to show it off a little. It is made for a Hifonics Brutus b12sqd4. I put a small desk lamp over the speaker cutout in order to see how well the inside would reflect the light. The inside was painted to reflect the light from the blue leds in the speakers themselves.
  5. Just getting back into a build again after 20 years out of the big game. I have had everyday stuff 4-10's in a king ranch and 2 15's in an escalade but I just bought a 1995 Chevey SWB truck and I want to built a truck like back in the day. I'm going with 4 T2-D2 12's by rockford and want the best box I can get in the bed of the truck. This is a regular cab truck, want to port through the back wall. Going to run a T-1500dbcp to each sub. Is this too much for these subs or should I go to a different sub combo. I have a budget but still looking for the best I can do. any and all suggestions are wwelcome and I can't wait to buy my stuff next week and get started. I'm building a competition ride, I had an old friend that is still in thegame tell me I did not have it anymore and we have to prove hiim wrong. Here is what I'm thinking of for the system: 4-T1500 dbcp 2-T1000-4 AD 4-T2-D2 12's 2-P3s-8's 2-sets of Focal 6.5 anniversary editons with tweets 1- set of Focal 4" 1-3sixty.3 6-batteries, looking for help here on what kind 1- 270 Amp Altenator. please anyand all help is much apreciated.
  6. Hello, I have been searching the forums for a while and I don't know if this is the best place to put this, but does anyone on here build custom enclosures in the DFW area? I am just wanting a basic ported box built for my FI SSD 15 for my Nissan Versa. Thank you, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.
  7. Anyone known of any good and free enclosure design software?
  8. I was wondering if there was any kind of finish on a sub box that made a difference or if it was all pretty much a prefferance, looks deal. I've heard putting Bedliner on a box makes a difference, and I'm not sure about that. Trying to decide what I want to put on the outside of the box I'm going to have made Thanks for all replies in advance
  9. I build custom subwoofers, usually with color schemes based on cartoon heros or villains. (My sons idea) I'm just starting this thread so I can post up and maybe get more people in the community seeing my work. This first one is a Custom enclosure for 4 of my "superhero" built 8's. These are Kicker CVx motors from 12's, turned into 8's with color schemes that match superheros. In here are (From left to right) Hawkeye, Aquaman, Antman, and Wolverine The enclosure is a perfect 4 cubes, tuned to 28.5 hz All work done by me.
  10. Building a new box to match an American Bass XFL 12 I am buying. The original plan was a 2.3 ft^3 net internal vol. tuned to 32 hz (slot ported). About 50% through building it (back, bottom, both sides assembled and all cuts made). However, it is my first build and I made the beginner mistake to not subtract the internal port wall's displacement from the overall internal volume (ironically, I remembered to subtract bracing and 45's). I redid my calculations and I am now facing a net volume of 2.1 ft^3 tuned to about 34 hz. I don't want those specs but don't really have the time to start over, so I am considering polyfill. I have heard that polyfill is a great choice for sealed enclosures, and have heard mixed reviews for ported enclosures. Overall, I have heard it both increases the effective box size and decreases port tuning. Is this correct? Does adding polyfill mess with the SQ of the enclosure? Thanks for any thoughts.
  11. I recently purchased a qbomb dual 10" turbo ported box and none of e the websites that sell this item included the tuning hz of the box and I wanted to know what it was tuned to or around and if I should go with a different ported box
  12. Ok so I'm planning on putting a new system in my 2010 gmc Sierra. My biggest issue is space. i have to put the woofers under my seats so I have limited options for enclosures. If i got a prefab box it would be around .8 cubic feet per sub since im planning on doing dual 10's. i was thinking of doing two sundown sa-10's with a saz 1200 or 1500. My biggest question is whether that would work well with .8 cubic feet per sub and with the box being shaped to fit under the back seat. i'm not sure whether the shape of the box has anything to do with it, but the current box i have is an Atrend bbox for a 2007 and newer crew cab gm truck. whatever setup i end up going with im going to run 1/0 and probably do the big three with it too.
  13. I currently have a 4th order box with 2 sundown zv4 custom on a nendo 3500 @.50 ohm walled at the C pillar. My question is it is not hitting numbers on music that I would like to see. I did a 146.5 @ 36hz at the head rest and I want to know do yall think i would get better numbers building a regular wall or perhaps try and redesign my 4th? My 4th is 4cuft sealed and about 9.5cuft ported with 144 sqin of port tuned to 45hz. Downside to this box is there is about 3 inches more on the sides I could have used. I build it outside the truck to slide it through back but I am thinking about building next one inside truck using 2x4s as structure wall around box. So question is maybe for better spl number on music should i just build another 4th inside the truck or do a standard ported wall??? any help would be nice. I see some trucks hitting higher numbers with a flat ported wall.
  14. i can make a huge ported box tuned to 33hz and a smaller one tuned to 33hz will they sound the same ?? and whats the difference ??
  15. hello everybody i want to make a ported box for 2 12" kenwood kfc-w3011 and am going to follow the recommendations on the manual but the problem is that there is a design for a 1 sub only and it's with a round port should i make two individual boxes or make two boxes with one common wall between them ?? will that make a difference ?? i will use a 3" pvc pipes any advice on how to prevent noise ?
  16. I just recently purchased two JL Audio 12" w7s and im looking to build an enclosure for them. I drive an 07 Dodge Charger so space is limited but I really want them ported if anyone has any input or box designs it would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Is it possible to wall off a blazer and if so please help with build ideas and links to help thanks
  18. am planning to bulid a ported box for 2 JBL 12" (P1224) but am confused what wil be better a box that has a divider for each sub so that they are sealed from each and each one has it's own port or combined with one port ?? what do u recommend
  19. So i need some advice on deciding a new setup for my 2010 gmc sierra crew cab. As of now, i have a bad setup with 2 rf p1 12's under the backseat sealed. I wanted to do a ported box like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqdmKnwjL0 however, i talked to a local audio store owner and he said i could never get a good sounding ported box under my seats, any thoughts? He said i should just do 2 JL 10 inch w1's sealed because thats the best setup he's heard in a truck like mine.
  20. This is what I came up with, I will be running the sub on a old school Kicker 400.1kx. inside of a 2013 Honda crz. Suggestions or revisions ? Would like the sub facing the roof, and port facing the rear.
  21. i wanted to know which subwoofer brand is the best kicker or dc audio or any other brand??, i have the following amplifier with me of 1000 rms http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/mrp-m1000 if i install a sub of more than 1000rms for e.g. 1200 or 1400 , will it under perform compared to a sub of exact 1000rms installed on MY amplifier(1000rms)???? money is it not issue please suggest good subs of 15 inch !! and the 15 inch sub should be of 2 ohm or 4 ohm???what would be the difference performance wise??
  22. Ok, first off, I do not know much about this website or about car audio, but I do know more now than I knew when I got my system installed. So anyway, I have a 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 with an Alpine MRX-M50 (500 watt) amp with two RF P1 12" woofers in a pre-fab box. The box is a Bbox by Atrend made for 07-newer GM crew cab trucks. My first problem is a rattle coming from the box from the cutouts where the magnets of the subs are supposed to fit. The rattle occurs mainly with higher bass frequencies but if I turn them up pretty loud it will rattle at almost any frequency. If I put a lot of pressure on the cube shaped extensions of the box (the best way i can describe them) the rattle will stop. So i tried to fix this by taking the woofers out and putting pressure on the cutouts and putting screws in all four side of the inside to hold them tight. Anyway, it did not work, the rattle is still there, any ideas? This is my first question, i have others but this is most important right now.
  23. Hey guys i just acquired a sa 8 and after reading many post about it i wanted to try a rear horn design . Can anyone direct me to past post with this design or assist me in the specs for this build . Guys will this t-line work well for my sa-8 if i just add a spacing ring to take up the depth of the sub . http://imgur.com/AXnxA9r Please share some advice on this .
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