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Found 6 results

  1. This is my little progression build log of my 2012 Chevy Sonic LT got it 0 miles and I voided all electrical warrentys So when I got the car the first week first thing I did was Tint the windows and installed a sub it was a 12" Kicker COMP with a BOSS 1200watt I worked in a pawn shop I so i got both the amp and sub in box for like $60 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Quickly felt the need for more... So I got 2 12" Alpine Type R in a Super Bass Probox I got for free from my job also (SCORE) lol Also bought a 1000 Watt JL Audio Amp ($80) and some cheap kicker door speakers front and rear with a eclipse 400 Watt 4Channel amp that was going bad ---------------------------------------------__ Then Well i hit a rough patch and sold the subs and box for $250 And put my kicker back in for abit then taxes came around and I bought this This is what went into the car now Metra Double Din Dash Kit Alpine IVE-W530 Double Din Alpine Controller Alpine Moving Video Bypass Pac-tr7 Memphis 15-MC62 Front Speakers Memphis 15-MC62 Rear Speakers Memphis 15-MC1AM Front Tweeters Memphis MRA 4.480 (To power those doors) Memphis MOJO 512D2 12" Memphis MR 1.1200 Memphis 16-X03 3-Way Crossover And a video I had a problem with that my amp would just for into protect mode and light were dimming So I bought an Optima Yellow top Problem fixed BUT I had no room to put my original cover back on... So I made a shelf and came up with the idea I can kinda show my amps now I have not had time to do some wire managing because simply I SUCK at it http://youtu.be/AXAOByZuRqAhttp://youtu.be/E2-70Bz2kjs http://youtu.be/zPpksB2N8Ec Car BEFORE AND AFTER BEFORE AFTER Thanks for looking through I appreciate all and any feedback I know there is ways to better my system but $$$$ is an issue haha or Id upgrade the alternator as the first to do kinda thing
  2. What are your guys thoughts on the Memphis SRX 4.300 amp? I would power my Kenwood KFC 6x8 door and rear speakers with it. They get 80 watts rms. The Memphis puts out 50x4. Thoughts? Complaints? Thanks.
  3. ok so i bought this memphis mojo5 12" used the guy i got it from said there was nothing wrong with it and that it only had a few hours on it and when i got it i believed him because it looked brand new so i hooked it up it was making a popping sound so i took it back out and was looking at it and not everytime but every once in a while when i would push down evenly on the cone it would pop very loudly like in this video i checked the ohms on both coils and they are both where they should be and i cant smell a burnt coil. So obviously i was pissed and called the guy that sold it to me and he said that it forsure had nothing wrong with when he had it. The guy works at a car audio shop and seems like a good guy and he is trying to help me figure out what happened and after i sent him the vid he said that it seems like the pole could have shifted if ups dropped it. Does anybody know what the sound is caused by?
  4. Hi just joined the forum and i was looking for help with subwoofer setup in my crew cab titan. In my last titan i lifted the seats up 3 inches and made a box for 4 memphis br 12's sealed with polyfill, but the problem was i didnt really like the seat lift because when people sat in the back they were too high up and almost hit the top of the truck. Also to get good sound out of them i had double the power and it hit the high bass notes pretty well but not the lows, im guessing because of the lack of airspace . So for my new titan i want something different if possible i would like to avoid the seat lift i want something as loud if possible as my last setup but to be able to hit lows and highs. Does anyone have ideas to what i could do? some ideas i have would be: 1 sundown 12 ported without seat lift or very minimal seat lift 2 sundown 10 ported without seat lift or very minimal 2 memphis br 12 ported with seat lift 1 memphis br 12 ported without seat lift if possible maybe 2 sundown 8s ported wihtout seat lift if it get loud or 4 sundown 8s sealed or if possible ported My truck has almost as much space as a crew cab chevy under the seat. i attached a picture of the dimensions i have without a seat lift
  5. I have an aq2200 and one day I was slamming driving home from work and it just stopped playing, so I thought it went into protect so I thought whatever. So I get out and the power lights on and it's still having no output to the subs. So I checked my battery's and terminals and grounds everything was plugged in correctly but still no output. So I put it in a friends car and it worked fine? Idk what's wrong with my car wether its behind the hu or its a fuse... Can anyone give me any things to check the amp powers up and everything just no output to the subs in my car and Already checked the fuse on my power wire and everything.... Help would be appreciated ..
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