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Found 28 results

  1. I am putting a system in my truck and im not sure what kind of mids and highs to run. I want my system to be real loud yet sound really good. I have a MB Quart 800.4 which i will be using. I was thinking of getting two crescendo 6.5s and two bullet tweeters and running the mids on channels 1&2 and the tweets on 3&4 but that would leave me with no rear fill and im not familiar with the clarity of that kind of set-up. Please help me figure out what would be best for my application!!
  2. Anyone have any experience with massive audio's line of mid range speakers? I'm looking to put in 2 of their M12 and 2 M10 mid mass speakers..
  3. So I am wondering what the best budget pair of coaxial speakers are. And also my dodge ram 1500's front speakers are 6x9s... Should I stick with 6x9s or get something else?
  4. What's up guys? I am trying to come up with a way to switch between my selenium horns underneath my yukon and my rear mids/highs on the fly. I am just looking for some ideas. I'm not sure if there is some type of 3 way switch that would allow the input of 2 sets of speaker wires to toggle with one output going to the amp. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. I would like to mount the switch on the dash, then I can just quickly change my crossover settings on the head unit when i swich inputs. The horns won't be used often, I mostly bought them for tailgating and shows. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys I need help on how to set my gains on my amps with my multimeter. I have a planet audio ac1600.4 for mids n highs and a planet audio ac1000.2 on my subs. (Budget build). I know the formula is ( the square root of ohms x rms power) I just don't know if I use the rms power of the amp or the speakers on the amp. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Right now I am running a set of RF P1 6.5'' and a set of RF P1 5.25'' for my mids/highs in my doors. In the near future I am looking to putting something a bit better and using an amp to power them. For now it would just be one set of mids and one set of highs. Any recommendations? Looking to stay within a $150 budget for each set.
  7. hey my mids and highs are playing bass and when I turn up the volume it all distorts and sounds horrible, it was working fine with no bass playing through the mids and highs until we changed over the sub they started to play bass. we didn't change any settings on the head unit just took one sub out and put another in. any ideas what could have happened?
  8. I have a 95 Firebird and I will be installing a new four channel amp soon. I will have Jl Audio components in each door. Mids, tweets, and crossover. And I will have two Crescendo 6.5s Mids in the rear factory location. My question is will I need to install some kind of in line crossover for the crescendos to keep the really high pitched frequencies out ?
  9. What are everyone's favorite component speakers (whether it be mids, tweeters, whatever) and why? What's good out there
  10. so i bought two sa15s, love love love sundown. i have them running off a saz2500. i have my electrical system all upgraded now so im moving on to my next step, my vocals and sound quality! now i wanted to get the new sundown neo pros but are they really worth the money? im in a battle between the neo pros and the crescendo pwx's. opinion on which is better? specs? i here both are amazing but i cant decided which i want. cosmetically i love the look of the pwx's, better than the neo pros, and i love their ft1 super tweeters(i really want those lol) but help me out! any suggestions or comment would be appreciated
  11. I am new to this site and am looking for others opinions on help with my desicion on door speakers, i have an amp perchused. it is a hifonics gladiator 100.4. right now my options are: (in no particular order) 1. Sundown NeoPro 6.5 2. CrescendoPWX 6.5 3. Soundqubed AQ-MR6.5 4. Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Probably not the first to ask but I need help. I have a 1999 Honda accord lx 4 door. i have some old pioneer which I'm guessing came in the car originally that I want to replace. I bought some Rockford Fosgate R1 6.5s to go in but the basket itself won't allow the speaker to mount. Any guesses on what brand I could use to go in the stock location without modifying other than cutting the back out for the magnet depth. I've never done custom doors before but if thats what needs to be done then let me know. Any suggestions and tips would be great. I have to obsidian audio 10s coming my way and would like to step my mids and highs up.
  13. They sound amazing and have an excellent price tag. They especially sound good playing drum music. I played snare drum for years and these speakers produce the sound so well i don't think i could tell it from a real snare. However do not push frequencies that are out of it's response they sound horrible of course it is possible that is my amplifier but I definitely recommend a 12db hipass filter at 80hz. Like many others say about them the screw terminals have tiny holes for the wires but you can fit 16 or maybe even 14 awg which is enough but i would prefer to have the option to use thicker wire. the cone and surrounds are reasonably tough i accidentally slid the speaker across a board with a screw sticking out and it didn't even damage the surround or the cone. Mine came in at 90 dollars after shipping for the pair.
  14. Posted this in the wrong section. Moving here. Hi Everyone, Took me a while but I finally ran into SMD website since lately I've been upgrading my car audio for my 06 Avalanche. I don't have anything wild and probably will keep it this way until I can get the bigger bucks. I sure wish I had found this site before I went ahead and got what I have in now. Nevertheless I am content at the moment. I have a couple questions from browsing for the past 2 weeks on this site and watching all of Steve's tutorial and build videos. My build: HU: Pioneer AVH X4500BT (Will upgrade to NEX 4100) Subwoofers: 2 Rockford 10" R2SD4-10 Shallow 4ohm DVC Enclosure: Dual Sealed Amplifier: P500-1bd Wired: @ 1ohm using 4gauge wires (500RMS) Door Speakers: Rear: Polk Audio db651s Coaxial Front: Db6501 Components Amplifier: Pioneer GM A5602 Wired: @ 4ohms (150RMS) Like I said nothing too wild but a great improvement over factory. I already know for one after watching Steve do his thing, I want and NEED a DD-1, two) I want and NEED OM-1s. Lol Questions: 1) Since Im wired 1ohm using the above amp using the RF wiring guide for the above subs. Would I need 2 OM-1 to reflect 2 subs output or just 1. 2) When adjusting gain for mids & high, seeing that I have what I believe is a passive crossover, I tried doing this "by ear" and man do the tweets scream, don't even think I heard the mids, I don't even think the gain was even quarter of the way up before I had to back off. I know this wasn't the most efficient way of tuning but until I can get the DD-1, are the polks that loud that the gain would not even need to be adjusted that much even when using the DD-1? Sorry for the long first thread. Ill post pictures when I can. Thanks, Keagan
  15. Hey guys new member here hoping for some advice. I've always had systems in my cars but nothing crazy (amps that say 2k watts and put out 300). This time I want to go BIG. I intend to be running 2 fi btl's 18's powered by a Taramps HD8k. Instead of just buying a component set for the front and coaxils in the rear I thought Id try something different this time. I wanted to try 4 Skar audio 6.5" mids in the doors and 4" tweeters (two in dash and two in rear). Thats 2,240 watts RMS. Best amps I have found so far to power these are either the tara or stetsom 2k 4 channels (would be running two of these). I've read that these amps (brazilian amps in general) are prone to distortion and not the best choice for mids and highs. The non brazalian amps don't seem to be putting out enough power. So what do you guys recommend? Should i just go with a Taramps? Is there a non brazalian amp that doesn't cost a shit ton of money and give me the power I need? I appreciate all and any advice and sorry if I sound ignorant but want to do it right this time. Thanks!
  16. Aye guys. So I really don't know what to do about my mids and highs. The stuff I have now needs to go. I have a 1994 Pontiac Gran Prix. Stock doors and Pioneer 6x9 in the deck. My head-deck is a JVC KD-HDR61. I'd like to not spend more then 250-300 on speakers. Not all to sure if I need an amp for the mids/highs? Please let me know if I do or not. If I do i'll raise that budget to compensate for needing one. The door size speakers are 5.25s and the rear 6x9s. I think I need 6.5s in the back and maybe keep 5.25s in the back? Not all to sure. Please throw out all your ideas! I'm open to anything! Btw i'm leaning towards MB quart. I've heard there good for the money and it seems like they'll do what I need them to. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys I was just wondering what is the best way to add a center channel to my car? My type of car does not have center channel from the factory. What can I buy and where can I mount the speaker in my car to give me a true center channel. Btw I already looked up stuff on google, none of the sites gave me a clear answer.
  18. alright, who was this???? props!!
  19. You know how you get box rise with subwoofers, well this thought popped in my head, and I thought maybe some of you technical guys could answer this question. Can you get impedance rise with mid's and high's as well? I really hope this isn't a stupid question since I don't really know much about the science of how a speaker in general behaves, but I thought it would be neat to put this out.
  20. so i bought two sa15s, love love love sundown. i have them running off a saz2500. i have my electrical system all upgraded now so im moving on to my next step, my vocals and sound quality! now i wanted to get the new sundown neo pros but are they really worth the money? im in a battle between the neo pros and the crescendo pwx's. opinion on which is better? specs? i here both are amazing but i cant decided which i want. cosmetically i love the look of the pwx's, better than the neo pros, and i love their ft1 super tweeters(i really want those lol) but help me out! any suggestions or comment would be appreciated
  21. So debating on 3 6.5s (be 1 Crescendo neo and 2 Deaf Bounce machete mm60) 1 6.5 and 1 8 (be 1 Crescendo neo 6.5 and Deaf Bonce DB-W80) 2 6.5s and 1 8 (be 2 Crescendo neo 6.5s and 1 Deaf Bounce DB-W80) ***if go with this would be eliminating rear door speakers*** What would you go with? The ft1s will stay in current spot and will not be in the door pods.
  22. Yo can i get some help...i got 12 10inch DS18 proX10M loudspeakers 300watts rms a piece wich makes 3600 rms altogether.......i need a 4channel amp or any amp that can push all of them or either 6 & 6.......any ideas?
  23. Anybody have any recommendations on some good mids and highs amps? So the NVX VSP65KIT 6.5" components say they are about 70 watts rms per side, 140 rms in all, so it shouldn't take much to power them...
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