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Found 23 results

  1. I am going to build a fiberglass wakeboard tower enclosure for a friend. He wants 4 x 6"s and one 8 " Sub, all marine application components, no problems there. I will be seperating the 8" enclosure from the rest of the others. The sub will be in the middle, and two 6"s on each side. The glassing, filling, sanding, painting is not the question. My question is should the box be ported or sealed? I have built several enclosures, but all inside a vehicle. This will be wide open, hanging from a wakeboard tower and I want to get the most response from the sub as possible' will there even be a distinct difference? What are your suggestions, follow up questions? Thanks in advance!
  2. 5 crossfire xsm8 loudspeakers in each door. power comes from a taramp 3000 HD. had them in for a month or so now. no problems. still deciding on when to put the shag carpet on. glassed both sides. made a mess as usual. strong though.
  3. If I fiberglass resin the inside of my box for 2 Sdc 2.5 15s, will it sound cleaner? Louder? I have no idea what the advantages are
  4. Sup guys.. Well after a couple systems I actually feel like this one is "thread worthy" I finally have most of it, and should be playing before June 29th, for the Usaci show in Houston at House Of Sounds And before I go any further, I want to thank Kim at Sound Solutions in Houston, TX for the box, and my fiberglassed door panels, and the super hook up on the prices. They do some great work, and for someone who doesn't have the skills of doing it they are the right place to get anything done! Car Details 2003 Jeep Grand Cherroke Leardo 88k Miles 22" 2Crave No. 11 wrapped in 265/30/22 Spec D halo projector headlights w/ 55w Canbus 5k headlights now for what everyone really wants to know System Details (2) Sundown X 15's Crescendo 3500 @.5 Crescendo 1100.4 (2) sets Mezzo 6.5 fiberglassed in front doors Singer "270a" Hairpin alternator w/ powered coating XS Power VCM XS Power D6500 (2) XS Power D3100 CT Sounds OFC 0/1 (2runs front to back) CT Sounds 80Mil SHCA Lugs & Heatshrink Aluminum Battery Blocks (6 & 4 inputs) Plexi window Picked this up local, bnib Picked up 2 1100.4, only using one though thanks to Scooter! Mezzo 6.5 Some SHCA goodies CT 80mil on doors, roof, back hatch From mike before I got the alt
  5. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums. I have experience with car audio for about 20 years as a hobby. Been lurking mostly on here but I want to get some ideas in place for a new build for my truck. I currently have a 10" kicker solo classic sealed in an underseat custom enclosure with about .67 cu ft before displacement. I'm running it off a kicker zx400.1 at 2 ohms. I listen mainly to rock/classic rock/metal 95% of the time. Rap and R/B is the other 5%. So quickness and punch is very important to me for my listening preference. My goal is to get the low punch that you get when you go to a concert and listen to those 18"s hit you in the gut. Super deep is not that necessary, but deeper and punchier than what I currently get, which sucks ass. What I'm planning on doing is to have my friend help me build a custom fiberglass enclosure and getting a different sub. I've narrowed it down to the RE Audio SCX10 or the Sundown e10 v3 d4. I've ran some comparisons on WINISD and the results are a little different, but pretty close with the parameters I'm using. The Re has a better TFM while the Sundown is a little better on SPL from about 57 hz up. I have no idea what the TFM is, but hopefully one of you can help out on that. So that would make my decision a little easier on which sub to get. Now with the fiberglass enclosure, I know making it ported is going to be near to impossible. If it is possible, I'd like to hear ideas on how to do it. So my other option would be to get a 12" earthquake SLAPS PR. Now for a few questions about all this. (Sorry for the story, but want to give as much info as possible) Ported, PR, or sealed? Based on the WINISD I came up with, which would be better for my musical preference? Understanding the terms in WINISD would be a pleasure. A little help? My budget is going to be around $300-$350 for materials. I don't want to upgrade the amp yet. It's working fine. I'm looking more for sound quality than boom. (Rock music?? ) I also want to keep the enclosure under the seat. I have a big family and space is a premium. Thanks for any help.
  6. Im currently making a center console with a wooden frame and some fiberglass work on it. Im bridging gaps as wide as 3-4 in. How many layers of fiberglass mat and resin should i apply to these areas to insure good strength and make sure it will hold its shape and stay rigid??? Thanks guys!!
  7. Gentlemen, (and ladies?) I have not posted anything in this section before, but would just like to share one of my series of videos that I have been making. In this particular video, I talk a little bit about stretching fleece, glassing it, and adding strength. Some of my other videos describe making templates, and other fiberglass steps. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here is a nice picture of what I am working on in the vid: Disclaimer: My editing skills get progressively better, video 3 is where I really turn it up a notch using the GoPro camera for filming some of the steps with my hands!
  8. Its me again the super noob had a question: I finally got my new car( well new to me) I wanna start my first build and i wanna be adventurous. I have purchase 3 sets of sound qubed pro audio mids and super tweeter which i will put in the doors( or maybe 2 sets in the door and 1 set in the kick panels). is i plan to fiberglass the doors lucky for me i have a junk car that is the same exact car. the issue is these door panels have a pocket you ca actually open up. what would be the best way fiberglass the doors for door pods cut into the plastic? remove the pocket and build the pods? here are a few pics to give you an idea: thanks in advance any input would be highly appreciated
  9. Finally started a new project im my "new" car! 1998 Omega B My plan is to keep building a bit over the winter and spring to get ready for next years car and car audio meets/competitions. This Isn't an spl oriented build as I want it to play low and awesome with a clear front stage, but I'll still do my best with what I end up getting. I'll be participating at least What I get as far as equippment will be revealed as I get it. I have a plan, but I might change my mind so I won't say anything just yet! What I am clear on so far is that I'm rebuilding my front doors, and that's where I'll start this project. The doors will house two 6.5"s each and I'll have a pair of tweets in either the a-pillars or in stock location if it'll fit. To begin with I'll see if my Tang Band speakers might work in a car, so you'll se those in the pics. So lets get to building This is what I have to work with Behind the panel and plastic Teardown ¨ Theese are the different parts the doors consists of, partly screwed and glued The glue was sto strong so I couldn't just pull the old fabric off On the bright side the resin etc. should get a good grip on this, might drill a few holes as well Theese are the parts I'll be altering, the rest will be left stock After I have my plan of attack, I'll get to making some speaker "rings" Made a little sketchup drawing to figure out my dimentions I spent som time making the first piece When it's done I'll use it as a template to make the others. This is much easier with the right tools so I made my own little thrown together router table Then I made the ruff cuts Put on some double sided tape Then let the flush trim bit do it's job Theese will be the outer rings. I used a rabbeting bit to get my desired inner diameter This is how they ended up with a little 45 for good looks 45'd the rear of the speaker holes Done, just need to be glued together Checking fitment The depth is alowing me to add some sort of speaker grille Just enough clearance for vinyl http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i326/Sondre_Tveit/Stereo/20140905_155205_zpsepgts3sx.jpg That's all I have for now! There will be updates as I make progress
  10. Hey guys, I need some help... I have a 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab and Im trying to build a high-end system in it. Im only 16, so its a big project for me... I got my truck last august for my birthday, and my parents bought me a HU, and some door speakers on a little amp. It was great, but I knew I wanted at least a single 12 in there. I went with 2 12's in a under-the-seat box. 2 alpine r 12's on 2 rockville rxd-m4's in a ground shaker box. It was cool, but I just kept wanting to upgrade, so I sold one of the amps, and put a sundown 1500D on both the subs at 0.5ohm. It rocked, and still does 2 months later. I want more... the 6.5's and the 4x6's dont keep up with the subs, and im upgrading the subs anyways, both my dad and uncle want sound systems in their cars, and im selling them each one of the 12's. Im deciding to go with 2 sundown x15's on 2 sundown 1500D's. Big money, i know...... Audio kinda sucks..... I have a box designed in sketchup for the subs. I realized that even with the 4 speakers ive got now, they dont really keep up as well as I want them too with the 12's, so I know they wont keep up with 2 15's on 2 times the power. I am keeping the door speakers ive got now, but im adding 4 crescendo pwx 6.5's, i found some kick panel replacements for my truck at an audio store that was closing near my house and got them for $30, what a steal, theyre like $200 everywhere online. So I want to move the alpine 6.5's into the kicks and put 2 PWX 6.5's in each door... Is this possible without too much modding? The little pods in the doors now house a 6.5 and a 1.5" (i think) tweet. Id LOVE if I could fit the 2 6.5's in that little pod without messing anything up or having to mod too much. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Trey
  11. Sam is a guy who keeps his shit clean, and his toys are no exception. A couple years ago he got the opportunity to buy a sweet 1990 Chevy short wide sport truck that looked showroom new with 60K on the odometer. Since he got it he's done a lot of things to it, including letting me build him a console sub, do some door pods and add to his existing audio system. First thing we did was the box, then the pods, a big three, then added a second 4 channel, some mids & tweets in the dash (all active) and finally, full door panels that I've been working on, on and off for a long time. The system is mild and more suited for sound quality and rock but he can still manage to burp a little over 40 so it's loud enough... for him, lol. Audio equipment consists of a Massive Audio bass amp, one Massive 4 channel, a CT Sounds 4 channel, CT Sounds Meso 12, two pair of JBL MS-62 components and a pair of 3" Dayton Audio midrange drivers. The truck: When Sam first came to me he had a "console box" that another shop had built. I'll show that to you first and then follow up with random build pics from everything else.... Keep in mind, this first box DID NOT come out of my shop. It came out of another shop, wrapped in leather, but not mine, lol. Dat port doe! But what about all those gaps in the curve? SILICONE!!!! So yeah, maybe the sub hung over into the vent and maybe it hung over the right side of the box but hey, it was wrapped in REEEEL leather! That wedge in front of the cup holders was supposed to be a tablet mount. WTAF?? Next up, actual build pics of what I did.
  12. 10 year old Forrester, sealed box with amp rack Rockford P3 12", 1.4 cubes sealed. Hertz HDP5 pushing Hertz Hi Energy speakers. Very nice. The pallette Going to try to keep the jack storage Layup was decent, but lumpy as all hell. There were a bunch of chunks of hard resin in my old pail..... The spout hardened up, and I had to break it all apart. I didn't think to strain it out.....
  13. I need help. I bought 2 Sundown 10s E series V3, and a Rockville 6000W / 1500W RMS amp. I'd like to put both subs in my truck behind the rear seat. Ported if possible. If only one sub is needed I'll sell the other one. I'd like low bass. Behind my seat there's 60" across the back. 8" deep at the bottom. I'd like to go 20" tall. (Wedge box) who can help me with port size/type. The sub requires 1.2 cubes tuned at 32-34hz ported. I'll build it if you post it. Thanks for the help.
  14. im designing and very soon building a wall for 4-HDC4 15s and would like to learn about putting 45s in all the corners to "improve airflow". now i do plan to coat the entire inside with resin and sand to either 3000 or 4000 grit for smooth as glass finish for those extra few db. but wanted to see if adding the 45 will improve the db at all, or lower port noise or anything. i have a 3D render on google sketchup of the wall and i can upload pics if requested. about the wall: -4 HDC4.0 15s -2 Q1-4500D.1 amps -16.75ft^3 net volume before woofer displacment -270in^2 port area 20" deep for 36hz tuning. -All walls will be 2x4s with mdf inside and some internal bracing -walled from the B-piller back in a 2004 jeep grand cherokee 4.7L v8 plain with no 45s render with the 45s
  15. Hi guys. Im trying to repair some cracks and holes on fiberglass and I hope you can help me recreate original look. My biggest problem is that fibers receive resins colour and I need them to be a different colour so they can be visible like on a picture below
  16. I have a pair of door pods for an 88-91 Chevy/GMC full size truck. We built him a set of full door panels so these are ready for a new home! They're made to house two 6.5" midbass drivers and one tweeter. They had MS-62 components in them but anything about 2.5" depth will work without cutting the doors. I'll ship these panels painted to match any factory interior color and will do any custom color plus the cost of paint. We can also air brush anything you want on them at an additional charge. Cost is $500.00 plus shipping, whatever that is to your place. I don't mark up shipping or add handling costs but I won't pay it.
  17. What’s up ladies and gentlemen of the car audio world? Today I bring to you the all inclusive Fiberglass Amp Rack 101 Lesson! Allow me to insert my shameless plug and say that if you enjoy any part of this tutorial, or learned something new, please post a comment, rank this thread, and share with your friends! Also I love when I get new subscribers on my YouTube channel! (www.youtube.com/caraudiofabrication ) Other than that let’s review what you will learn shall we? Intro: First off I know I know, this looks like a ton of reading, and a ton of work, but it really is not, it just seems that way because I am outlining every thing I have learned over the years of many car audio installations. When I started learning this I would have done ANYTHING for a write up with the tricks and techniques I am going to show you, but it didn’t exist, so again while it might seem like a lot to read it WILL be WELL worth your time to read through this and watch the videos. Note that some of the videos or somewhat of an “update” to my progress within the step, where as others are much more of an actual step by step instruction. The videos have a run time of a little over an hour, so grab a frosty beverage and some food and sit back! That being said there are a million different ways you could construct an amp rack, this tutorial will cover what I have learned and found to be very effective means of building a professional quality amp rack. Note that for the sake of length some sections of this lesson may refer to previous lesson posts I have made, in these cases I will provide a link for you to visit so that you may learn that technique as well! Also note that the quality of my videos improves throughout the series. Please watch all the videos to gain the full experience! In order to watch all of the YouTube videos is one go, please view the YouTube playlist here: Note that each step within this write up also has the video thumbnail, with a link to the video below it. The Process: Before we begin allow me to briefly outline the process that will be covered. By understanding each step involved you are well on your way to an amazing fiberglass amp rack! Designing the Layout Skeleton– The Foundation of your shape and Making TemplatesPrepping Templates and Skeleton for Molding Applying Fabric – The Skin of your shape Glassing and Strength Smoothing and Prep for Finish Adding Plexi and Inserts Wrapping the Amp Rack – Vinyl, Suede, and Carpet Final Thoughts Let’s begin!
  18. I need some expert advice. I built this custom center console from 1/2" birch plywood, using filler where needed. I routed all of the inside and outside edges to prep it for laying fiberglass cloth over it as I've seen many people do to dashboards and speaker enclosures on youtube. I used an epoxy resin as a first coat on the wood so it wouldn't start soaking up all the resin when I went to lay down my cloth. But now it looks pretty good and I'm wondering if I should go the extra mile and put cloth on it and a couple more layers of resin to smooth it out and THEN paint or just sand, primer and paint over what is there right now? I'd love some opinions on this. Is there an advantage or disadvantage to going either way. I'm concerned about the wood warping over time from humidity and such if I don't put cloth on it. Your thoughts are much appreciated! Photos attached ?
  19. My first wall in the Jeep broke some stuff and water leaked in and got the wall all nasty and moldy so it had to be destroyed. It consisted of ten entry level Audio Technix Tropo 10s on a Crescendo bc5500 and barely did 150db at 29hz. This rebuild will be less subs and slightly more power but should be a lot louder. This will take a while, because it is being squeezed in between my customer's builds, so be patient.
  20. I'm looking to start building a battery bank since I bought a crescendo bc5500 recently and won't be able to use it for a while. So far all I have done is the big 3 in my vehicle with the stock alt and added two extra batteries. Some walmart battery a friend gave me and an xs power xp750. They power a Skar rp-75.4 and an audiopipe apdl2001d "2krms". I have two crescendo symphony sc-650 6.5" component sets and two sundown x15 v.2's in a custom box tuned to 32 hz. The goal is to eventually have a c1100.4 power two 6.5"s, three tweets, and one 8" fiberglassed in both front doors with three x15s walled off on the bc5500. I want to replace the stock battery and have at least 4 batteries in the back. Just not sure of which batteries to get. I was hoping to not have to spend upwards of 400$ per battery. I'm still a car audio newb so I went to the xspower website and typed 7500 watts in the audio calculator and it told me one d7500 and three xp2500s would be sufficient. Thoughts?? I'll post some pics / more info soon
  21. Hello just made my first post here , planning to build fiberglass door pods by myself with my extra speakers that sitting in the garage. I got 2 8 inch and whole bunch 5 inch as well 4 inch pyle piezo tweeters. Im still debating on what best for my setup , im putting it in a ford contour 1999 . My Current Setup Deck Alpine cde-121 Subs 2 12 sony explode in bandpass box Fosgate 500d will build the box and either planned to make it 4th order or ported to 35 hz area. Vocal 6 x 8 pinoeer speakers 40 rms Jl 300/4 a 7 band lanzar equalizer. Here two plans i am trying to do but im not really famaliar with mid and highs so please explain to me so i can get the concepts. Plan 1 2 8 wired to 4 ohm (they are 8 ohm driver 75 rms) 2 piezo tweeter a two way crossover Plan 2 2 8 2 5 2 piezo three way crossover if you have something better or know something to add or replace please tell. im more of wanting spl but could try to get sq through eq. please respond back thanks :]
  22. Whats going on everyone? Well i have sticky situation. I a noob looking for some help the issue is since i have joined this page i have done lots of research and been making boxes for friends and what not. the issue is i wanted to try at making a ported enclosure which i did. It came out good... too good this one 12 JL 12w3 sounded good it was tuned at 33 hz. so good i had to question my fiberglass box ( also a first) i made about a year ago. The problem is the box holds 3 infinity kappa 120.1 se. Aftter taking it out i measured it again. it is grossly over sized at about 5.3125 ft^3 So I am sure this attributes to the over all sound when it is suggested to have the enclosure at 1 ft^3. the good news is it is roughly 1.75 ft^3 per sub which is ideal for the sub, My question is if adding an aerial port to this box is feasible i checked it out using torres calculator and it says a 4 inch port 6 inches long would be tuned at 32.28 hz. Or should i just scrap the box? If i should keep it would creating the port be best on the fiberglass or the wood frame(back/ bottom) Any help would be highly appreciated also what would the easiest way to go about doing so?
  23. Hello everyone. Got my first car a couple of weeks ago, and i want to get started on the installation of my system. My biggest problem right now is that im short of ideas on how to make the doorpanels. Also its going to be my first time working with fiberglass. So this is what the doorpanels for the front doors look like... My first idea was to put 2 comp sets in each door. i had something like this in my mind, the speakers would be angled up towards the listener though. Behold my paint skills! But then i started wondering how the transition between the original door fabric, and whichever fabric i would coat the fiberglass with, would turn out. Any hints on how to make it look decent if i was to coat the fiberglass with leather, and have it sit up against the fabric currently on the door? I thought to myself that it would turn out pretty bad if i was going to have 3 different fabrics on one doorpanel. So then i thought of something like this next photo; Not really sure how to make this thing turn out well. My biggest concerns are how shape the damn things, and not ruin the sleek look of the door ! I highlighted the critical points in these photos; I was hoping you guys could help me out with a solution for these doorpanels. Or even better, come up with another idea on how to do these doors! I have seen alot of great builds inhere, but none of them were in an old Audi A6 Stc. aging way back from 1996 Will get back to ya tomorow after work ! -Mathias
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